The electronics expo of the year, CES 2023 happened last week in Las Vegas. Vendors showcased all kinds of new electronics from, OLED TVs to vacuums to refrigerators, even a Sony car! 

Most importantly to us, CES 2023 brought with it the announcement of a number of exciting new projectors from some of our favorite manufacturers. We'll give you a rundown of all the new 2023 projectors announced at CES.

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Without further ado, here are the new projectors announced at CES 2023:

New Hisense Projectors

Hisense has been super busy at CES 2023 announcing 6 new 4K projectors. Headlining these new projectors is the Hisense L9H, the upgraded version of the Hisense L9G. These new 2023 Hisense projectors have improved black levels and contrast that will make what were already fantastic projectors even better. On top of this Hisense has made the change from Android OS to Google TV. That means Hisense laser TVs will be some of the few USTs to have Netflix built-in. 

Arguably the most excitingly piece of news is that Hisense announced a new 8K ultra short throw projector, the Hisense 120LX. Hisense is also dipping their toe into the regular throw market with their new 4K portable projector, the Hisense C1 Cube.

Hisense L9H

The Hisense L9H is a big improvement over the L9G which is saying a lot because that UST was fantastic! With 3000 lumens of brightness, 107% BT.2020 coverage, 3000:1 contrast ratio and Netflix built in, this 2023 Hisense laser TV is going to be hard to beat. This UST comes bundled with either a 100 or 120 inch daylight ultra short throw projector screen.

We're expecting it to go on sale in April will be similarly priced with the current model.

Hisense L5H

Like the L9H is the upgrade to the L9G, the Hisense L5H is the upgraded version of the Hisense L5G. This more affordable single laser projector will also come bundled with either a 100 inch or 120 inch UST screen. The Hisense L5H will also have improved contrast and a built in Netflix app.

Hisense 120LX

This new projector is definitely one we are incredibly excited to see. The Hisense 120LX will be one of the first 8K ultra short throw projectors available anywhere in the world. With Harman Kardon speakers, this is going to be one of the best ultra short throw projectors ever made

We don't expect it to be released until Q4 and will definitely cost a pretty penny. There's a good chance this cream of the crop projector sells for over $10,000.

Hisense C1 Cube

The Hisense C1 Cube is Hisense's first foray into regular throw projection. This portable projector will be a triple laser unit outputting 1350 ANSI lumens of brightness. This mini-projector will offer an incredibly low 12ms lag time and cover 107% of the BT.2020 color space making it perfect for watching movies and playing video games. That's to the Auto Focus and Auto Keystone Correction the Hisense C1 Cube is easy to set up just about anywhere.  With solid 2x10W speakers built-in this will be the absolute best portable projector anywhere. 

Hisense PL1

Hisense’s new 4K UHD PL1 Laser Cinema with X-Fusion Laser Light Source, offers 2100 ANSI lumens of brightness. The single laser Hisense PL1 is an entry level cinema room UST that's designed to be your home theater projector.

It is expected to be available Summer of 2023.

Hisense PX2-Pro

The Hisense PX2-Pro is an upgraded version of the Hisense PX1-Pro. With improved contrast, deeper black levels and an extra 200 lumens of brightness (2400 lumens), what was already a fantastic home theater projector is now even better. Like the other new Hisense USTs the PX2-Pro will feature Google TV and the 2.1 HDMI port.

New Samsung Projectors

Samsung probably dropped the biggest announcement of CES 2023 with the unveiling of the Samsung 8K Premiere ultra short throw projector. This would be the first 8K UST available anywhere. While it's sure to have a large price tag, it's certainly going to be a contender for the best ultra short throw of 2023.

In somewhat less exciting projector news, they also unveiled an upgraded version of their portable projector, the Samsung Freestyle.

Samsung 8K Premiere

Samsung's new 8K Premiere ultra short throw projector offers incredibly high resolution and a massive 150 inch screen size. This image size capability will likely help set it apart from the Hisense 120LX, which is limited to only a 120 inch screen size.

Rumor has it, the 8K Samsung Premiere is going to be a 4000 lumen, making it one of the brightest ultra short throw projectors available. 

A premium projector is going to have a premium price tag. The 4K LSP9T has a price tag of $6496, so a brand new 8K Samsung UST is going to be priced significantly higher. For some context the 8K JVC NZ7 starts at $11,000. We would expect the 2023 Samsung Premiere to be in this price range and wouldn't be surprised to see a $15,000 price tag.

We expect the Samsung 8K Premiere to hit the streets in Q2 of 2023.

Samsung Freestyle 2023

The upgraded version of the Samsung Freestyle will support Samsung's cloud based gaming service Gaming Hub. It will also feature Smart Edge Blending that would let you connect two Freestyle projectors next to each other to produce a super ultra-wide 21:9 image or a stacked 16:15 projection.

New BenQ Projectors

Just like Hisense, for CES 2023 BenQ was very busy. On top of their new gaming monitors and TVs, they announced 4 new projectors. Gaming projectors seemed to be one of the main themes amongst manufacturers, this is especially exemplified by BenQ.

Interestingly, BenQ has bucked the trend of releasing laser projectors, instead opting for LED projectors. These BenQ units are brighter and offer a much higher picture quality than other LED projectors.

We were hoping for a new laser version of the BenQ HT5550, but it looks like we'll need to keep waiting.

BenQ X3000i

The BenQ X3000i is a 4K DLP projector with a brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens. It features BenQ's CinematicColor and HDR-PRO technology, which provide a wide color gamut, high dynamic range, and accurate color accuracy. Additionally, the X3000i supports 3D content, and has a wide array of connectivity options. When it comes to gaming, this projector is lighting fast with lag times at 16ms(4K@60Hz) and 4ms(1080p@240Hz) for smooth gameplay.

    BenQ GP500

    As an all in one LED projector, the 1,500 lumen BenQ GP500 features 4K resolution, 90% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space and built in speakers that let you experience immersive audio regardless of where you're sitting in relation to the projector. The BenQ GP500 will be available in the US for $1,799

    BenQ HT2060 4LED

    The BenQ HT2060 is an affordable 1080p LED projector built with gaming in mind. This projector covers 98% of the REC.709 color gamut and offers a low input lag of 16ms (1080p@60Hz).

    BenQ HT4550i 

    With 3200 lumens of brightness, the BenQ HT4550i is capable of producing a vibrant image in a variety of environments. This 4K LED projectors works great as a home theater projector or a gaming projector. 

    New JVC Projectors

    We were hoping for they would announce a JVC ultra short throw projector, however it looks like we'll need to keep waiting. That said, we're not disappointed in JVC's new projector offering from CES 2023. The JVC LX-NZ30 is a new laser projector. Much like the new BenQ lineup, JVC is focusing on gaming with their new projector. 

    JVC LX-NZ30

    With a latency as low as 6.25ms, the JVC LX-NZ30 offers one of the lowest lag on any gaming projector. With a 3300 lumen laser light source, this 4K projector is bright enough for a variety of room setups and isn't limited to a home theater environment.

    The JVC LX-NZ30 4K/HDR projector will be available in March 2023 for $3,500. It will be sold in both a black and a white body.

    New LG Projectors

    The highlight for LG at CES 2023 was certainly their 136 inch micro-LED TV that will cost $250,000. However, LG also announced their improved version of the Samsung Freestyle, their competitor's portable projector. The LG PU700R looks similar to the Freestyle but this portable projector is significantly brighter and 4K

    LG PU700R

    LG revealed the LG PU700R CineBeam at CES 2023. This 4K portable projector is capable of producing an image size up to 120 inches with 1000 ANSI lumens. This level of brightness gives you more flexibility to deal with ambient light, making it a better backyard movie projector than others in it's class.

    The projector also offers the popular Web OS platform and the ability to connect two pairs of Bluetooth earphones at once. The LG PU700R will retail for $1,699 and is expected to be available for sale on January 23.

    New ViewSonic Projectors

    At CES 2023, ViewSonic was mostly focused on their new line of OLED monitors. However they didn't forget about projection with the release of the ViewSonic X2-4K Short Throw LED projector.

    ViewSonic X2-4K

    This 4K short throw LED projector is designed with gaming consoles in mind (especially the Xbox given it's color scheme) for a big-screen gaming experience. With 2900 lumens of brightness and a 0.69-0.83 short throw lens the ViewSonic X2-4K allows for a variety of uses above and beyond just gaming.

    It's expected to go on sale sometime in Q2 with a price tag of $1,599.99.

    New XGIMI Projectors

    XGIMI has surprised us with the picture quality they achieve from their more affordable projectors. At CES 2023 they unveiled their newest projector, the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro.

    XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro

    The XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro is a compact 1080p portable projector with 350 ANSI lumens of brightness and is capable of producing an image size up to 200

    inches. However, with such a low brightness you'd need to be watching in pure darkness to achieve a screen size this large. That said it's not shabby for a portable mini projector that stands at 6.54" and weighs in at mere 2.2 pounds.

    New Leica Projectors

    As a brand known for producing top tier photography equipment, they announced that they'd be dipping their toe into the world of projection with the Leica Cine 1 ultra short throw  projector

    Leica Cine 1

    Leica is partnering with Hisense to produce their own laser TV. The Leica Cine 1 is a triple laser 4K UST projector. It will be available in either a 100 inch or 120 inch model. This newcomer would include a Leica-engineered Summicron lens that has been matched to the projector’s image size, and Leica’s own image processing (Leica Image Optimization, or LIO) to optimize picture quality with special algorithms. It will likely be a 2500 lumen projector and like the Hisense triple lasers will cover over 100% of the BT.2020 color space.

    They plan on releasing this unit in the US sometime in Q3 of 2023. This will be one of the most expensive projectors available, starting at $8,295. We're excited to see this UST projector in action, because for a price this high, it had better be the best we've ever seen.