Hisense has been very busy at CES this year announcing a slew of new projectors such as the Hisense L9H triple laser UST. One of their new offerings is the Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema.

As demand for this technology grows, so too does the demand for a more affordable ultra short throw projector. The new Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema UST is Hisense's response to the growing desire for lower priced laser TVs. This entry level unit gives more people the chance to afford a 4K ultra short throw projector.

Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema Features

We don't know everything about this brand new projector for 2023, so much of this information is speculative, but here's what we know and what we think so far. As we get more information we'll update you here.

Beautiful 4K Image

Much like Hisense's other laser TVs, the PL1 is a 4K UHD resolution projector. It utilizes over 8 million pixels to create a sharp and vibrant image that you will quickly fall in love with. This home cinema UST supports Dolby Vision and other HDR formats.

With a Sequential contrast ratio of at least 3,000:1, this projector will provide phenomenal contrast similar to the Formovie Theater.

The PL1 also includes a dedicated Filmmaker mode so you can watch movies the way they were meant to be seen.

X-Fusion Laser Light Source

With a single blue laser and phosphor color filter the Hisense PL1 is able to produce a sharp, bright picture in any home theater environment. The single laser UST is able to throw 2100 lumens of brightness onto your screen, making it bright enough to watch TV and movies with the lights on. Especially when you pair it with an ambient light rejecting screen made for ultra short throw projection.

This is certainly not the brightest UST out there, but as a home cinema projector it will provide enough light for most uses in your home theater. If you need a brighter projector, you may want to look at the new Hisense L5H or Hisense PX2-Pro.

Versatile Screen Size

The Hisense PL1 is a more versatile option than it's more rigid siblings like the L9H and L5H which are fixed focus limiting you to either a 100 inch or a 120 inch bundled screen. 

But what if you don't want a screen size that big?

Thanks to the PL1's adjustable focus, this 2023 laser TV is capable of projecting an image between 80" to 120". You'll have increased placement flexibility and will allow you to choose your own cinema screen. With the neat auto-focus feature, you won't need to spend a lot of time getting the projector perfectly focused when you set it up. This also allows you to more easily movie it around, so you could use this as both and indoor and outdoor projector.

This projector has a better throw distance than most and can make a 100 inch image from just 12.2 inches away.

Google TV & Netflix

One of the awesome features on this new Hisense UST, is that the PL1 will utilize the Google TV system making it a true 4K Smart TV. This platform will provide you access to more than 700,000+ movies and TV shows, live TV, and over 10,000 apps. Best of all it will feature a built-in Netflix app which is often not found on ultra short throw projectors that use the Android TV system. The remote even features a dedicated Netflix button.

Built-In TV Tuner

Like the other 2023 Hisense laser TVs, the PL1 will feature a built-in ATSC 3.0 OTA Tuner. This will allow you to watch TV over the air without needing a cable subscription.

How Much Will The Hisense PL1 Cost?

While the price of the PL1 hasn't yet been released in the USA we expect it to cost between $2,200 and $2,600. this would make it one of the more affordable 4K ultra short throw projectors available on the market.

When Will The Hisense PL1 Be Available For Purchase?

The new Hisense PL1 is expected to go on sale in spring of 2023. However you can sign up for our email list below and we'll notify you of any updates about when this new projector will be released. If you sign up you may even be able to purchase the Hisense PL1 Laser Cinema before anyone else.

Be on the lookout for updates as we learn more about this new 2023 projector and for our review of the Hisense PL1 UST projector