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Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens

Was : Retail: $1,997.97
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    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
    • Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens - Hisense-C1
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    Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens

    Item #: Hisense-C1

    Hisense Manufacturer Part #: C1


    Projector Resolution:
    Product Status:
    Leaves Warehouse within 2-3 Weeks
    Projector Type:
    Light Source:
    Contrast Ratio:
    Aspect Ratio:
    16:9 [HD]
    Throw Ratio:
    1.20:1 (D:W)
    Native Resolution:
    Lens Shift:
    Input Lag:
    4K/60Hz: 39.3ms
    3D Support:
    Built-In Speaker:
    1 Year
    Standard Lens Focus:
    Best Used For:


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    “Hisense is redefining the future of TV. As the leader and innovator of Laser TV technology we are pleased to be working with / Next Projection as one of our expert resources to consumers. Their team can be trusted to educate and advise customers looking for an affordable Laser TV solution with technologies ranging from a single laser source to dual-color lasers, and in the future Tri-Chroma technologies with screen sizes 100” and up.”

    Ken WeltyDirector of LaserTV, Hisense USA Corporation


    Best For:
    Home Theater
    Light Type
    Red + Green + Blue Trichroma Laser
    Lamp Life
    30,000 hours
    Throw Type
    Aspect Ratio
    16:9 [HD]
    Projection Method
    Front, Ceiling, Table
    Resolution Type
    Native Resolution
    Contrast Ratio
    Color Gamut
    110% BT.2020
    Picture Modes
    HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG
    3D Support
    Color Processing
    10 bit
    Display Color
    Supported Resolutions
    4K, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60
    Dynamic Iris
    Screen Size
    Throw Ratio
    1.20:1 (D:W)
    Throw Distance
    5.66' - 24'
    Lens Shift
    Digital Keystone
    Horizontal & Vertical
    Included Lens
    Fixed focal length, Powered focus
    Optional Lens
    Focus (Motorized/Auto /Manual)
    Digital Zoom
    Color Wheel
    Input Lag
    4K/60Hz: 39.3ms
    Refresh Rates
    60 Hz
    Game Mode
    Built-In Speakers
    20W JBL Speaker
    Dolby Atmos Compatible
    Smart TV
    Operating System
    Built-In Apps
    Web Browser
    Voice Recognition
    Smart Home
    HDMI 2.1 (2)
    USB (1)
    3.5mm Jack (1)
    DC Port (1)
    Screen Share / Screen Mirroring
    Optional Accessories
    Compatible Mounts
    Dimensions and Design
    Projector Size
    7.1" x 9.7" x 8.5" (HxWxD)
    Projector Weight
    10.1 lbs
    Case Color
    Power and Enviroment
    Audible Noise
    34.3 dB
    180W 100-240V
    Battery Life
    Aditional Information
    Release Date
    1 Year
    Global Name
    TCO Certified
    Auto Focus
    Streaming Apps
    Built-In TV Tuner
    UPC/GTIN/EAN: 888143015804
    MPN: C1
    Was: Retail: $1,997.97
    Sale: $1,797.97
    Instant Savings: $200.00!

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    Hisense C1 Reviews

    Best projector under $2000
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    This is my first non-bulb projector. It's replacing a Benq HT3550 which I enjoyed for several years, despite some challenges with contrast. I would say the picture is much sharper, as well as improved contrast. I do like the fact that there is no longer a wheel and switching resolutions does not take as long. It's quieter too, especially if you use the 3550 in normal mode. There is no longer a bulb to cool after all. I briefly used the built-in player and can confirm it's pretty responsive. It includes all the various streaming apps including NetFlix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount and SlingTV.

    This projector is incredibly bright! Despite the 1600 lumen rating of the C1, I found the projector to be very bright and had to adjust the laser luminance down a bit. In fact, thehookup reviewer confirmed a 2000 lumen rating.

    Dolby Vision is a great benefit and I'm rediscovering all my 4K movies with DV. It really shows off the wide color gamut capability of this projector.

    My son has tried it with his PS5 and has played games like Death Stranding and has not complained about latency. One thing we noticed is how incredibly sharp the text is during gameplay. We haven't tried any FPS games as we know latency is not ideal.

    With all that said, the lack of flexible placement might be a challenge for some as it has a fixed throw ratio of 1.2. If it offered lens shift and some form of optical zoom, I feel it would attract a broader home theater crowd.

    One last thing. Despite the lifestyle projector review where this projector came in 3rd ( ), I gave stronger weight to the review from the hookup. I feel like the XGMI and Formovie have bigger downsides compared to the C1. The XGMI has poor contrast/blacks and the Formovie has limited calibration controls and a lack of Dolby Vision. I highly recommend his review:
    review image   review image   review image   review image  
    Hisense Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector 4K UHD Portable Triple Laser w/ Built-In Speakers 1600 ANSI Lumens (Hisense-C1)
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I am a movie goer, not game player at all. This is the first projector I have ever owned. Brightness, Color, sharpness, contrast are my main concerns. I only target LED or laser ones and have done a lot of research. I was struggling among JmGO N1 Ultra, BenQ X3000i, XGIMi Horizon Ultra and Hisense Cube C1. Once the Thanksgiving deals come out, I pulled the trigger to C1. Kind of a purchase by faith, but I am happy with it after more than one month watching.

    I am using 135" 1.1 gain 16x9 screen and external sound system.

    Here are what I found:
    (1) Brightness: Maximum 1600 ISO lumen output for dark room viewing is good. My eyes feel much more comfortable than watching my 82" Samsung RU9000 LED TV (a 3-year old model, not even QLED). But during daytime with window curtains, it is watchable but obviously not bright enough. However, non-movie online programs look brighter than 4K disc, 1080P Blu-ray disc and online movies. I am not a tech guy, so no clue why. My score is 3.5 of 5.
    (2) Color: This is the selling point. I selected Vivid for SD materials such as YouTube. Wow, it is too colorful for me. I selected Dolby Vision Custom for 4K and 1080p disc viewing. Honestly, the image is amazing and skin tone is very natural. My score is 5 of 5.
    (3) Sharpness: C1 has no zooming and the auto focus works pretty well. The image is very sharp and meets my expectation to 4k. My score is 5 of 5.
    (4) Contrast: There is a saying that Contrast is the King. Even though other reviews say C1's contrast is really good, it cannot match my Samsung 82" LED, kind of disappointed. But considering the price range, I should not expect that "ink like" level to come. My score is 3.5 of 5.
    (5) Sound: The built-in speakers are really powerful. Turning the volume to 25 for disc and online movies, you will say WOW. Since I use external sound system, this is not a plus for me.
    (6) The built-in media player works very well with USB 3.0 input.
    (7) My Sony 4K disc player has wifi streaming. Somehow playing YouTube free movies failed (a lot of buffering). However, using C1's wifi has no problem, very smooth.

    Overall, C1 worths every penny at this price range and I am very happy with it. True, nothing is perfect. The brightness and contrast fail me. But this baby is still highly recommended.

    The attached pictures are from 4K disc with Dolby Vision.
    review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image  
    Awesome Projector!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    First of all, this is an awesome Projector! This is my third projector. First projector was a ~$600 "classroom" type projector that was just okay and upscaled to 1080p. Once I determined I would use a projector enough to justify a higher price, I bit the bullet on a 4k projector that was ~$1,500. That projector was really good, but was recently used due to a lumens wording / calculation. I was able to return it through the manufacturer and got the C1. The folks at helped me with the decision through YouTube videos and chat. They are a joy to work with. Now to the C1. This is by far the best projector I've looked at. It's super bright and I can watch with high ambient light (we like to watch football all Sunday, from sun up to sun down). The "Sports" option makes the picture even brighter and adds some motion smoothing. Movies and TV shows look great too. The Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos really make this thing pop. I have the projector hooked up to my Denon 5.1 setup via eARC. Even though it has Android TV built in, I opted for a Chromecast 4k as I feel the Chromecast has more versatility. If you're on the fence about this projector, get it!
    review image   review image  
    phenomenal image quality
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    This 4K projector has exceeded my expectations, making me rethink the need for a trip to the cinema. The phenomenal image quality, coupled with its excellent performance in my living room during the daytime, ensures a cinematic experience at home. I'm genuinely thrilled with this purchase and can confidently say, movie nights will never be the same! See the photos (color is off obviously due to low light condition) taken from 140 inch screen.
    review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image  
    An excellent projector for the price
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I’ve had a chance to use the Hisense C1 for a few weeks, and generally speaking I am very happy with it. This is my first projector, and I did a ton of research before choosing it. Firstly, if you’re worried about buying from — I wouldn’t hesitate. I had decided on the C1 a while back and waited until it went on sale. I got a great deal on this website, excellent customer service, and the projector shipped quickly and safely.

    I’ll start with the downsides. Being my first projector, I wasn’t sure how sensitive I would be to the “rainbow effect” (RBE) and “laser speckle.” It turns out I am fairly sensitive to RBE — I’ve read that this can vary from person to person. I find it most pronounced when watching black and white movies, or when my eyes go from one side of the screen to the other quickly. Laser speckle doesn’t really bother me — it’s only noticeable when there is a large section of the screen that is a static block of color; and even then I don’t find it very annoying. I am also using an extremely basic matte white screen, so it may be negated by a better screen.

    Being a “lifestyle projector” with a static lens, you have to be either very flexible or extremely prepared for its positioning. I found it to be a little bit of a hassle, but obviously once you have it set up, you don’t need to mess with it.

    For reference, for anyone reading this, the bottom of the lens is approximately 3.75” from the bottom of the unit. I could not find that information anywhere online prior to buying the unit — which was annoying when trying to plan my setup.

    I pretty much exclusively watch movies on this thing — and almost exclusively physical media. I’ve tried out my PS5, for kicks, and the input lag is too substantial for me to recommend it for nearly any game that isn’t, e.g., turn based. I don’t play video games a whole lot, but apparently, like with RBE, I am very sensitive to input lag.

    With all of that out of the way, I would still definitely recommend this projector. Other than the shortcomings listed above, I don’t see any reason to pay more money for a different projector — for what seems to me would be a very marginal improvement.

    The picture quality is fantastic, though the colors require some fiddling out of the box. Not a huge deal, just look up settings others have used, and plug them in — takes a just a few minutes.

    I don’t have any issue with the black levels. Others seem to be particular about them. Again, to get any improvement, I’d imagine you’d have to spend significantly more money for what, in reality, is probably a very marginal improvement.

    Before buying this projector, however, I completely blacked out a dedicated room. It’s not a huge room, but I have no ambient light, a nice set of speakers, etc. If you’re trying to throw this in a living room, it might not be worth it. For what it’s worth, if I turn on the lights, the picture is pretty washed out — if I turn the lights off but leave the door open with the hallway light on, the picture is still good. (Not exactly a scientific measurement, I know, but that’s all I have).

    If you’re like me, and you’re a movie fanatic, and you want to move from a TV to a Projector — do it. This projector blows any TV I’ve ever had out of the water, and I’ve had some decent TVs. Colors and black levels may be better on a new OLED, but I’d take this projector (at the same price as a decent OLED), with 100+ inch screen, any day of the week. Obviously there’s the size of the screen — yes it makes a huge difference. However, a very undersold part of using a projector is the effect of looking at reflected light, rather than direct light — it’s very pleasing.

    If you’re looking at the C1, you probably know about its selling points. One of the biggest is Dolby Vision — which works great. It’s sort of unbelievable to me that projectors that cost 5X more than this don’t support Dolby Vision.

    The C1 itself is finished very nicely in blued brushed aluminum. The remote is fine. I don’t use the streaming features. It’s quiet enough.

    It’s not perfect, but realistically I don’t see myself upgrading any time soon, if ever. As I’ve said, you can get marginal improvements by spending exponentially more, but for this price I am totally satisfied.

    What I can say — the best pitch I can make, as far as I see it — is that my little dedicated room, when I watch even a regular 1080p Upscaled Blu ray, blows any movie theater I’ve been to recently out of the water. I love movies, so that alone makes it well worth it to me.
    review image  
    Amazing little projector
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

    I recently upgraded to the Hisense C1 from an Epson 3700 that served me well for the past 5 years. The itch to upgrade to a 4k projector had been lingering for about a year, prompting me to begin my research well before deciding on the Hisense C1. What drew me to this projector were all the features I was seeking, and this one checked all the boxes.

    The image quality is superb, delivering sharp visuals with vibrant colors straight out of the box, requiring little to zero calibration. While it may not be as bright as my light cannon Epson 3700, the Hisense C1 compensates with exceptional picture quality. Since I use it in a light-controlled room, I gladly accept this trade-off.

    The projector comes paired with the Hisense Vidda OS, featuring all the major apps I use, including Plex. The OS is smooth, offering an abundance of features and options to fine-tune the experience to your liking. I tested the onboard JBL speakers, and the sound was surprisingly good. While it may not replace a dedicated home theater sound system, it impressed me, and you can always add a subwoofer if you plan to use the projector as the primary sound source. In my case, I paired it up with my Onkyo TX-NR7100 via EARC, and it worked harmoniously. I'm considering using this combo instead of my 2019 Nvidia Shield for my theater setup, as it offers fewer connections and remotes to worry about.

    Coming from dedicated theater projectors like Epson, Sony, and Mitsubishi over the past 15 years, the Hisense's biggest drawback is its limited mounting placement options. It's essential to review where you plan to place the projector to ensure the optimal viewing experience. I ceiling-mounted the projector using the same standard four-leg mount as on the Epson. I had to adjust the throw to around 10 feet to achieve a perfect image with minimal keystone correction on my 120-inch screen. While it took a few hours to find the sweet spot compared to the few minutes on the Epson, I now don't have to mess with it again.

    Transitioning from an LCD projector, I initially noticed very slight rainbow effects, but my eyes adjusted, and now I don't even notice them. Believe the hype—this projector delivers an incredible image rivaling LCD TVs with excellent contrast and a feature-packed OS, all at a great price.
    Thank you to for a great deal on this projector!


    Image quality

    Digital zoom
    no lens shift
    review image   review image   review image  
    Big Upgrade!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I recently received my Hisense C1, and I am very impressed so far. I upgraded from the Xgimi Horizon Pro 4K, a projector that I really liked, but I was looking for something brighter and with better color, and this projector is impressive so far. The projector arrived well packed ( triple boxed ) and the setup was very easy, I didn't need to look at the startup guide to make all the necessary adjustments. I am a university professor who teaches photography and digital media, so I would say that my expectations are high for a piece of equipment like this. Most of my review will be a comparison between this unit and the Xgimi Horizon Pro.
    Out of the box I was struck by the build quality, the Xgimi was made out of a premium plastic, but the Hisense is built like a little safe with a metal enclosure that feels really robust. It doesn't blend into the room as well, looking a little more hi-tech. The remote isn't quite as solid or sleek, but everything I need is there. I definitely could have done without the dedicated buttons for streaming services.
    One of the only things I thought was better on the Xgimi was the auto keystone setting, which made it a breeze to set up. The C1 was a little more fiddly to get set up, but it only took about 5 minutes to get all squared away. Other than the keystone correction, the C1 is a solid upgrade in every sense. It is brighter, sharper and the color is really accurate once I switched the white balance from warm to daylight. I immediately turned off the motion smoothing, I'm really not sure why manufacturers have that feature enabled out of the box, since it makes everything look like a soap opera.
    Skin tones and color look great overall, and the projector is bright enough for a dimly lit room, something that the Xgimi Horizon Pro couldn't really handle. Contrast is soft with ambient lighting, but it's very usable. In a dark room this projector really shines, with excellent contrast and color. one of the biggest differences is the fact that this unit can display rich saturated reds without distorting the skin tones at all, and after watching a Marvel movie in Dolby Vision, the highlight and shadow detail were both excellent.I'm also quite impressed with the sharpness which doesn't feel harsh or oversharp, but carries well from the center to the corners of my 120 inch screen.
    The fan noise is also noticeably quieter than the Xgimi, impressive since the unit is brighter. One pleasant surprise was the inclusion of Apple Airplay, which allows me to mirror the screen from my MacBook and share images and video from my iPhone and iPad, and the images look great, even monochrome images are perfectly neutral, something that's not easy to do. I wasn't really expecting much from the built in OS, but after using a Firestick 4K for years, I don't think I need it anymore, this projector seems to have everything the Amazon unit and an Apple TV have built in, so all my streaming needs, including Netflix are built right in.
    Overall I'm really happy with the unit, I'll update the review if anything else comes up, but so far this projector is a great performer and an excellent value!
    Hisense C1 -
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Did a ton of research for my new 16'x16' media room. Both and The Hook Up we're immensely helpful in narrowing down a projector. Ultimately, the C1 won out based on price and Dolby Vision. My room is completely dark ... otherwise I would have gone for the extra brightness of the JMGO N1 Ultra.

    One note on shipping, make sure you are able to adjust your schedule to sign for the FedEx delivery. I appreciate the extra security, but I almost missed it!

    The Hisense C1 out of the box is amazing. I won't be able to install for a few more weeks, but I couldn't wait to at least try it. So I opened it and within 5 minutes had it projecting on a textured wall in a bright room. We were shocked by the detail and brightness. The built in apps including Netflix are so easy and the speakers are surprisingly good. Runs quiet and cool. Everything I was hoping for.

    Next, I'm planning to ceiling mount it when my media room is finished. It'll have a 120" 1.1 white screen and a 5.2 sound setup.

    I can't wait!
    review image   review image  
    Great Little Projector
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I bought this projector for a small theater in my basement. It can do up to a 150 inch screen in a small 12x12 foot room. It’s nice and dark down there and this thing looks amazing. I love that I can take it outside or into my garage if I want to have a giant 300 inch screen. It has all of the Dolby Vision bells and whistles with the built in Netflix and Disney apps. It’s plug and play in any room with WIFI in your house and one of the coolest features is that it will automatically auto focus and keystone perfectly.
    review image  
    A fantastic projector with a so-so OS (4.5/5)
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    My wife and I were interested in owning a projector that gives us a theater feel, but with great portability as we rent with 4 little ones in the home. I wanted something that offered Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and the Hisense C1 was in the running. I was helped greatly by the reviews and videos produced by Projector Screen and the Hook Up. The latter in particular helped me make the decision over against another lifestyle projector that was killing the marketing game in recent months. The better contrast was a deal maker for me since my wife and I tend to watch movies that are darker visually.

    This projector was a great decision. We have an 100" screen, and this projector does a phenomenal job. I've attached a photo, but believe me, the photos and YouTube videos do not do the projector justice. It's a phenomenal experience, and the kids have enjoyed movie nights. The auto-keystone correction is certainly handy, but it's worth noting that there will often be a halo effect that extends the projector itself. This projector does work best when it's directly in front of the screen (this set up won't work for us until we have a home where we can install the projector on the ceiling). But despite this halo effect, the viewing experience is overwhelmingly possible. I have not used the speakers in the projector much (we use a sound bar), but they can get fairly loud, though the bass itself will be lacking.

    The big drawback for me lies in the OS. That's why I opt for a 4.5 (but am rounding up because I love the projector overall). Vidaa has the big plus in the inclusion of Netflix. But apps of note that are missing (for this family) are Hulu, Max, and Crunchyroll. We honestly don't use Netflix as much as the other apps, so we are looking to get a 4k Fire stick for future watching. It's slightly inconvenient, but not the end of the world. Perhaps Vidaa will be able to partner with other streaming platforms in the future.

    Overall, I highly recommend the Hisense C1 projector, and I will commend Projector Screen to you as a retailer of this product. Their customer service is very good, and they ship things out as fast and safe as they can!
    review image  
    Excellent performance!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    After having spent many hours reviewing tech specs and watching a ton of YouTube videos I decided to upgrade my projector.  I was looking for something that would be a TV replacement, be easy to set up wherever I wanted and would also handle my xbox racing games. 

    I finally settled on the Hisense C1.  Even though I’m used to 4K resolution from my TV, I am very impressed with the C1 picture quality.  I don’t know if it’s something to do with “Dolby Vision” but the C1 has what I can only describe as having a cinematic quality about it. It’s not just the increase in screen size, which can comfortably go to 200 inches plus, but the sharpness and color vibrancy are really excellent!  One of the features I love, is the luminance adjustment, which is managed from the remote.  This allows the viewer to adjust the brightness of the image without having to fiddle around with the contrast and brightness settings in the projector menu.  This is an incredibly useful feature, especially in a darkened room where you might need to turn it down a bit, but also very helpful when viewing in a lit room where you might want to crank it up!
    Having reviewed a number of similar projectors, in my opinion the Hisense easily out performs them and would hold its own with other higher priced projectors. I can confidently say that you will not be disappointed with the C1. It’s well worth the money!
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    <p>I first want to start off by saying, that I had an amazing experience purchasing the Hisense C1 from! They’re customer support team are great! I spoke with them and they originally told me that the unit wasn’t going to be in stock for about 2-3weeks, meanwhile the very next day I received and email saying my Hisense C1 was shipped. I literally received it the very next day after my email confirmation saying it shipped! I couldn’t be happier purchasing from 1000% purchasing future products with them. Aside from their great support and fast shipping. I must say that this is by far the best lifestyle projector of the year!. I was hesitant to purchase this unit since it doesn’t come with Android TV. Instead I ended up purchasing the XGIMI Horizon Ultra 4K because it has Android TV 11. But once I saw the best non biased YouTube video from the best YouTuber @TheSmartHookup. I had to purchase the Hisense C1 and test both of them myself! Once I did some intensive testing with both projectors on SDR, HDR, HDR 10 (+), Dolby Vision for a couple of days. I knew clearly that I had to pick the Hisense C1. Not only did it beat the XGIMI in most categories but it is such an amazing projector. With great sharp image, beautiful OLED like image. I had to pick the Hisense C1. Mind you, I also have a QD-OLED Sony A95K and every time I turn on my Hisense C1, I just want to watch everything on my projector instead. Another reason why I chose this future proof lifestyle projector over the XGIMI, it’s because it literally supports all formats (SDR, HLG, HDR, HDR10, HDR10+ & DOLBY VISION) something that’s really unheard of on any other projector let alone a lifestyle projector. Oh and did I mention how it even has the Netflix app built into the projector?! None of that side loading Netflix or trying to find ways on installing it. It’s already there which is another key feature that most projectors are lacking nowadays. I can go on and on, on how great the Hisense C1 is but I’m sure you guys get the point and hopefully I can help you potential buyers on picking up a Hisense C1 from</p>
    review image   review image   review image   review image   review image  
    Hisense C1: the little things review
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I chose the C1 largely on faith after watching (and re-watching) trusted video recommendations from a few online sources. Admittedly, this is my first ever projector, so I don't have a good handle on how it compares in person with other current options. I was expecting something compact and portable with a very good picture, passable stand-alone sound and clean design (not needing dongles/adapters sticking out). In my research I found that there wasn't much coverage beyond the Dolby Vision aspect, despite the projector having some features of interest like HomeKit integration, bluetooth speaker mode and native Netflix support (meaning no other hardware needed). I've now been using it for three weeks, and have some thoughts to share on the lesser-known aspects of this model that I didn't find in other reviews.

    My current setup: I am projecting from about 7 feet away (about a 100" image) onto a plain, light brown painted wall. Chairs on either side. No external speakers. I mainly use at night, and if in the day it is reasonably dark with blinds closed. In other words: far from the ideal setup in which to judge picture, etc.

    Overall I am happy with this purchase. In fact, I'd recommend it to a friend. The couple of DV movies I've watched so far (Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Avatar 2) looked incredible. I thought brightness might be an issue, but it was not. Whites were too bright for me at full and needed to be backed down. Even sports during the day (pictured - COYS) are very watchable. But other reviews cover performance better than I could. Here is what I've found the Hisense C1 to be like in a few little-covered areas.

    OS: Vidaa is a disappointment. I will use it in a pinch if traveling, but in 3 weeks (perhaps 20 hours of operation) it has been glitchy in switching between apps, completely froze on me once, and lacks several of the channels important to me. There are ads on the home screen and when pausing video (I suspect this is just the way most are now) but for ~$2,000 I could do without that. I'm looking at adding a Shield TV or similar soon for more control. I will say that the autofocus and positioning have been spot on, so it's not all bad. I wish there was a setting to have the projector start on the home screen rather than on the HDMI 1 input. As it is I have older Roku (4k but not DV/HDR) plugged in for the apps I want to access.

    Sound: Very, very loud and clear. I sit just a couple of feet away in my setup and 15/100 is comfortable for me. I did have one issue with audio cutting in an out on a rhythm when steaming 'Jack Ryan' from Amazon Prime. It hasn't happened before or since. Might be wifi-related. I do appreciate the different sound modes and find myself forgetting to switch them - why can't there be a default?

    Bluetooth/AirPlay: I was hoping that I could use this as a smart speaker throughout the day. You can do this, but not without the display being on. When playing podcasts through AirPlay, for example, the static podcast artwork is beamed onto my wall. It seems unnecessary and I'd like to have the option to do audio only. It was very easy though to also project an iPad display onto my wall.

    Heat: positioning the projector next to my seat as I do, I definitely notice the heat emitting from the sides. It's uncomfortably warm (at least in early October in NY) Ideally this would be ceiling-mounted or at least 4-5 feet away from the viewer.

    Remote: there is a backlight, albeit for a very brief time after a button press, which in my opinion isn't long enough especially when new to a user. It's taken some practice to operate by feel.

    Power Adapter: smaller than I had imagined and tucks away under the table. I haven't attempted ceiling mounting with it yet though.

    Eye-protection: when enabled, the screen dims for about 5 seconds when someone walks in front of the unit. There is a little leeway though - if you accidentally block a corner while grabbing the remote it won't trigger.

    I'm happy with my purchase, and some of the issues I have might in the future be resolved by firmware updates. It's not perfect though and there have been a few hiccups that cause me to downgrade it slightly. We were coming from a 36" off-brand 1080p lcd tv, so to say it has been a night and day difference would be appropriate. I imagine that using a proper screen, ceiling mounting it, hard wiring into Ethernet, adding a Shield TV Pro and integrating some surround sound would make the experience even more impressive.
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    World-class picture + loud, clear sound + treasure trove of settings = must-buy
    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    World-class picture + loud, clear sound + treasure trove of settings = must-buy

    To serve a wide range of use cases, I've bought an extraordinary number of projectors in the past 18 months from brands such as XGIMI, JMGO, Optoma, Samsung and even lesser-known companies. It was on my third attempt at finding the ultimate ultra-short-throw projector that I struck gold with Hisense's PX1—only it didn't come with the Dolby Vision that was promised on an Amazon sales page. Within six weeks, Hisense worked with me to download a special firmware update and then a regular internet software update, and Dolby Vision in all her glory threw her contrast-loving weight around my screen.

    This experience showed me Hisense is a force to be reckoned with and a company that goes the extra mile. The projector is simply the best ultra-short-throw projector I’ve seen. So when Hisense launched the Cube C1 Smart Mini Projector, my antenna went up. The Hisense PX1 was crushing it on my 120-inch screen, but the 100-inch screen at the foot of my bed was showing an image that increasingly looked disappointing by comparison. The PX1 teems with rich, juicy color, magnetizing my eyes, transfixing my mind and immersing my soul. Dare I say that the C1 model pops with even more color, bringing 110 percent of the BT.2020 color profile, making for a revelatory viewing experience.

    The C1 is plenty bright for almost all my needs, and I am finding that I’m dialing down the tri-color laser luminance setting to a meager 3 at nighttime. I push it back up to day on weekend afternoons, if I’m watching football games. The C1 should be bright enough for most, especially if the bulk of your viewing comes in semi-light-controlled environment and at nighttime.

    The C1 brings loud, clear, resonant sound. Even at volume 20 out of 100, this little unit was roaring with might. If you plan to rely on these Dolby Atmos-certified speakers for outside use, overnight stays in hotel rooms and business meetings, you’ll be plenty satisfied. I have my C1 connected to a Vizio Dolby Atmos soundbar.

    I truly value the level of thought the Hisense team puts into their projector line’s settings, and the C1 delivers tons of options, including keystone correction and obstacle avoidance, to help you get the picture you desire. I especially appreciate the laser luminance setting, enabling you to dim the light output without tampering with other settings such as brightness, throwing off the entire picture. One ultra-short-throw projector I bought didn’t offer this key setting on its flagship projector despite its second-best projector’s offering this very setting. Hisense’s special added touch is also found in the highly functional and time-saving remote control, with quick options for input, focus, laser luminance, mute and settings available. Most remote controls from other brands don’t come close to matching this level of value. The Hisense C1 remote control is also the first I’ve found that delivers what I’d argue are the four best choices for app buttons: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and YouTube. I can’t imagine a better lineup for the majority of customers.

    The Hisense C1 Laser Mini Projector delivers bigtime on lots of fronts, as you can see. So where does it struggle? It struggles in its software, outside of settings. Its Vidaa software touts the fact that Netflix is a true and legitimate app on this projector (not having to be sideloaded, capped at 720p or 1080p and resembling a mobile phone app). This might be true, but I could not find other major apps such as Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Hulu, ESPN and Fox. Ironically, a Vidaa add promoted a show airing on Fox and replaying on Hulu—neither of which you can install on this projector.

    Projector companies have been launching lots of lifestyle projectors in recent years. These offerings aim to give you picture, sound and an apps experience in a single self-contained unit. With the Hisense C1 projector, the company gets most things right. Any projector enthusiast values picture first and foremost, and you’d be hard-pressed to find too many—if any—projectors that put out such a sharp and colorful image. It is also plenty bright for most use cases. The Hisense C1 projector also impresses in the sound department. I couldn’t believe how loud and crisp the audio sounded in my test of the Disney movie “Moana,” especially considering movies are mastered at much lower volume compared with live TV. Hisense hits a grand slam in the settings and remote control departments. Its Vidaa software disappoints, however, but could be rounded out in time, if the company grows the platform quickly. This last part can easily be rectified by adding a Chromecast, Android TV box such as NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire device or Hulu box to the mix.

    Hisense is a newcomer to the projector world, but it is a giant out there, shooting for the stars with specs and delivering on the assembly line with well-crafted, awe-inspiring machines that light up your screen and light up your life!
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