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Need help calculating the right size projector screen for your needs? Look no further!

  • Use our Screen Size Calculator to determine the viewable area of a screen based on any 1 dimension.
  • Use our Projector Calculator to determine throw distance and optimal screen sized based on your projector.
  • Use our Viewing Distance Calculator to figure out the optimal seating distance for your audience based on the projector screen size you are considering.
  • Need more help? Contact a sales representative today!

    Projector Screen Size Calculator

    Select your screen's aspect ratio and input any dimension to calculate your screen's overall viewable area.

    Ratio   Width
    Diagram     Height

    Viewing Distance Calculator

    1. Distance to main viewing location:
    2. Choose Screen Shape:
    16:9 (Widescreen TV Shape)
    4:3 (Standard TV Shape)
    3. Choose Screen Size: (Enter either a diagonal screen size or width):
  • Choose Diagonal Size =
  • or Width =
    Current Viewing Cone Angle
    Maximum recommended viewing distance
    Maximum recommended SMPTE viewing distance
    Maximum THX viewing distance
    Recommended THX viewing distance
    Screen size to achieve SMPTE minimum viewing angle

    = 4:3 diagonal

    or 16:9 diagonal

    Screen size to achieve THX recommended viewing angle

    = 4:3 diagonal

    or 16:9 diagonal

    Viewing Distances Based on Visual Perception
    Maximum Viewing Distance for NTSC/PAL (720x480/720x576)
    Maximum Viewing Distance for HDTV (Fully resolved 1080i; 1920 x 1080)

    Foot Lamberts Calculator

    Foot Lambert Calculator

    1. Projector Lumens:
    2. Screen Gain:
    3. Screen Width (In):
    4. Screen Height (In):
    Foot Lamberts (ftL):
    ftL Viewing
    0-11 Not bright enough
    12-22 Good for dark room
    23-39 Good for low ambient light
    40-59 Good for medium ambient light
    60+ Good for high ambient light

    Viewing Distance Resolution

    Enter your screen size below to see how close you need to be to the screen in order to see the full resolution of the image.

    Enter screen size: inches diagonal
    • For 480p (720×480) resolution, you must sit:
      feet or closer to see all available detail
    • For 720p (1280×720) resolution, you must sit:
      feet or closer to see all available detail
    • For 1080p (1920×1080) resolution, you must sit:
      feet or closer to see all available detail
    • For 4k (3840×2160) resolution, you must sit:
      feet or closer to see all available detail
    • For 8k (7680×4320) resolution, you must sit:
      feet or closer to see all available detail

    Note about "or closer" viewing distances calculated above: if you sit closer than the distances shown above, you will be able to see some (but not all) of the detail offered by the next higher resolution.

    Projector Calculator

    Select your projector below to calculate projector throw distance and screen size options.

    Projector Screen Calculators

    Naturally, when you're in the market for a projection screen, there are a lot of things you'll need to consider before you put your money down. You need to really understand the budget you're working with, of course. You need to know what your requirements are based on where you'll be using the projector screen. You'll need to know what your expectations are as far as image clarity, features, and crispness.

    However, some things aren't quite as easy to figure out. For instance, many people are unsure as to what size projection screen is really the right fit, and it's not hard to understand why. Size selection isn't just about choosing an option that physically fits into your available space. It's about selecting the size that's appropriate for your anticipated viewing distance and angle. You need to take the specs attached to your projector into consideration.

    What to Consider When Choosing Your Screen Size
    If you've never put together a viewing space before, then it's all too easy to accidentally wind up with the wrong screen; quite the hassle! Go too small, and you're not getting the most viewing bang for your buck, so to speak. Go too large, and the situation is even worse. Assuming the screen can physically fit into your designated space, you could soon be dealing with eye strain, headaches, and neck-aches that make viewings a literal pain.
    That said, make sure you take into consideration the following when making a decision.

    Aspect Ratio: Different screens will feature different aspect ratios. The most common options are typically 16:9 or 4:3, but there are others out there, as well. Make sure your screen's aspect ratio matches your projector's for the best possible viewing experience.

    Potential Viewing Distance: The ideal screen size takes into consideration both the width and depth of the viewing room. Be careful of choosing an option that fits the width of a room, but which doesn't fit the depth. This is a common mistake.

    Let Our Projector Screen Calculator Help
    No one understands what goes into choosing a projection screen size better than the staff here at That said, we've come up with a handy calculation tool to help you get your ducks in a row and make a fantastic choice you'll be happy with for years to come. Never fear, help is here!

    Our size calculator tool can help you figure out which screen and set-up might be right for you when you input any value. Do you already own a projector and want to see what your best options are as far as good matches? Tell us what brand and model you're working with, and we'll take care of the rest. Not sure what a given screen's overall viewable area is going to be? Enter the aspect ratio and dimensions for a little additional insight. Need a little more info as to viewing distance attached to an option you're considering? Enter the specs you're working with, and you'll know soon enough. Happy shopping!

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