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Worth the money

Since I spent quite a bit on the other components of the Home Theatre system, I considered this Projector Paint. I do think it enhances the brightness of the wall on which I project the TV. If I were really into it, I would have done a "half and half' comparison, with painting only half the wall to make sure there was a difference. But by the time the paint arrived, I didn't want to fool around. I put on three coats, to cover over a silver paint that was already on the wall...
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Extremely bright for ambiant day light viewing, excellent for HDR (from deep blacks with Dynamic Black to 5,000 lumen bright whites), with a few bugs they should fix


- Extremely bright (Optoma claims 5,000 lumen): makes it possible to watch TV with ambiant day light and impressive HDR performance on a 130’’ screen.

- Extremely sharp (4K 0.66" DLP chip): not “native 3840x2160”, but XPR pixel shifting gives an image as sharp as native 4K for movie watching (but not ideal as a giant 3840x2160 computer screen if you need pixel perfectness)

- Contrast (Optoma claims native 2,000:1 ful...
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I like this product except for: It does not not have horizontal shift The control panel in incredibly inconvenient to open for vertical shift and lens zoom control . It would be much better if the panel opened from the from the front of the projector. I have returned this product and purchased another projector. I would have kept this product except for the reasons above. I would rate it about 2.75.

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