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If you need a BRIGHT 1080p projector for under $2,000 - THIS IS THE BEST!

Frankly when I had contacted about my project, I was concerned that they would tell me I needed $10k+ for my budget based on the limited research that I had done.

I needed a total of 9,000+ lumens based on our calculations and was overwhelmed by the various options.

The salesman (Brian) that was helping me suggested the Optoma EH515 for it's image stacking capabilities. When stacking 2 of these units together, there is a combin...
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This Projector and the Grandview HD 130 screen are perfect

Once I got the Grandview HD 130 screen, I was ready to dump the old Sony projector and I got the JVC RS500. What a difference! Even the old Sony did a good picture on this screen but the JVC is a world apart. I'm running in Low lamp mode with the iris stepped down to -10 and the contrast is as good as it gets and colors just jump out. I see folds in black capes and details I never saw before in dark scenes. I've always been unhappy with the SyFy channel's programs, even...
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I absolutely love this screen. Great picture and clarity at an amazing price!

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