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Great sharp image

We really love our P1. We run an OTA tuner, a Mac Mini, Blu ray and play videos from a USB hard drive using the P1's built in media player.'s customer service is great too. They shipped out these new P1's to their customers the day they received them from Optoma. The Optoma P1 and Two thumbs up!

Great image, great sound, amazing HDR

1 - This P1 is amazingly easy to set up. I had it out of the box and projecting on my screen in under 10 minutes (excluding a firmware update). Five minutes of that was making minor adjustments to get the image just right. Total time with the firmware update was under 30 minutes.

2 - HDR on this thing is amazing. I have even seen a display that handles HDR this good. It's the first time that I have seen that HDR WOW factor I've been hearing about. I just neve...
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Quiet, Bright, Easy to Use

The projector arrived in perfect condition, and I was very happy with the additional packaging. Setup was easy and it doesn’t take much to get started. I would say the projector start up time is 10/20 seconds.

Right out of the box, the projector looks great and the Apple TV Menu I could read crisp and clear and the high res pictures they show when you highlight a movie look absolutely amazing.

However, when I turned on Interstellar in 4K, I was a...
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