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It is the culmination of 15+ years of expertise in this field and the fact that we are passionate about projection. That passion finds its way into everything that the staff at does, from our merchandising to our blogging to our customer service and beyond.

You can rest assured that when you speak with one of our agents that you are speaking with someone who really understands projectors and screens and the nuances of putting together a two-piece projection system.

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Recent Product Reviews

The image is outstanding on this screen for everything from Gaming to Movies.

Got the new 138" CIMA Cinemascope screen installed and configured with my Sony 675. I'll try to get some pics over once the wife is done decorating our upgraded "Living Cinema".

I love the look, texture and feel of the material. The image is outstanding on this screen for everything from Gaming to Movies. I can't even imagine how the Studiotek could be better... if it is. The image is crazy sharp and also considerably brighter. I thought it w...
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If you need a BRIGHT 1080p projector for under $2,000 - THIS IS THE BEST!

Frankly when I had contacted about my project, I was concerned that they would tell me I needed $10k+ for my budget based on the limited research that I had done.

I needed a total of 9,000+ lumens based on our calculations and was overwhelmed by the various options.

The salesman (Brian) that was helping me suggested the Optoma EH515 for it's image stacking capabilities. When stacking 2 of these units together, there is a combin...
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This Projector and the Grandview HD 130 screen are perfect

Once I got the Grandview HD 130 screen, I was ready to dump the old Sony projector and I got the JVC RS500. What a difference! Even the old Sony did a good picture on this screen but the JVC is a world apart. I'm running in Low lamp mode with the iris stepped down to -10 and the contrast is as good as it gets and colors just jump out. I see folds in black capes and details I never saw before in dark scenes. I've always been unhappy with the SyFy channel's programs, even...
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