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Formovie Theater

Ultra Short Throw Projector
Screenie Awards 2022
Laser TV Showdown Winner
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Formovie THEATER

The ultimate 4K UHD Triple Color Laser TV

Ultra Short Throw. Large Projection.

Formovie THEATER has a throw ratio of 0.23:1, enabling it to throw a 100” projection with an ultra short throw distance of just 9”. Its maximum projection size is 150”. Best of all, the Formovie THEATER is wireless, with a hassle-free installation suitable for any environment.

ALPD® 4.0 RGB+

Triple Color Laser Light Source Technology

Formovie THEATER uses the latest ALPD® 4.0 triple laser light source technology, which is 30% more powerful than ALPD® 3.0. Formovie THEATER covers 107% of Rec.2020, the parameter value for ultra-high definition TV systems, offering over 1.07 billion colors for superior contrast and color accuracy.

4K UHD Picture

Our 4K UHD and speckle elimination technology ensures that the Formovie casts images with incredible brightness and precision.

An Adjustable Home Theater

2800 ANSI Lumens, Crisp and Clear Anytime

Formovie displays vibrant and bright colors in daylight, and even in ambient light.

Sound by Bowers & Wilkins

Beautifully-designed speakers designed and tuned by the engineers at Bowers & Wilkins, for people who love music.

Endless Content with Android TV 11.0

Formovie is equipped with Certified Android TV 11.0, Google Play, and Chromecast to bring you the ultimate entertainment experience on the large screen. With thousands of apps such as Disney+, HBO, Hulu and YouTube, you’ll never run out of things to watch.

Dolby Vision

More visible details in highlights and shadows.

HDR10 enables Formoive THEATER to offer full detail in highlights and shadows. The 3000:1 contrast rate presents sharper imagery and fuller saturation.


Motion estimate and motion compensation.

Featuring MEMC technology, Formovie THEATER displays fast-moving objects smoothly and clearly. Experience sports events and more like never before.

More Features

20,000 Hour Lamp Life

Formovie is equipped with industrial-grade, long-lasting light bulbs that deliver years of lamp life with daily use.

Complete Connectivity

With a wide array of ports for easy connection with and use of devices, Formovie is the perfect centerpiece for any entertainment system.


Formovie uses body sensors to provide intelligent light adjustment, keeping your entertainment easy on your eyes.

2,800 ANSI Lumens
Aspect Ratio
16:9 (4K HD)
Display Type
DLP x 1
Video Modes
720p, 1080i, 1080p/60
Data Modes
MAX 3840x2160
Lamp Type
RGB Laser
Lamp Life
20,000 hours
Included Lens
Fixed focal length
Optional Lenses
Lens Shift
Throw Distance
1.4' - 2.5'
Image Size
79.77" - 150.09"
Throw Ratio
Projector Size
4.23" x 21.65" x 13.74"
21.6 lbs
Internal Speakers
15.0 Watts × 2
Connection Panel
Audio Out: Mini Jack
Audio Out: Optical
HDMI 2.1 x 3
Network: RJ-45
USB x 2
Wireless Networking
Frame Interpolation
Android OS
Streaming Apps
Google Assistant
2 Years


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Formovie Formovie-Theater Reviews

Awesome projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I have owned this projector for several months and I love it. I am not a tech kind of guy and after trying to improve an already great ootb pic I decided to go back to factory settings and I am pleased. I highly recommend an alr screen if you want to watch during the day.

The built in speakers sound great but since you bought an expensive projector get a nice set of Atmos speakers.

My only issue is probably not the fault of the projector but no matter how I try my Sony HTA9 will not activate the Atmos so I cannot listen to the Atmos.

All in all I love this projector and highly recomend it as it looks better than thester on my 120 in. screen.

Feels good
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
So far no hitches, gives what it should.

During the day, I can barely see the screen when all window rollers are up. however, I live in a place with a lot of sun and my living room is like 1/3 windows.
during the evening even with full lights everything looks great.
Formovie UST Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

With the 110 in. ALR screen the picture quality is absolutely amazing! I've been using an Epson ceiling mounted projector on a conventional screen for many years and this is a whole new scene. Like going from a Model T Ford to a super Tesla in one minute. Daytime viewing is remarkable. The picture is as bright and clear as my 55 in. flat screen Samsung. Truly awesome unit. The ALR screen was straightforward to set up.

The Formovie instructions for placement and set up are in need of a major rewrite. For example, some measurements for set up are in inches, other measurements are metric. I have yet to see a tape measure in metric/ inches combination. I did have a ghost show up which gave a horrible picture. I contacted Projector Screen tech support which quickly gave me an answer. I tried their idea, which worked. Simple reboot by disconnecting power cord for a bit. No repeat of the problem.

Very happy with the unit and Projector Screen as the dealer. Highly recommend the Formovie, the ALR screen, and Projector Screen.

Great projector, worth to purchase
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
We liked the projector screen size and inbuilt sound system.
Also good features like to connect hdmi and using Apple TV device .
Pixel and resolution is good.
We can able to connect external speakers as well. Worth to purchase.
Great projector - movie theater quality images
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
After a friend turned me on to short-throw projectors via a popular YT channel, I decided to get the most recommended one. The only thing better than the exceptional visuals and better-than-my-Bose soundbar audio was the customer service.
Formovie Theater Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I have had this projector for about three months, now and it is superb for movies and other streaming at 4K, UHD, HDR, Dolby Vision. I truly enjoy doing movie nights with the family as well as just watching my own stuff, too. It really does give an incredible picture. And the brightness is completely fine even with some light in my room. I usually go pretty dark to get the full effect though. One of the first movies I watched was Interstellar and that was incredible. I’ve also watched Top Gun: Maverick and that was amazing as well. I have a Sonos system hooked up, but I will say the speaker on the projector was plenty loud and full during setup. I will attach a couple photos later on. 

There are two areas where I do see a couple issues, however, and that’s why I’m giving it 4 stars. I have noticed that standard to 720p content isn’t quite as solid when compared to a normal TV. I’ve also noticed some motion issues with basketball games from time to time. It’s not bad but I have noticed. One last issue is that I just don’t think this is usable for gaming. I have a ps5 hooked up and even with game mode (which lowers latency/input lag) and at a lower resolution it’s just not responsive enough for my baseball or golf game. There’s a clear delay from when I press a button to the action on the screen. I’m not a competitive gamer by any means. If anyone has some other suggestions for this, I would love to hear them. 

In total, the projector is perfect for its most common use. Movies and high quality content are absolutely stunning. And it’s really fun to have over 100” of a screen in my own home. I e Beautiful picture for a great price. Thank you!

Extremely Pleased
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Though I had a DLP rear projector for years and always wanted a front projector and that huge size increase, I hadn't realized it was feasible in my little place. UST has made it happen. And this particular model with its colorful lasers is wonderful indeed. I do wish they'd release a firmware update to make Dolby Vision as bright as the other modes. (Not sure of the state of that.)

But overall, I just love this thing. (Also the screen ProjectorScreen bundled with a discount on the total price, Elite-FTE120H2-DST, is fantastic too.)

For.ovie theather
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Outstanding. The sound is more than expected. Setup is very easy. I highly recommend it.
My review about a year in...
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

My rating is 4.5/5

Not a pro, but I have my share of experience with projectors, and consider myself a somewhat able critic of image reproduction.


Natural reproduction of color, that is, rendition is more akin a Sony television that a Samsung one. I think this is the best element of the projector. It is very similar to a good cinema projector. I mostly watch films & series, but cartoons work alright as well. I don't watch sports. To me it works of course great with Dolby stuff, but also with old films.

The sound is also very good. I have external speakers (two HomePods), but for casual watching the speakers are plenty powerful. 

I would not say it's beautiful to look at, but it's not horrible either, it does not scream for attention, which in my book is good. I think the brightness (lumens) is more than enough, I actually use the movie modality which brings the brightness down, otherwise it is too much light, and it starts to mess with the natural reproduction of the images. 

I don't watch the projector in the day, but of course that is not possible unless you use curtains. If you want to use a projector during the day I think you would have to look elsewhere (but then again, I don't have experience in day watching).


The damn remote is a piece of garbage, and so is android system, which you must use if you want to mess with the settings (I only use Apple TV to watch stuff). 

The settings to adjust focus, etc. are horrible, in my opinion.

top notch
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
this product surprised me a lot with how good it is, the picture is crisp and the colors vibrant without being muddy. my only downside is the android interface is annoying at first especially from someone who prefers a crt projector that only has source selection and nothing else complicated.
Great but not perfect
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I am currently quite happy with the projector but it took some work, which I was advised by other reviews. Tech support at was excellent. I had to go through a long chat that went on for some time before I was finally advised to reinstall the android OS (my remote could never get to the “home” page). For several months afterward my projector would become non responsive and I’d learned to reinstall the OS…which is a pain because you have to relog into all your apps. After coming home from a trip a few weeks ago I thought it was up to its old tricks but there was a dedicated update to the OS specially for the projector. Hello! That was long overdue from the manufacturer and no fault of the seller. That update really seemed to help.
I also bought a dedicated screen from and it was a challenge to assemble (foretold by reviews) but worth every penny. Getting the image to fill the screen without any overwash is a challenge too (again…foretold by reviews) but I have learned to live with a very little bit less than perfect. I would recommend the screen and projector to anybody who is as stubborn as me to make things work, or has a professional installer at hand.
Foremovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Home run with my purchase of the Foremovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector Triple Laser system. Exceeded my expectations. The picture is incredible and feedback from family and friends is positive plus.
Highly recommend this laser projector. Purchase the projector screen also. To sum up “Wow”
Great laser tv
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Great colors looks like a tv
review image  
Very happy with Formovie
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

After reading all the reviews, went with Formovie Theater, and have been impressed by it. I paired it with Spectra Vantage 100" screen.

I had originally selected the Formovie Fresnel screen. However, as my screen sits in a cove, I was told by Projector Screen experts that I would be better of with Spectra, and then could enjoy better viewing angles.

I was instructed to paint the sides and ceiling of the cove with light absorbing paint, which I did. Overall, very impressed with the setup.

Biggest headaches in this project were the Spectra assembly instructions, which are not great.

Printing the instructions on a letter size paper helps a bit to try to understand what the images try to convey. Another headache was figuring out how to house my existing home theater speakers.

Ended up buying two sideboards from Amazon that perfectly fit the width of the cove and modifying them (cut a hole for center speaker, cut a hole and installed metal mesh on doors, rotated doors, etc)

review image   review image  
Brilliant image, great color, amazing image
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

We setup a home theater over the last few weeks. We decided on the Formovie Theater. It's fantastic. The image quality is amazing on a 120" ALR screen... even in full light in the room. I'm shocked at how bright and vivid the image is.

So far, everything has been great. I have noticed the remote seems to get unpaired occasionally, and the projector needs a power cycle in order to see it again. But that's happened pretty rarely, and seems correlated with setup activities. Since setup has been completed, I haven't run into that issue again.  

Overall, super pleased.

review image  
Formovie Theater
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Let me begin by saying I have tried. Yes, all in every ultrashort projector and I ended up purchasing an LG ultra short throw projector and I've had that for a few years and this was my number one choice. until I purchase Formovie ultra short throw projector.
The LG ultra short, throw projector I would say was a little more friendly upon setting it up as I still own it, and would like to keep it as a back up for my Formovie ultra short throw projector.
The Formovie ultra short throw projector has much better color balance, especially with the black and true to life color palette. both ultra short throw projectors, unfortunately our android system, but I was able to connect both of them to My rather expensive home movie surround system by Marantz is Marantz, studio and cinema amplifier and connections are absolutely superb. This is one product, the Marantz studio cinema that puts out. extremely high, detailed, surround system, connections, and speakers. Currently in my home movie theater I have always used Theater quality KLIPSCH Surround speakers, as I have a total 615 inch subwoofers along with my Atmos speakers in the ceiling, at all the surround speakers and front, and back to produce an immense surround sound experience yes I have invested well over $45,000 in equipment, such as ultra short, throw projectors along with curtains and what I call harlequins.
I would have to say that both LG ultra short, throw projector and the Formovie are very close tie.
I really believe that once I complete the HDMI connection to the Formovie of the short throw projector, it will be very similar if not, identical to the LG ultra short throw projector.
The control and options of the Formovie ultra short throw projector has much better control and options to control everything the projector is able to produce and let me tell you I mean everything right down to the color gamut and I failed to mention The speakers will really amaze you, as I have turned off my surround sound system with the movie theater Marantz amplifier, and the sound in detail is absolutely stunning and impressive in in the Formovie ultra short, throw projector and again this sound is absolutely amazing clear, detailed and open two voices action and of course the center channel. Very impressive..
I surely hope that this review will be or could be informative to others who are looking for the best and ultra short throw projectors in my opinion the first one would be FORMOVIE And the second would be the LG ultra short throw projector.
Thank you
Allan Gackstetter
United States Air Force retired
Great value, vivid colors and Amazing picture quality. Great add-on to my loft area
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I have done a lot of research on which UST to buy for my need and in my budget. I purchased the FORMOVIE theater which is had very good reviews. 

I received the package in good shape and it was a bit delay than expected but worth the wait.

The picture is crisp and the colors are bright and not faded with vivid colors excellent contrast and brilliant sharpness. I must say I cant compare to normal OLED TV as both are different.

Set up of the UST was fast and I didnt have any issues and have done the keystone corrections.

The inbuilt apps are well good and till now the system never hung and it was really fast while switching applications.

I have used initially used it directly on the wall and the quality of the picture was amazing. 

I have some friends who have VAVA Chroma and I clearly see a difference in quality of the picture and controls.

The sound from B&W is really good and crisp and very detailed. There is no noise induced from it ever. This doesnt mean we need a speaker system set up though, which will make the theater room with super rich sound

The inbuilt chromcast is very response to the voice commands and is very useful ad we often use.

The fan sound is minimal and I couldnt notice much when we watch any movie. I saw some reviews said they were able to hear noise but I am good with that minimal sound.

There are a lot of settings which we can do with the screen color adjustments. Unless you know what you are doing, I recommend not to touch them :)

The quality is better than the poictures uploaded as they dont represent real quality

Below are some CONS

The Major advantage to buy from is the extended warranty of 2 years while the direct formovie gives one year in USA.

1. the instructions provided were not enough for doing keystone corrections and took some time to search in internet.

2. The need to say no for internal speakers and to use external speakers is annoying. 

review image   review image   review image   review image  
Excellent projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
When my friends informed me of the UST projectors, I went ahead did the research to buy the best one on the market. We are stunned by the picture quality and the clarity of this projector. I would definitely recommend this one anyone looking for a portable, high quality projector. And the sound was amazing too, you don't add-on speaker for a medium room set up.
review image  
Formovie pared with Spectra Screen AWESOME!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I enjoyed the experience of being able to call a and ask for advice. They recommended the Formovie 4k projector pared with the Spectra Screen. After installation I was amazed by the light rejection of the screen during the day. Guests think my setup is a TV, little do they know it’s a projection set up! Great customer service, great support, prompt shipping. Nothing but good words to say about these products and!
review image  
Formovie Theater review
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I have really enjoyed my time with the formovie projector. The colors are really good, having a large "screen" to watch movies with the family is also super convenient. The speakers on the project are good enough for being built in they are detailed but lack the base I usually prefer. Additionally with it being short throw it way more convenient than a normal projector.
review image  
Formovie Theater
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Movies look great! On the other hand, there is significant judder while trying to watch sports like soccer and basketball. It is really unwatchable. Using a new apple 4k tv, new fiber hdmi and hard wired internet. I tried the settings to smooth it out, which made it slightly better but still unacceptable. If there is a fix for this, please share. Tks
Formovie Theater great investment
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

When the packaging arrived I was refreshed at how well it was packed and knew I wouldn’t struggle with a product damaged out of the box. After unwrapping I noticed the packaging was so bulky because the projector is very large, it’s somewhat sleek and leaves everyone wondering where the projection is coming from even when they are standing over it. 

Why did I give this 5 stars?

  • The fans are fairly quiet. 
  • Without a sound system the Formovie produces great sound quality. 
  • The resolution is great on walls and ALR screens (I’m moving so I’ve been using walls and outdoor screens in the interim). 
  • The design is very sleek and the dark color helps in blend or hide in plain sight. 
  • This is my first UST but I don’t feel like I will need to upgrade because I purchased a poor product, this gives premium vibes. 

Anything I would like to see change? Yes!!

  • This is much larger than I thought so projector stand shopping is taking longer than expected. 
  • There is a logo on the front that lights up.. I don’t want it to light up.. ever. Black tape will work but no logo or no backlight would work much better. 
  • No Netflix!! Not a deal breaker because of external devices but still. 

Still 5 stars despite my petty gripes. 

If you’re new to the UST market Formovie isn’t just a great place, it’s a great place to end up. 

review image   review image   review image  
Formovie Theater projector for the win!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Bottom line: Overall we are very happy with our Spectra Vantage UST ALR screen, Formovie Theater projector and’s customer service.

Regarding customer service, my screen shipped out before the projector but unfortunately it was lost during transit with FedEx. responded to my emails quickly. Luckily they were able to ship out the replacement screen and projector at the same time so I received them together. 

For reference, this is our first foray into projectors and we we are using the Spectra Vantage UST ALR screen with the Formovie projector. The projector partnered with an ALR screen is a perfect match. If you didn’t no any better you’d assume it was a tv. The picture is crisp and the colors are bright and not faded. We do have our projector setup in a basement that has one small window not facing the screen on the other side of the room. So we are able to get it very dark when viewing, but even with lights on it still looks quite good. We aren't serious gamers but PS5 games look spectacular and we have not noticed any delays. Fast moving sports look good too, but we did have to tweak the settings a bit. Our biggest complaint is calibrating the screen. Getting it to fit and line up with the screen perfectly took quite a bit of time and patience. I can’t speak too much regarding the Android/Google interface since I’m using an Apple TV on mine. The speaker sounds great. I haven’t set up my home theater receiver and speakers yet so I’m relying on the built in speaker and it honestly sounds really good. Not room filing but still very good sound overall. 

Overall we are extremely happy with our decision to go with the Formovie Theater projector.

review image  
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I purchased the Formovie in October or November and just finished my basement remodel last week. Finally set up the projector, and I am impressed. I was a little concerned about the rainbow effect, but I don't notice it if it's there. The setup was easy once I figured it out. The sound seemed pretty good for coming straight from the projector (might rival the sound bar I use on my other TV), but I'm using a sound system with this, so can't really comment further on the sound. The picture settings are aplenty, including settings for HDR10 as well as DolbyVision. I was tinkering with some suggested settings I found in online forums, but the color schemes we're all way off (when sampling Flash Gordon, all reds were orange). The first thing I watched without adjusting any settings was The Amazing Spider-Man. The flesh tones were off and the picture was entirely to dark and faded (I think that movie is dark to begin with). But when I found that I had to turn DolbyVision settings on via the 4k blu-ray player, it gave me the DolbyVision picture settings. I watched Bad Guys, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Thor Love and Thunder with Dolby Vision on and just making one or two very minor adjustments to the pre-setting and Wow, what a difference. The colors are really vibrant and I was impressed with the dark levels. The only movie I've seen so far that I found annoying was Spider-Man No Way Home. It looked like DolbyVision kept adjusting the brightness for certain scenes, and it was going back and forth between black letterboxing and gray letterboxing. It was distracting. But I didn't have that problem with any other movie. Also, there is a separate setting under the projector settings (rather than the picture settings) to adjust for your environment. I was playing X-Bix last night with the lights on and it was hard to make out. The picture was washed out by the lights, but I changed the settings from night to office and got a lot of the brightness and color back. I included a screenshot of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that I thought really showed off the colors, but then Thor was even more brilliant. I don't really see too much judder and am still playing around with those settings, but i think the DolbyVision settings are pretty good. The only two downsides (if they can even be considered downsides) is the instruction manual that it comes with is very limited. It's like they assume you know how to adjust the picture (screen size and focus). Once I figured it out, it was easy, but it took me a while. If you can get to the manual in the projector settings itself, that iss much more detailed than the physical manual, which I found almost useless. And, of course, I did see a drop in picture clarity as compared to an OLED, but I guess that's a given. The 120" of vibrant emersive colors and a picture that is most definitely better than your standard 1080 blu-ray makes up for not being able to count the pores on Chris Hemsworth's face. So far, the family is really enjoying this!
review image  
Formovie Magic
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I didn't expect it to have as nice of a picture as it has. I can project it directly on the wall and it looks great. When I project on an ALR screen it is another level. Movies are immersive at 120". I got tempted by another projector because there was a delay for the Formovie, but the sales guy had it right and recommended I wait. Well worth the wait!

The picture is amazing and it is great for gaming with the PS5! Lag is no issue. 

review image  
Good, but…
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The ForMovie is frustrating because when I use the apps (prime video, HBO, Appletv, etc) to watch, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have to factory reset. But the Spectra screen is outstanding! I’m thinking that sending it back to get another one.
review image  
Great Value, Good Performance
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I researched projectors on and off for the better part of November and eventually went with this Formovie Theater. 

Having read though many reviews I knew what to expect with some of the limitations and annoyances that many people posted about.

In terms of my equipment to compliment the projector: 

-Using 4k Firestick.

-AudioQuest Forest 48 HDMI.

-120" Spectra .5 ALR UST Screen.

-Dennon Reciver and Definitive Technology 5.2.2 Dolby Atmos with 2 additional Sonance in ceiling speakers.

-Built my own media console due to the center channel conundrum. (Equipment wose: console was probably the hardest thing to sort out and spent a lot of time trying to find something and never did)

The initial framing of the image was frustrating as I struggled to fill the full screen. The Spectra Screen mounting instructions were a little lacking and ended up having to remount the screen 1" higher but that's more on the screen than the projector. Like other have noted, the upper 3rd of the screen tends to be a little more blurry even with the focus correction. There are wheels on the sides of the projector that help balance the image and I leveled the projector several times to ensure a square image.

Once you get the image framed as well as you can there is a frame of light that hits the wall behind the projector that is a little annoying but it seems like that's the trade off to fill the screen. Pictured below.

I was actually pretty pleased with the picture quality of the stock selections. I don't know if it's the Spectra Screen helping it out but I have been really happy with Standard. I did calibrate the Dolby Vision to my 120" screen with .5 gain. It's just two sliders in the Dolby Vision part of the menu so very easy. 

I blacked out the room but the image is still bright enough to view with the lights on or the curtains open on standard settings but personally wouldn't like trying to watch in a well lit room. 

I did test the built-in sound on its own and it is much better than a traditional TV design. But as good as it is, if you are wanting it for a theater room then you should plan on upgrading your sound. 

I did not have any issues with eARC with the Firestick plugged in directly or running through the receiver. 

For $3k I don't think there is another projector currently on the market that can deliver the quality and features that this projector can.

All things considered, super happy with the projector and I have recommended this item to some friends who are interested.

review image   review image   review image   review image   review image   review image  
Stunning Home Theater Even in an Apartment
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Living in an apartment wasn't going to stop me from obtaining a home theater I've always dreamed of having.

Formovie Projector:

I went with this projector after seeing a lot of reviews that this projector is the best in the market for its price range. AndroidTV OS was a must for me, because I wanted to sideload apps, uninstall proprietary apps and replace the ad filled AndroidTV Launcher with a minimal style launcher (which you see in the attached picture).

This projector has been phenomenal for me so far with no issues.

Vividstorm Floor Rising 92" Screen:

No issues, other than with the screen USB Trigger gift. On their website they say this USB can trigger their screens when plugged into 99% of projectors. Well the Formovie must be in the 1%, because when I plug the USB in my projector, the USB does not retrieve power (Other USBs do retrieve power when plugged in). I've tested their USB on other devices like my av receiver and computer, and it triggers the screen to rise. This does not penalize the screens review, as Vividstorm mentioned it was a gift, but it would have been nice for it to work.

review image   review image   review image  
Great Value on a Fantastic Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Let me start by saying I do not have a projector screen. I’m simply projecting onto a pretty flat wall with a light gray-ish color and a flat finish. This review is based on 1 week of use. Also, I used to own a Samsung LSP9T triple laser projector, which forms the baseline for my experience with laser projectors.  

Picture Quality

Standard definition looks as good as you would expect. UHD looks great. I have not tried Dolby Vision or 4K. Colors are vibrant, even without a screen. I’m impressed. I can’t compare side-by-side, but I’d say the picture quality on this projector is as good or even better than the Samsung LSP9T. The upper corners did seem a tiny [emphasize tiny] bit out of focus right out of the box, but I am projecting on a wall that is not as flat as a screen. Also, there’s not much going on in the upper corners that I pay attention to during normal use. I’ve seen other reviews where games have important info in the corners, which I can see being an issue. For me, it’s not a problem.


Keystone was pretty noticeable out of the box and took a minute to figure out the controls, but had it adjusted quickly. Connected to my network and I was watching streaming services within minutes. I have not figured out the focus adjustment. Maybe I’m expecting it to be more complicated than it needs to be, but I can only use the left and right arrows on the remote and doing so seems to have little or no effect on the focus. Overall, the setup was simple.

Picture Settings

This projector has several preset Picture Modes that allow you to customize things like brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and sharpness. There are more advanced settings that let you tweak many properties. I thought the preset Movie Picture Mode was great, so I’ve been using it. Over time, I may experiment with the advanced settings.


I thought the sound coming out of the built-in speakers was Impressive. I did not need to go above about 40% volume to fill the room with sound. The base is adequate, but you don’t feel it like you would from a subwoofer. It depends on the content, but based on what I’ve watched so far, dialogue is clear even when there is a soundtrack playing in the background. I’m happy with the sound.

Menus and UI

I’m not a fan of the Android TV interface that comes on this projector. I much prefer the Samsung Tizen interface that I had on the LSP9T. It’s not horrible, but it does feel a little inconsistent with the use of icons, tiles, lists, and fonts. I’ve never used Android TV before, so maybe I just need a little more time with it. Samsung UI seems much more intuitive.


The lack of support for some of the apps I am used to using is probably the biggest issue for me, but it’s not a huge issue and definitely not a showstopper. No Netflix. Yes, I know, I can use a streaming device from Robu or Amazon, but those take up an HDMI slot and require a power cable, which requires a little more cable management. Netflix and the Spectrum TV app are the two I’m missing the most. The rest of the apps I typically use are there.


Style is such a personal thing. I like that the unit is a dark gray and not completely black or completely white. The project blends in with more spaces that way. It does strike me as a little too boxy and could have used some curves. I've seen complaints in other reviews about the logo on the front of the unit and I get that. It’s not a big deal for me, as it does not distract me while I’m actually using the projector, since my attention is on what’s being projected, not on the projector.


It's not cheap, but it's one of the lowest price triple laser TVs around right now. It’s less expensive than the Samsung LSP9T and the AWOL LTV-3500. When considering the picture and sound quality, at its price point, this projector is a good value. Part of the value equation is how long the unit lasts, which I can’t measure yet. Hopefully this projector will last and, if it does fail, the manufacturer stands behind their warranty.


I chose to use a Roku Streaming Stick 4K with this projector and one of the features is the Roku remote can be configured to control the TV’s volume and power toggle. Formovie is not on the list of manufacturers in the Roku remote setup process, so I’ve not been able to take advantage of that. That could change in a future Roku update.

The projector has a power on feature that will turn on the project when a connected HDMI device is powered on, which is convenient.


Pros: value, picture and sound quality, simple setup

Cons: app support, new unknown brand lacks support from other devices

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Stunning images and amazing Dolby Vision experience !! Do not think about it just go for it !!
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First this projector is on backorder and there is no reason other than how good it is and it is highly sought UST projector in todays market. 

Placed an order with on Dec 5 and received it in fist week Jan. Even though it was ground shipping via Fedex it arrived within 2 days from shipping date (YMMV). 

I did lot of research on UST projector before buying formovie, came across Wemax, Optoma and Epson UST projectors. While doing research on these found an YouTube video where projectorscreen team claimed formovie projector is number one UST projector. 

I was not sure and not confident as this is fairly new company in USA market. Did more research and then when compared formovie with any other UST projector it was clicking all check boxes I was looking in UST projector. It has next level DLP technology ALPD 4 which uses three laser produces amazing colors and no rainbow effect. Also, formovie has Dolby Vision and best contrast when compared all other UST projectors. 

Images produced by this projector are stunning and visual treat to your eyes. I have not done any calibration or any change in default setting and I love the images with default settings.

Unpacking was easy and took couple of minutes to take it out and connect. I am using 120 elite screen for projection and my room has lot of light. Formovie projector has 2800 ANSI lumens and it produces good images even in bright room with day light. In dark conditions it is visually stunning and dolby vision is as good as my high end Sony led tv.

It has amazing contrast which produces perfect black and poppy colors. Even I can see details in shadows of the images.

Initial setup is very simple and surprisingly very quick, in no time you are on main android page. Keystone mapping and focus setup was very easy. 

**Please make sure you read the dimensions and placement information before you buy any furniture for it.

I was able to connect Apple TV (latest 4k version) and it detects this projector as dolby vision 4k projector with HDR as soon as you connect it. I was able to play Netflix using Apple TV and it works without any issues.

If you are buying this projector please considering buying entire home theater Audio setup as well and you don't need to go to movies theater.

Formovie comes with amazing Bowers and Wilkins speakers and I found sound is clear and loud enough to fill entire room. Only downside I found is it comes with only one arc HDMI cable. has dedicated team to support and help you with any questions or queries you have. I had some trouble with my receiver and the team was able to quickly connect and answer all my question. 

I have purchase addition 3 year warranty for this projector and I recommend it for piece of mind. 

If you are in market for UST projector then it is no brainer to purchase Formovie projector, before prices goes back to normal. All the rave reviews about this projector are true and there is no doubt about it as it number one UST projector in todays market for price.  

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My First Projector
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Having just turned 65 I decided to splurge and buy myself a projector and setup a media area in the basement. We are currently renovating the house and the basement included so now would be a good time to complete all the necessary cable run, speaker mounting and projector setup before the flooring gets installed and everything is completed.

After some research I decided that I would prefer a UST projector and that the Formovie Theatre would be be a good purchase. I placed the order with a few day before Thanksgiving and the website clearly indicated that shipment would not be for several weeks. After reading many of the forums and user comments I decided that I would ask to open the box and test the projector to ensure it did not have any of the issues that a few buyers had mentioned in their posts. confirmed that I wanted it tested and I am glad to say they did complete the testing prior to shipping. They shipped the tested projector to me on December 30th which was a week or so longer than I had expected. However, with it being the holiday season I am sure it was because of shipper and customs back logs.

The projector arrived the following day from shipping as I am only one state away in PA from in NJ. All was good and removed and checked the projector for any damage or missing pieces. Everything came as expected so I set it up on a temporary table, hooked up the power and my LAN connection and started it up.

No issues were encountered and I started to make some position adjustments to get the picture to fit on the 100 in ALR screen I had purchased at the same time and already installed on the wall. It took a bit of trial and error to get the distance from the wall and the height just right to fit the screen. Once done I felt the lower edge of the projected image was too high for comfortable viewing so I moved removed the coffee table and uses some temporary shelves to allow the projector to be closer to the floor and hence the bottom edge of the picture to be lower. Once I got the set to a height I felt was good I started to research what kind of furniture I could purchase that would allow the projector to be at this height while also allowing the center speaker to be at the proper height. After hours of looking at different RTA furniture and DIY solutions the idea occurred to me that if I was able to mount the projector on or above the drop ceiling that the distances for the edge of the projector would be about perfect and I would then be free to place the center speaker in its proper position without it conflicting with the project.

That started me down a couple day path to figure out how to properly mount and conceal the projector as well as testing that the remote still worked and nothing was partially blocking the light beam. While doing this testing and adjustments I found that my ceiling installation was perfect for allowing the projector to achieve a 120 inch diagonal picture while keeping all the dimensions I needed correct.

So down came the 100 inch ALR screen I had purchased and I am currently using the light grey wall as the screen for the 120 in picture. I must say it works very well and when I move the ALR screen back into the view it is slightly better with dark pictures but not by much over the painted wall. So I now need to find someone that wants to buy a hardly used 100 in ALR screen that is already assembled and then redirect those funds to buying a 120 in screen. Additionally, I have found the my room light conditions and location compared to the windows does not provide much of any difference with washout on the wall or compared to the ALR screen. In addition I must say I prefer the image size for the 120 inch picture compared to the 100 in with my seating distances. So I guess the learning from this is to wait until you actually have the projector before spending money on the screen unless you are sure what is needed.

So far the Formovie Theatre has met all my expectations and the only issues I have experiences is that it sometimes does not seem to lock into the correct picture display format and either projects a heavily red image or does a reboot on its own. I am still problem solving this issue but it seems that a reboot of the projector and a restart of the Denon AVR is needed to get a correct lock and picture format.

I have included a few pictures of the media area currently showing the opening in the drop ceiling where the projector is located. I am waiting until the flooring gets installed in a couple weeks and at that time I will install the cabling in the walls, paint the edging material I used around the projector opening and replace the one ceiling tile I damaged.

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A great value and overall experience
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Just received and setup my Formovie Theater. Have been a self confessed home theater addict for decades, but could never bring myself to spend the money needed to put a projector into the mix. In my mind, that was money that could be spent on my other addiction, two channel audio... After reading about the projector shootout, I finally succumbed to the siren song of a larger viewing experience. Black Friday found me with credit card in hand pulling the trigger on a Formovie and 120" ALR screen.

The Projector Screen team could not have been more helpful and made sure I was comfortable with my selections and overall purchase. During the 3 weeks that my FT1 was in transit, I had some questions for the Projector Screen team and they were immediately responsive as well as helpful. I have already pointed several friends in their direction.

Bottom Line Up Front: The experience has been close to glorious and the ability to watch all but the dimmest content (Dark Knight anyone) with ambient light is a revelation. I am still stumbling my way through the settings and am trying to integrate the calibration settings from multiple sources cited on various forums. I currently have the projector and screen "roughed in" as we will be running cable channels through the walls and moving all of the system components into a closet based rack. Even in this immature state, I am having a ball with this setup.

We as humans tend to focus on criticisms first. I have a few that will be constructive, but I would like to lead with the positives.

The good:

Top of my list are the members of the AVSForum HT1 group to include the Projector Screen team. I have been a member for years and in every case, I have been able to wring maximum performance and more importantly, enjoyment from new gear because of the generous and knowledgeable contributors to threads such as these. I thank all of you

Basic setup (picture settings notwithstanding) was very straight forward and intuitive

With an Ethernet connection I have had no network hiccups

HDMI handshakes have been rock solid

Though the projector uses Android/Google to provide streaming content, I am able to completely bypass the "Google-verse" and treat this projector as a dumb monitor without setting up an account. This is a rarity and refreshing for someone such as myself that does not want my device logged in if it doesn't need to be

My unit will be hidden behind a center channel speaker, but aesthetically, the unit is handsome

The price - $3K in this inflated economy for a projector that nips at the heels of much more expensive traditional projectors is just a great step forward for value oriented enthusiasts such as myself

The picture! I have miles to go before I can say I have I have successfully fine tuned this unit, but myself, my wife,friends, neighbors, etc are all stunned by how good this projector looks with all of the content we have put through it thus far. Is it an OLED, no, but I don't think 123 inches of this can be compared to an OLED that might be blacker and more accurate, but cant provide the immersive experience that we have had over the past few days and nights

The OEM is on the AVS Forum and openly communicating with its customers!!! @Formovie Official, I thank you for taking the time and effort to engage with your customers. This is the exception and so encouraging for a relatively new market entrant. Please all, let's not take this presence for granted and find our most constructive voice with our Formovie teammates

The less than optimal:

Manual is a disappointment for something that costs this much especially when there is no online manual (that I could find)

My projector has numerous scratches along the top of the unit... Will I ever see them, probably not, but this is a NEW device and I find this unacceptable from a quality control perspective

Bluetooth remote... It works great (thus far), but not having the ability to integrate my new projector into an automation ecosystem such as Harmony, or something else is a misfire for the home theater crowd. An IR port on the back would have been nice

Focus. I had hoped that the upper left corner issue was due to early manufacturing issues. This is not the case and there is no way that someone at Formovie could not have noticed that this issue existed if they were taking even the most rudimentary quality control measures

Motion control settings - Even on low, I am getting a SOE... Turned it off, but am concerned that I will now get some motion artifacts as the trade associated with that setting.

The fan is quite noticeable and given where the projector sits relative to a center channel speaker, you can't help but focus on it during quiet passages

The picture settings menu - pretty much everything that has been said by others. I LOVE the fact that Formovie has given us such detailed inputs. For that I applaud them. But being able to reuse settings across different modes/inputs is a much needed improvement. When highlighting a setting, something should tell you what that setting does (hobbyist, not a full time pro) and being able to toggle modes on the fly would be welcome

I have the internal speakers bypassed due to having a full surround system. No matter what I do, every time I turn on the unit, it asks me if I want to turn on the speakers

No lens cover. Even if it was manual the need to keep the lens debris free is obvious. An automatically retracting shutter would be a nice touch for the next gen projector

As a last comment to the Projector Screen team, I would recommend the calibration settings for all projectors that they have been created for be better highlighted, or archived on a separate page for easy retrieval and reference.

Overall, I am thrilled with my decision to buy the Formovie Theater and I am convinced that the handful of common constructive criticisms can be addressed via progressive firmware updates by the Formovie team. I also look forward to continued collaboration with the Projector Screen and AVS Forum crowd as we optimize our viewing experience over the next few months.

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4.5 stars
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This is my first projector of any sort, so I am no guru by any means. With that said, a buddy of mine has a ceiling mounted projector that is 5 years old and this blows that one out of the water.

As expected, the picture is a little “pale” during the day but is very vivid when the room is dark. I also have a wall of windows that I can’t put shades on, so there is a good amount of light coming into the room where I have this stationed; so the fact I can still watch TV during these times shows it’s pretty bright overall.

I also don’t have a dedicated sound system and the speakers are great.

Great depth and able to provide a surround sound experience and it feels like I’m at a movie theater at only 50% volume.

Getting the Spectra Projection Vantage screen put together, mounted and getting the Formovie projector sitting just right was more of a hassle than I expected but that’s mostly due to the instructions that came with the screen and not so much the Formovie projector.

All in all, I would highly suggest for someone looking into UST’s!

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Bringing Theater experience at home
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Getting a Formovie theater was worth the wait! The picture comes out with vivid colors excellent contrast and brilliant sharpness. Setting up the projector takes a bit of time but once it is setup it is easier from then on. Buying it from company was such a pleasant experience as their customer service is top notch and very friendly customer service.


Very good in-built sound system however to enhance the experience would recommend to upgrade to a surround sound system

Out of box picture on the wall comes out great however if you get a ALR screen then the colors pop out even more with more contrast and it makes a significant difference with ambient lighting on

Low noise projector. It does make some sound initially but then once you start playing some content it is not noticeable

eARC output works great with sound receivers/home theater surround systems.

Excellent contrast and great black levels with ALR screen however still a notch below OLED TV. It is easily worthy considering the size of the image.

Cons (Some issues)

You have to enter no every time you do not want to use in-built speakers if you have a surround sound

Internet connectivity on the Formovie theather showed no network sporadically. Only way to fix that was to do a factory reset. I no longer use the in-built Android TV as I switched to using Apple TV. By the way Apple TV 3rd Gen with Formovie looks excellent and works great

Focus around on the top edges looks alright only after running the projector for few minutes.

Throw ratio is decent but still not the best as compared to Samsung 4k projector.

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I'm very impressed
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I know I'm suppose to show the Formovie on a ALR projector screen but I had showed it on my wall. The Formovie projector was set on the floor. The picture was better than I thought. Make sure that the lights are out. The colors were on point. The only issue with showing it on the wall was when there is a scene in the movie with the sun light is coming though the window. This will wash out some contrast but other than that I will continue to show it on my wall until I get an alr projector screen. Very impressed.
The Formovie Theater is a fantastic projector
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After a brief wait, I received my Formovie Theater (and Spectra Projection Vantage 120” UST Screen) just in advance of the holidays. While it's only been a few weeks, my initial impressions are all very positive.

Setup of the projector was relatively quick and painless and the projector just checks all of the boxes for me: 

* It’s bright enough for a room with natural light, though the experience is certainly improved the darker you can make your space. 

* The remote and user interface is streamlined and easy to use, even without instructions. 

* The lag while in Game mode was imperceivable to me (though I’m far from a professional gamer).

If I were to offer constructive feedback to the team at Fengmi, it would be to (1) consider a rebrand (2) simplify disabling all lights on the front of the unit and (3) provide a little more instructions in the focus setup screen: I found myself wondering if I should tap left and right repeatedly or hold left and right to get into focus - and wondering why is there no up and down focus option?  

This is my first projector and my first experience with an UST projector, but all I can say is that everyone who sees it is impressed and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the projector/screen combination or my purchasing experience with This is a great projector at a great price and, aside from not having any real context for longevity/customer service, I wouldn’t hesitate to give this my full recommendation.

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The Formovie THEATER delivers on its name!
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I had pretty unrealistic expectations of this projector—it’s my first deviation from a traditional TV, and my wife was certainly a skeptic too…but after spending the New Years weekend watching movies and NFL games, and playing video games…this is unequivocally the single best investment in home entertainment we’ve ever made. 

The quality is beyond expectations, and while we chose to invest in a Sonos setup for sound, we’ve debated whether that was wise money spent as the sound the Formovie kicks out is incredible. 

So! If you’re on the fence about replacing a flat screen, or feeling like the Formovie is too-hyped-up by this website, take the plunge…you won’t regret it. We certainly don’t. 

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The best projector upgrade for the price.
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I recently decided to switch to a ust projector after having used a short throw for several years. After some research I settled on the Formovie Theatre. It clicked all the right boxes for me as far as specs, styling, and price point. Colors are amazing and crisp even for images running at 150”. If you decide to go big or go home I would recommend this project.
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ForMovie Theater
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Was packaged very well.

Unboxing and initial setup was easy, however planning and prework helped here. I had a friend help who bought a single laser UST projector last year, he was very impressed with the ForMovie Theater brightness, color, etc. compared to his.

Setup was straightforward. Mine is setup for 120" screen. Drawback which is common with all UST projectors is the focus/sharpness across the entire screen. Focus is very clear in the center/lower section but tails off near the top - I'll still play with it a bit to find a happy medium...but again, this would be the same with any UST projector.

Same thoughts about the residual halo effects off the screen - A good setup will minimize this though. Hard to find a major fault with this unit at this price - its alot of projector for the money and the internal speakers are quite good, however I went with a receiver and external speaker system as well as AppleTV as my main streaming device.

Might be nice if they made a cheaper unit with no internal speaker and no 'smart TV' add-ons for instances where homeowners have alternate preferences.

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Formovie Theater - Excellent 4K UST Projector at a Reasonable Price
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This is the first projector I've purchased and so I did a lot of research before making my decision. I know I wanted to go with an ultra short throw (UST) projector due to my living room setup. I also wanted great picture quality and a price that wouldn't break the bank. When I heard about the Formovie Theater, I began narrowing down my research. I quickly learned that this was the one to get due to it's features (Dolby Vision support) and price. I am happy to say that I made the right decision.

Setting the projector up took a bit of trial and error as I needed to change the physical position of it on my media cabinet, but once I got it dialed in, I made a few minor tweaks in the keystone configuration and was ready to go. I would recommend changing the projector to Office Mode from the default Viewing Mode to get the white balance looking more like an OLED TV, if that is what you are coming from like I was. I would also recommend using a Google Chromecast (or similar) streaming device if you want to watch Netflix as the app that was created for this projector will not work within the US.

Overall, I'm very happy with this product and can't wait to rewatch all of my favorite movies!

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Impressive but know what your are getting into.
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I got mine today in the morning today. Had to wait a month since I ordered and waiting was hard, Amazon sure has us spoiled.   This is built in china and ships via a USA distributor; so, if it is out of stock, plan on a long wait.  However, a shout out to the reps on Projector Screen; had a very pleasant experience on phone and chat.

My setup:  Using a Fresnel ALR 100 inch screen (max I can fit in my room).  I use Amazon Fire TV stick for streaming everything, that is connected directly to a Visio 5.1.2 surround sound bar.  Video is fed from the soundbar HDMI output to the projector.

Packaging and unboxing: It was well packed / protected.  There is not much in box other than the projector, power cord (looks weird but fits the power plugs in US) and a completely useless manual.

Installation:  I am new to projectors and wish someone had made a YouTube video on how to focus a projector from scratch. There are too many variables and they all affect the focus, shape and size of image.  Distance and height of projector from the screen are the most important. Once the image covers most of the screen, you manage the rest of the fit is done using 8 point keystone correction and focus.  There are no moving parts on the projector so all corrections to image are digital.  I spent 1/2 a day just trying to get the image to fit and borders are still not completely straight. Another bad thing is you cannot focus or change keystone while playing a video.  The moment you get into focus or keystone it stops the video and puts a template with dots and lines.  Adjust all you want, and you may even get perfect fit on template, but when you go back to video its not straight.  Sometimes the video was shorter on the width and sometimes it overspilled the screen.  

This was 100% try and error, wasted more than 1/2 day messing with table position and remote. Oh one time when I had it almost good but I accidentally hit the projector and it went out of focus.  Back to square one. Wish there was a way I could fix the projector to the table.  I can see this becoming a nightmare for me as it is in the living room and someone will accidentally or intentionally touch the projector and move it. Even minute changes in position will affect the focus and keystone.  I am a bit OCD when it comes to filling the entire screen. May be I will make a video on how to focus and correct keystone once I get good at it..LOL.

Image Quality: The other reviews are all good and on point. So I will not repeat. On a comparison scale to an OLED TV (65 Inch LG G1) its about 75% there overall in my opinion.  Clarity of picture (details) is about 90%, Contrast about 60%, Color about 80% and brightness about 85%.  Again this is with the default settings on projector and I knew this before buying.  The main reason you buy is for size for movie theater experience.  This projector is capable of going all the way up-to 150 inch which is not possible with TV (at-least for now). And it is portable. Don't get me wrong, the image is actually better than many non-OLED and some cheaper OLED TVs

Some other irritating things:

-- The screen image reflects (bleeds) on the side walls when borders of images are bright, which is annoying. Probably my screen/wall is not the ideal setup. (see picture)

-- HDMI 1 on projector will only output 1080P.  This was driving me nuts till I watched a YouTube video that suggested using HDMI 2 or HDMI 3 (eARC).  The manual does not mention anything about it, but it worked for me with eARC.  I also had to change the display settings on Fire TV to output on UHD (instead of using Auto).

-- HDMI eARC did not work for me. I had the Fire TV stick connected directly to the projector but could not send audio to soundbar using HDMI.  So had to reverse it and plug Fire TV stick to sound bar first.

-- It looks like some dust and a fingerprint is stuck on the inside of the lens.  Some times (not always) the video looks like it is shot from behind a translucent curtain.  Not sure how to fix but will report back if it becomes a problem. (see attached picture). I cleaned the lens with provided cloth but specks did not go away.

- The focus template didn't seem to do anything. You can only press the left and right buttons on the remote's ring, but I cant see anything changing. As mentioned by others the bottom of template will focus better than the top.

- There are too many things to adjust in addition to brightness and contrast.  Useless manual does not list a a single one of them. Also for Dolby vision you are supposed to change some settings as it is not on by default? who knows.  If someone can post their ideal setting details it will help. I have mine set to the following:

  brightness = 60, Contrast = 93, saturation = 63, Hue = 0 Sharpness = 3, Gamma = medium, Display mode = automatic, color Temperature (greyed out).  Under Advanced video DNR = off, MPEG NR = low, Adaptive Luma control = high, Flesh Tone = low, Di Film mode = auto, Blue Stretch, ALLM, PC mode, decounter all off. HDMI RBG range = full, Low Blue light = off, color space (greyed out). Some day I will google all these things to learn what they do.

- There is a you-tube button on remote that I don't think can be re-programmed.

- Highly integrated with Google; annoying it asks (kind of forces) you to login with a google account and set up google voice, both of which, I don't need/use.   Wish there was a way to turn both off permanently.

Some good things:

- The provided remote controls the fire TV stick, so now I don't need the Amazon remote.

- Happy with image quality

- Watchable in a lit room with lights and blinds open.  Viewing in daytime light is better than my LD OLED TV (i.e., image washout on LG TV is more prominent).

- simple remote with few buttons. easy to use in dark.

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Unreal Quality (Both Picture and Sound) - The All-In-One Theater
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

This projector is really the all-in-one device (affordable, insane picture quality, and sound system). Dolby vision really comes through and adds much more contrast (making blacks blacker). The projector + ALR screen with indoor lightings looks great. I was really impressed with how clear the projector looked without it be washed out much. However, the project does struggle more with natural sunlight (since the light rays just bounce everywhere). It still looks really good in bright scenes, but darker scenes struggle. I got blackout shades to help during the day. The sound system on this is out of this world. You don't even need to buy a home theater sound system with this. The bower & wilkers integrated speakers are so gooood, and it gets LOUD. So loud that my fiance won't even let me turn it up to half volume. It never crackles, and its so crisp and clear. Lastly: is legit. I never heard of them before, but their customer service is really good and responsive, and shipping is fast. I was really pleased with the whole process and would really recommend this to everyone I know.

Things to Watch Out For:

- Netflix doesn't work natively. Even though the projector runs on Android TV OS, Netflix requires the product be partnered with them or else the app doesn't work.

- Need an ALR (ambient light-rejecting) screen. Basically don't spend this much money on a projector if you're not getting the screen because it makes a massive difference.

- May require custom TV Console/stand. I had to find a really low stand for this projector so that I didn't have to mount the ALR screen super high. So I may have to make a custom tv console.

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It's really really good...
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Just got the projector set up in a temporary space before moving it into our home theatre area that is being renovated. Even as it projects straight onto drywall, I was amazed at the image quality! I can't wait to see what it looks like when we move it to our Spectra Vantage screen, but in the meantime it's still an image worth bragging about. I was also surprised by how loud and full the audio sounds straight from the projector!

Again, this was good enough were I would be satisfied with it as a standalone if not using it in a dedicated home theatre space.

My biggest issue so far was the on-screen setup process gave very little instruction on the image positioning focus and angle guidelines. Some of this was intuitive, but I would have felt more comfortable with some kind of text explanation on how to optimize the projected image.

Overall very happy with the purchase and even considering getting another for my office!

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Amazing Formovie projector
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I have a drop-down projection screen and was a little worried about the laser projector projecting on it but have found out it works amazingly well but I am going to do a little modification to tighten the screen up because the edges aren't perfectly straight causing the picture to move a little faster off the edges but other than that this protector is amazing the best I have seen even in the store it looks as good as TVs that are sold today the details on this projector are amazing 4K shows every little crevice and Blades of grass the 4K is better than a 1080 TV but not as good quality as a 4K TV but so close considering it is projecting it I actually don't think you could get any better quality than this projector to 4K my opinion this is the number one projector available highly recommend it and very pleased with it at a unbelievable price considering the others which makes it even better
Great Projector, Crisp Picture, Keystone & Focus Limited
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This projector is really nice and high quality. The keystone is pretty limited for vertical adjustments so make sure you pay close attention to throw distance and projector height for your setup. I had to put my projector floor level, based on my target screen size and ceiling height, so no console would really work for my setup. That said, it’s still operates smoothly and with imperceivable MEMC input. The focus took a second to figure out on the top edge of the screen. 

Be warned: focus inputs are very subtle, so you have to hold the left or right arrow on the remote down for some time before an observable change to the screen focus. The guide or manuals do not mention this, so if you think it’s broken, try holding the left or right remote buttons down for a while before thinking something is broken.

All things considered, this is an excellent projector and definitely impresses friends and family at 150”, 16:9 aspect ratio viewing. The pictures are hyper clear and evidently 4K, however, expect darker scenes to emphasize screen brightness from where light is emitted. It’s a minor hotspot in terms of light scatter, but I’m sure a pricier screen material would preserve equitable light distribution.

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Great Projector
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Overall, I'm very pleased with the Formovie Theater UST projector. It looks great running its native Android TV apps, and it especially looks good running my Xbox One X at 4K with 60 FPS. Getting the Xbox to run in 4K on it did require contacting customer support to get the proper settings which are not intuitive (one must enable EDID 2.0 or 2.1 in settings and have the Xbox plugged into HDMI #2 or 3 for whatever reason).

The ALLM is nice for gaming though I typically have the MEMC setting off by default anyway as I despise the "soap-opera effect". It is bright enough to comfortably watch in daylight though the dark colors/blacks will look slightly washed out. You can see this in one of the pictures, but the pic was taken without any window treatments in the room.

My biggest gripe would be in regard to its processor which seems a little outdated causing some lag issues. It's not a deal-breaker but definitely annoying.

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Formovie Theater Projector
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This is the first time I am buying a product in this site. Product was as good as it was reviewed on the projectorscreen site. Both pros and cons in the review helped to make the informed decision. Could not find a better price in any other place for this product. Happy about the purchase. Product came before the scheduled time. Post purchase support on the product was great. Projector setup to project on a 120inch ALR screen was a breeze. Would recommend the site for product reviews and transparency
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Overall great projector.
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I really like the projector so far. The colors are nice and the picture is clear and its bright. I only have a 120 inch light gray traditional non ALR screen and it still looks great. One picture is in full light and the 2nd is with dimmed lights. Picture is far better and brighter than my Optoma standard throw 4k projector was. There are only three minor things I do not like about it. It was fairly hard to align and I don’t care for the focus. Finally, I do not like that they gave it a Bluetooth remote. I wish it was a standard IR remote so I could get my Harmony remote to control it. I do not use the built in sound bar as I have a receiver and full surround sound so I cannot really comment on that. Overall a great projector.
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Awesome Laser TV
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This is my 2nd Ultra short throw tv. Last year I purchased the Hisense L9G for my basement theatre room and have been extremely happy with it. 3 months ago my 2 years old decided to throw a tantrum and throw a hot wheels at my 86" tv and break it. This left me with a decision to make about what to get to replace it. Do I buy another large tv and risk Hot wheels again or go with another Ultra short throw TV? After a few months of deliberating I chose to go with another Ultra short throw. I hopped around the internet reviewing new brands and options and came across the Foremovie Theater that rated so well. It appeared that all the experts were raving about this new brand so I decided to give it a try since the Hisense L9G was rated slightly lower than it.  

I paired the Foremovie theater with what recommended the spectra-projection-vantage-100-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen. My L9G is in a walkout basement with some ambient light but not much. The Foremovie is in a 2 story living room with lots of windows. I wasn't sure how it would compare but it was worth a shot. The ALR screens that I have don't seem to be much different. They both work well. With there being a lot of Ambient light having a good screen is a must as projecting on the wall only works well in a dark environment. I hosted a bunch of people for the Ohio State vs. Michigan Football game and they all were blown away with the performance. They couldn't believe the picture quality.  

The picture in day and night is fantastic. I will say the blacks are tougher to see with Ambient light but not that big of a deal to me. The colors are super bright and accurate. I don't see a huge difference in picture quality between the two. The biggest difference btw the 2 is the sound. The Foremovie blows the L9G speakers out of the water. Which says something because the L9G I thought was pretty good. The Foremovie is just that much better.

I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm excited to try it out outdoors for a movie night in the summer time as it will go up to 150".

The only con I had with Formovie is their customer service is non existent. I called about a remote issue and they don't have anyone to talk to. The only communication with them is through email which took them a day to respond between reply's. Luckily has great Customer service and was able to help me with my issue immediately. Not sure why I didn't call them earlier.

I can't recommend this product more. If you're on the fence just do it. Bigger is a lot better.

Awesome projector and great experience
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The only reason I am taking a star off is because I was trying very hard for a while to get the focusing correct, but I still could not get the top left corner to have the sharpness as the other areas. Maybe I need to play around more, but the setup is very easy (just tedious).

Overall, I really enjoy this projector and the home movie experience it provides me.

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Stellar home theater experience. A complete package
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I’ve been using the Formovie UST projector for a month now. And it’s been lovely experience so far. There were not many reviews when I had placed the order a few months ago. The projectorscreen Laser TV Showdown convinced me.

Once the UST projector arrived, the initial set up was smooth and easy. I did not face challenges with the initial placement – have to thank the previous reviewers who’ve provided helpful tips.

The projector set up was fairly straight forward, the menu is intuitive and simple. I found the android apps set up very easy and well integrated. Connecting to WiFi and streaming was a breeze.

I paired the Formovie with a home theater system, and the audio results are spectacular.

My room has light colored walls and couple of windows. So I went with a 120” UST ALR screen, and the results have been very satisfying. The picture quality is stunning in its brightness, richness, and color gamut during day time viewing. In dark room or night time conditions, the experience becomes even better – the contrast and color accuracy.

For comparison, I watched reruns of some movies and shows, I could see details that I had not noticed in the past, the experience was quite immersive, and realistic.

In the time I’ve had the projector, I’ve watched different types of content (sports, naturescapes, movies, shows, etc.) during day time and night. 

One issue I have faced is that the chromecast feature does not function seamlessly all the time. I have not tried to resolve this yet, and it could be my user error as well.

Pros: In addition to above comments:

  • I’ve not needed to tweak the picture settings much

  • Fan was not noticeable most of the time

  • Picture quality, sharpness, contrast and deep blacks

  • Color accuracy, gamut and brightness

  • Works well as a TV replacement, not just a projector.

  • Set up was smooth, works well on WiFi

Cons: A few limitations, none of these are significant. I hope the company will address in the future:

  • Will be nice if projector would support infrared remote control

  • Backlit remote will be nice

  • Four adjustable feet vs. two will make the set up far easier

  • Flexibility to use the B&W speakers along with the Home Theater system

Conclusion: the Formovie Theater UST projector is a fantastic buy. I am very happy with its performance so far. The ‘cons’ are really not significant and IMHO Formovie has managed to check all the right boxes in delivering a stellar home theater experience at a reasonable price point.

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Formovie should be called ForTheWin!
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Bought a Formovie Theater based on the projector showdown and wow, this thing doesn't disappoint! The picture quality, even with a brightly lit room was of the utmost quality. The blacks were really black, making the other colors pop! When initially testing the projector, I was let down but quickly realized it's all about the content. If you watch the 4K HDR footage on YouTube, you'll be very very impressed. And just like the reviews mention, the B&W speakers are LOUD and CRISP. Although if you're going to buy a UST, then you should probably buy a separate sound system. No matter how good the internal speakers, no way you can have enough bass when watching Top Gun 2. Just for good measure, I also tried the Hisense PX1-Pro. While serviceable, I found the picture quality to a notch lower than the Formovie Theater. And the setup/calibration for the Hisense was a bit more difficult. Paired with a Vivid Storm motorized ALR 120" screen. Formovie Theater FOR THE WIN!

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Awesome Experience for Family Movie Time @ Home!
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Before this projector, I had a budget projector setup which included a Optoma GT1080Darbee short throw projector, projecting on an Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120 inch portable projector screen. Even with the portable projector screen the image quality blows the Optoma projector completely out of the water. With my old projector, I had to struggle a lot to get the image to fill-up the projector screen, even with using keystone. ForMovie was a breeze in comparison. I did struggle with adjusting the height of my screen given that the projector is resting on a 30inch high table. For now I've the screen standing on stilts temporarily to get a full 120-inch image on the screen. I plan to upgrade the screen to an ALR screen in the future, until then I'll stick with my current setup.

Few minor annoyances.

- On initial startup the projector took almost 3 hrs to upgrade the firmware. Don't know why it took so long. Factor in this time for your setup.

- One time the remote stopped working. Even using the power on/off button, the remote was not being recognized. I had to hard restart the projector by pulling the power plug on it to get it to work again.

Overall this projector exceeds our expectations. This has been the best investment into enjoying more family together time! You cannot go wrong with this purchase.

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Blown away by the picture quality
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I want to preface this review by stating that I am a novice home theater enthusiast. I have friends who have spent anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 on 4k projectors and they recommended those models, but I'd probably get divorced if I spent that much on a projector. So instead, I replaced my 10 year old 1080p Epson projector with the Formovie Theater after seeing the numerous reviews and comparison videos.  After I got it up and running, my jaw fell to the floor. The brightness and colors stood out more than the higher priced projectors of my friends.  Even my spouse, who was very skeptical, said "Ok...this was worth it!" I don't have a special screen, but ambient light doesn't kill my image like it did with my older projector. For $3,000 shipped, this is clearly not only the best bang for your buck, but it surpasses the quality of other projectors I've seen out there. 


Ultra short throw eliminates the need for complicated ceiling mounts, running long cables. People can now walk in front of the screen without blocking the image.

Crisp, vibrant colors.

Brightness is amazing in a low lit room.   

Long laser lifetime.

Basically plug and play. One HDMI connection to your video source and you're good to go. 



The only negative is aligning the projector to your screen. Since there is no digital adjustment of screen size other than keystone, you will be fiddling to find the perfect height and distance from the wall.  

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High Expectations Exceeded
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I am an avid product researcher (often to a fault), and easily spend 20+ hours looking through every UST projector I could find, comparing all the specs (and *actual* real-world performance reviews), and had just about decided to pay a stupid amount of money for a Samsung UST when I came across the ForMovie Theater.

I had decided I wanted a triple-laser projector, which unfortunately pushed me into the ~$6k+ range about wherever I looked, so when I saw this had triple laser for $3,500 I was skeptical. But after watching review and comparison videos (from just about every respected reviewer I could find), I bit the bullet.

Shipping took a while (4+ weeks, coming direct from China), but was fine for me, as I technically don’t have a place for it for another 6 months. I snatched it up, though, worried they would raise the price.


For now, I have it set on a dresser drawer in our bedroom, just 2 inches from the wall. I fired it up and LAUGHED. The image was FAR brighter than I expected. When I pulled up some HDR, 4K landscape footage on YouTube, I laughed out loud again. I guess I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but the color...POPPED. And—mind you—this was simply projected onto an off-white wall. My ALR screen hadn’t arrived yet, but I was still blown away.


B&W is no joke, so seeing they partnered with them to do the built-in speakers gave me added confidence that this wasn’t some cheap-skate brand. And, as expected, the built-in speakers sound amazing.

Obviously, there’s no subwoofer-level bass, but if you’re using this for a TV (a very expensive TV...), the built-in speakers are great.

I (and I assume most other purchasers) will be using 5.1 or 7.2.1 surround systems, so those fancy speakers will go unused. But if you need them, you won’t be disappointed.


I don’t like this. It’s better than nothing (making this a “smart TV”), but I’ll be using my Apple TV exclusively, as the setup and usability of Android TV is just clunky. I spend 5 minutes setting it up, then it had to update, and after the update, I had to re-do the setup process all over again. It’s a one-time annoyance (and likely not a ForMovie issue) but still annoying.


It’s there, but a low, pleasant hum—not a whiny, annoying sound. And you only hear it when it’s off (though why does the fan stay on when the unit is off? Perhaps that’s a defect on mine?). The moment you have ANY sound at all playing, you won’t hear it at all. So I mention it because it’s there, but honestly, it’s nothing to worry about at all.


I quite like it. It’s modern without trying too hard. The logo on the front does glow, but it’s much more subtle than I expected from online reviews. Honestly, you won’t even notice it.


This is another standout for the Theater—to get the image size you see in my photos being just TWO INCHES AWAY is absolutely incredible. I’ll ultimately be using it with a Vividstorm 120” ALR screen and can’t wait to see it blown up to that size. I’m happy to know I won’t need to pull it out several feet to get that image—it should work well with my setup.


Couldn’t be happier—truly zero regrets. I feel like I got a steal of a deal with this. Now I can only hope it stands the test of time. Please, ForMovie...stand by your product should something go wrong, and I’ll be a customer (and maven) for life.

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Great image quality with some minor annoyances
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This review is specifically for about the Formovie Theater projector with a Spectra Vantage 120 inch screen.


- Very impressive image quality

- Bright even during the day (2800 lumens + ALR)

- Surprisingly good sound for built-in speakers


- Significant over splash due to the small bezels (even when not using keystone)

- The built-in speakers don't work with external audio devices (e.g. you can't add a subwoofer)

- It's not noticeable when looking at it head on but the screen I received has some streaking

Overall I am very happy with this combo and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it assuming the cons aren't a deal breaker.

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We couldn't wait to get our theater room finished so we could put the final touch (the projector) into full force, and boy, the Formovie Projector did NOT disappoint! This machine is simply amazing-the picture quality is unreal, the sound is amazing for such a small piece of equipment, and the setup really wasn't too bad (after we got the picture centered with our screen)!! If any of you are wondering about making the jump to UST projectors, don't hesitate anymore and go with the ForMovie model because you will not find a better product for the price.
We now have a 120" screen to watch tv, movies, and game on and it is AWESOME-our whole family loves it and it's now the place where we find our kids if they come up missing from doing chores (lol) 😜.
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Formovie is Awesome
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I have had the Formovie Theater for almost a week now and already put many hours in front of the screen playing movies, sports, and video games on my PS5. I find myself migrating to my home theater in the basement more than my 85 inch Samsung Q90A now recently relocated to the family room. No regret making the purchase. Absolutely love it and would buy from (great service, sooner than expected delivery) and Formovie (great product) again. However, I also realize there are some minor cons since its early days for the UST market, but it just make me more excited for the future of these projectors. 


- Buy a nice screen, sound bar (w/ sub and rear speakers), and some comfortable recliners and you will truly feel like you are in a high-end Movie Theater.

- Picture quality exceeds expectations. It is crisp and relatively easy to calibrate. Love that it had manual knobs on the sides of the unit to give the projector a slight tilt to offset some of the keystone effect and square up the image physically vs digitally. 

- Picture is massive and truly makes the viewing experience more immersive. 

Cons (-1 Star):

- You are sacrificing picture if you choose to project on the wall, which may appear slightly washed out, vs buying a nice UST ALR screen. However, picture was still good. 

- No Netflix on the OS. I actually love the built in Android OS and found it to be very snappy compared to a Fire Stick. However, you'll need the Fire Stick if you want Netflix (for now). 

- Remote is not back-lit. Not the end of the world, but isn't this a premium projector? I think this is an easy fix in the future.

- When projecting onto a screen there is a ghost outside the border (almost the opposite of a shadow based on ambient light coming out of the projector lens. If I push the projector close to the screen I can remove the ghost, but at the expense of my picture not filling out my entire screen. I think this might be why some premium ALR screens come with LED strip lights to help mitigate the effect.

- Built in sound was decent, but you really need to invest in a good surround sound system to get the most out of this. 

- As expected with projectors, there is some minor video game latency. Enough to notice, but not enough to move the PS5 back to the Samsung QLED. 

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Great Projector
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I replaced my TV with the Formovie Theater projector because I wanted a bigger screen but no way did I want to pay for a huge TV. Also, I wanted UHD Dolby Vision, and to my knowledge this was one of the first projectors to offer it. So I jumped. And I was not disappointed. The image is clear, colors are solid, even before calibration, the contrast is incredible (getting an ALR screen is a must though) and the ease of use is a plus. EARC makes connecting my devices to my sound system a breeze. I don’t think I will go back to a TV because a projector image is huge. I’m running 100in screen and watching movies and playing games is just incredible. Even the wife was impressed. 

So far I have discovered three minor nitpicks of the system. 1. Game mode only works on port one. I only discovered this because I first plugged my ps5 into port 2 and the lag was not great. Plugging into port 1 was fine for lag. I’m not a professional gamer. 

2. I don’t like to use voice assistant so I turned off the mic via the manual switch. However doing so, leaves the voice command indicator LEDS on the front, on all the time.

3. The fan is louder than expected. My projector is in a living room setup and I can hear a low hum, probably as steady as a fridge, but not loud. I can hear it sitting on my couch 10ft away. However, when my sound system volume is at a moderate level, I can’t hear it. 

Other than that, I would pick this projector up. There’s a reason why it won the 2022 competition. 

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Formovie Theater - VividStrom 120" - Onkyo RZ50
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The purchase process was smooth. I got in touch with one of the sales reps via the chat and then on the phone. The projector screen shipped almost immediately however, I had to wait for the projector for almost 2 weeks. Over all, I am impressed by the quality of the product and the image that it produces. One of the immediate items that popped up was on HDMI3 eARC port, my receiver was not receiving the input audio from the Android TV system and the input/screen refreshes every 30 sec or so thus pausing the externally sourced video (like Amazon Fire Stick). I raise a support ticket and waiting for an update from the seller. As long as I am on HDM1 or 2 or while on HDMI3, turn of the eARC on T1, no issues observed. Unless you plan to use external player like Fire Stick or Apple TV, this might be a deal breaker.

As it is already mentioned in lot of the reviews, the top right corner does have some focus issues but I felt it was negligible. The projector could have been a bit more luminous or brighter for my room (as it a basement with a window and bright ceiling lights) but when no ambient light present, the image is outstanding. The built in speaker is not bad but I would anyways not use it for theater experience. Still exploring the options on the device. The KeyStone setting needs some understanding for new bees like me. While I was not able to adjust the height exactly to get 120" screen but was able to get the screen to fill most of the screen, almost like up to 118 to 119". I do see some spilling of the screen in the darkest setting of the room but otherwise, no issues.

The experimental USB dongle provided works excellently with the system for shutting the VivdStorm roll down as soon as the T1 is shutdown. Liked it. Still working on setting up one remote for all the devices. Definitely need to tinker some settings for that to happen.

I wished there were more user defined profiles available to save for brighter room setting and a darker rooms setting. Otherwise, it is constant adjustment according to the ambient lighting. Still exploring the product.

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Formovie Theater UST Projector - After Installation Comments
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I have been looking for a 120'' UST projector and came across this "FORMOVIE THEATER" UST projector. Initially I was hesitant to buy this product because I am not sure what company it was. My short-listed names are Samsung, LG, EPSON and always wanted a "Triple Laser Projector", but came across this "Formovie Theater" in one of the sites. In fact, I saw the product reviews page and laser TV show-down in "" site. I was impressed by all the comparison tests that were performed. I was surprised to see this projector was top pick and that made me to buy the product on Oct 27, 2022. It took 3 weeks for the product to get shipped but it was worth the wait. I got the projector this weekend and installed 120'' ALR screen, wow what a picture!. You will not regret buying this projector. It is priced well and with Thanksgiving sale deal of $3000, it is the best price when compared with LG/Samsung 3-laser projectors.
Anyone who is undecided, I would advice them to consider this product, you will not be disappointed. Also, I would suggest ALR screen and you will enjoy a big TV viewing of FIFA World Cup.
Great value
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

This is my first UST projector and I made my choice based on the results of the showdown. The price and features were really attractive, and I would say it has lived up to its high-value reputation. I did have many years of experience with a traditional projector and pulldown screen, and this newer technology really blows it away.

Setup was straightforward and some minor 4-point keystone adjustments worked for my setup, but I did encounter some of the issues that others have mentioned in their reviews. 

The first is I found myself needing to re-pair the remote every time the projector went to sleep. I was only using it once per night, and it seemed after a long sleep, the remote would be forgotten. It would work to turn the projector on, but immediately after, the remote would not respond again until I did the pairing process. After a few nights of this, it seems to have stuck, but if this were to continue, it would make it unbearable to use daily.

The second problem I had was the wifi also seemed to stop working daily. It would show connected when I first turned it on, but then it would disconnect and be unable to reconnect unless I did a reboot of the system. This problem also seemed to go away eventually, but I did encounter it again today. My permanent setup is connection through ethernet cable, so I may not know if this problem persists. I'm also unsure if it's something to do with my wireless network, but I have other Android TV devices that don't suffer from wireless problems, and my router is 15 feet away from the projector.

For the benefits, I feel the picture is really beautiful and very usable even with light in the room. As seen in the attached pictures, there is a large window in the room and lights that are pretty close to the screen. With those lights on in the day time, it is pretty washed out and does not look good. With just the set of lights on further away from the screen, it is usable, but none of the lights are likely to be on when the sun is out anyway. With the lights off and just the shade open, it's perfectly fine to me. In contrast to using a tv with the shades open in the past, I was ending up with glare issues that I would say are worse than projector image being slightly washed out. With the shades closed, and especially at night with the room dark, it looks great.

I am using a 103" CLR screen, and for those looking to use that size screen, from the back of the projector to the wall, it's about 10". From the countertop to the bottom of the screen, it's about 15.75". I setup a custom cabinet using 25" deep countertops so that there was plenty of depth. I would have liked to get a 115" or 123" screen, but I didn't have enough ceiling height without having to make the cabinets much smaller.


Cons: Remote control and wifi issues required multiple setups, but seemed to have gone away after a few days.

Pros: Beautiful image and fully acceptable image with light in the room.

Overall recommended to budget hunters.

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Formovie Short Throw projector - Beautiful clear picture
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Formovie 4k, Dolby Vison, UST, Bowers & Wilkins built is speakers 

In Summary:

Picture: Crisp and clear 

Sound: Quality and full

Setup: easy, intuitive, simple

Unboxing and setup was complete in minutes. Be sure to use a compatible screen for UST, ultra short throw projectors. 

The integrated Bowers & Wilkins speakers are nice, full spectrum sound. 

The 4K, Dolby Vision picture quality is impressive. Everyone who sees our picture says…

”Wow!, I want one” 

Although the Formovie projector will work on larger screens, our 100” screen is perfect for our theater room. The back of the projector is 7-8” from the wall, creating a 100” high resolution picture. 

This is our 4th flawless order from Fast shipping, and excellent customer service. 

This unit will spoil you!

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Formovie Theatre - Awesome and exceeded my expectations so far
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

This was my first buy of any kind of projector, so maybe my expectations were not high enough. But I am blown away by this projector. It is super clear and super bright 4k. The sound from the bowers and wilkins sound bar is also impressive. But again this was my first personal experience with ATMOS. It is impressive. However, I will note that I connected my existing surround sound and am using it, but the sound quality and clarity also appears to be better than the TV my surround was connected to before. So double bonus! I have also been very impressed of how good the image is in the light and dark. If I have full lights in it of course washes out, but if I have slightly dimmed lights going, it is still very clear and crisp! Whether I am watching football or Disney+ its fantastic. The x-box also looks and sounds amazing. However, the refresh rate is definitely an issue. If you are planning to game on this, stick to games that that doesn't matter. 

Now for a few points that were frustrating, but no cause for panic. First is great. The first Formovie I received was actually defective and had a fan failure as soon as it was turned on the first time.  Formovie themselves were responsive day of issue and as soon as I contacted ProjectorScreen they were swift in action and had me a return label crazy quick. I received my replacement much faster than expected and what was even better they tested my unit before sending it to me. This may seem like a small detail, but though they had tested it, they took great care unpacking and repacking where I could barely tell they had. Unboxing a new toy is half the fun so I definitely appreciated it!  

The next point that was frustrating is more on the setup with the projector. The instructions say turn it on and follow the easy to follow prompts and instructions! The setup was two screens with zero explanation of what was supposed to happen and tips etc. The first was a focus screen where you could hit up or down. It was somewhat self explanatory but would have been great if there was at least a statement on what the goal was. The second screen was for the orientation of the displayed image. There were several options, 8 point, 4 point, fine, course. I found this part fairly confusing but eventually got there. This may be the newbie in using this stuff, but it was slightly frustrating, but nothing that I lost sleep about.  

The last is whatever beef Formovie has with Netflix they need to figure that out. Not even being able to download the app or even cast netflix is frustrating for a machine that cost 3k. I quickly installed a 4k ethernet connected chromecast to fix the issue, but its frustrating that the nice Google TV interface that comes stock needed to be replaced with a $40 chromecast. Will be very happy when they resolve this. I don't mind the chromecast add on, but its a bit frustrating. 

Overall, this is still a 5 out 5. Very happy with my purchase. 

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Worth the wait!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
After tons of research I purchased the Formovie ust laser projector. We bought a new house but didn't move for a month so I had to wait until we moved in to have the projector and Spectra screen (100") installed. It has exceeded all of my expectations! The colors are vibrant. The picture is absolutely beautiful and way better than the Sony tv we had. Movies are spectacular and watching sports is like being in the stadium. Best. Purchase. Ever.
review image  
Beautiful Projector, 4k @ 120" is a revelation.
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
4k UST at this price finally got me to put my Panasonic PT-AE8000U out to pasture, and I'm sure glad I did. The increase in brightness and resolution is just beautiful. We've all seen the charts that show 4k 65" TVs don't really make sense unless you're practically laying on top of them, but you can sure see it at 120 inches. Everything just looks amazing and I'm rewatching a lot of my favorites in 4k and really enjoying the extra detail. Blacks look so good with this projector and a 0.5 gain screen compared to my Panasonic with my old 1.0 gain Da-Lite.

Ambient light rejection with a 120" Spectra is very good. Attached pictures compare lights on vs lights off (4 overhead ~60 watt can lights about 5' from the screen), and there's some ambient light peeking through the cracks in my blackout curtains in both pics.

Pretty happy with the built in software for streaming HBO and Disney, etc. Its user interface is miles better than that of the 4k Panasonic Blu-Ray player that I've got attached, and good enough that I've stopped using my nVidia Shield for most things.

I still need to do some tweaking and fiddling to get the screen aligned perfectly, but I'm in the middle of putting in new flooring so dialing in the last 5% will have to wait.

I love being able to stand up in front of the screen without blocking the picture, also. I've had a long throw projector for so long it almost feels like magic to be able to do this.

Only a few minor complaints so far:
1. getting the projector perfectly aligned with the screen is quite a bit more fiddly than with my old projector, but I'm sure I'll get to a satisfactory alignment once I put some more time into it.
2. Every time I turn the thing on it asks me if I want to turn its little internal speakers on. I'm sure they're fine for what they are but I've got a B&W HTM71 sitting in front of it, I don't think I really need the speakers built into the projector.
3. Lost wifi after a firmware update but rebooting fixed it.
review image   review image  
Formovie Theater UST projector is impressive
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Straight out of the box, the Formovie Theater UST projector has a beautiful picture, with no calibration required. I upgraded from an old 1080p Epson projector (which performed admirably in its day); the difference in sharpness, brightness, and lack of heat from a lamp is dramatic.

I have a 120” screen, providing a truly immersive image. And the built-in Android TV experience is great (I already was a user of Android TV).

My only complaint would be the lack of Netflix support, but I gather that problem is not unique to Formovie. Hopefully the legal wrangling will be sorted eventually, but in the interim I just plug in an old Chromecast into one of the HDMI inputs to view Netflix. (I can notice an improvement in picture quality when using the built-in Android TV versus the Chromecast input, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me when using Netflix.)

The B&W-designed speakers are respectable for TV speakers, but I am able to use my dedicated home theater sound system instead. The inclusion of HDMI-CEC allows me to automatically turn on/off my Integra AV receiver, as well as control volume from the included remote, which is very convenient.
review image  
It’s amazing!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I had purchased a single laser model about 6 months ago but was never quite happy with the color saturation and brightness. Based on the stellar reviews everywhere, I decided to upgrade to this unit. Boy am I glad I did! Colors are bright and vibrant out of the box. Overall brightness is excellent and shadow detail is outstanding. I’ve just moved and have not hung my screen yet so the attached pic shows the Formovie projecting onto a light grey wall…and it’s still amazing! Love this unit and super happy I made the upgrade!
review image  
Top of the Line Projector, even in sub-par environment
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I am not a person with a complete setup, and for this review, that's a good thing. I'm a person who has just moved in, has the wrong type of screen, has their projector on a wooden bench, and has their surround system crated in moving boxes.

That being said, I'm blown away by the features of this projector. I'm temporarily using a roll-up standard screen with wrinkles and curves, and this projector's sharpness and 8 point correction have managed to produce a nearly straight image on it with only a little blurring at the corners that I can't detect when actually watching shows.

Furthermore, my lighting is poor at the moment, and the projector's brightness far surpasses my old standard projector, displaying vivid images that even my lcd tv struggles to keep up with. 1080p images are crisp and far better than you'd expect, and 4k images are incredible.

The sound bar also managed to shock me. You wouldn't think you could get any surround sound or clear audio out of such a small thing, but it really projects across the room and fills my space with beautiful audio.

I have to wait some time before setting up my theater room properly, and I was quite sad about that. This projector has made that transition anything but painful.

For those of you who would like to turn off the four led lights on the front, there is a small switch on the right side of the unit that you can toggle and the lights will go off (It deals with voice commands).

Overall I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

review image  
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

This UST is the best projector I've ever seen. I have a theater in my basement w/ an overhead projector. Formovie blows it away. The picture quality is better then my Sony 75" which cost 2k more. Easy set up, came out of the box w a perfect picture.

review image  
Breathtaking picture overshadows some minor problems
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I am new to the world of projectors, but before spending thousands of dollars I did quite a bit of homework on various websites, reviews, buying guides, youtube videos, etc. I think my usage is pretty typical: movies with the kids, 4k action/sci-fi movies for myself and my wife, sports, and a fair amount of gaming. I wanted a projector that could handle all of this admirably without the heftier price tag of some of the higher end machines. Also, while I do have a dedicated room for the projector, it is not a fully light controlled theater room. Rather it is in my finished basement, which will let some ambient light in from a couple window wells and a nearby staircase. So, it had to hold up well in those medium light conditions too. It was hard to look at a bunch of specs on a page (e.g., contrast ratios, lumens, etc.) and know what would work for my needs.

Well, I'm happy to say that the formovie theater projector is everything I hoped it would be. I was a bit nervous during setup because there was a big blurry spot in the upper left corner--which was a problem I had seen about this projector online during research. I tried to adjust the image during setup and nothing was getting rid of it, but as soon as the projector did its firmware update, the blurriness was gone. From that point forward, I have had only minor issues, and I am truly impressed by the visual I get during some 4k movies and my ps5 games. Again, I'm a novice, and I don't have all the light/color readers to do perfect calibrations and all that. I did eyeball some minor calibrations but for the most part I shift it between the pre-programmed movie/game/sports settings. Honestly, some images are just breathtaking. I don't have a lot of experience to compare it to, but I am extremely satisfied with the picture and it is everything I was hoping it would be. I think the machine is more than bright enough for my needs. I do have two bright overhead lights right in front of my screen. And you can see from the pictures, when they are on there is an obvious difference in quality. That said, I think it stands up to that bright light very well without even adjusting any image settings. I'll still turn off the lights for the best movie experience, but the brightness/contrast is good enough to leave the lights on when I when I watch football on Sundays.

I thought the sound coming from the projector was good. It filled the room well, and had a quality presence to it. That said, my plan was always to use a home theater to get high quality surround sound so I didn't test the projector's sound too much. Setup was easy enough, although following the on-screen instructions: I set the projector up, it did a firmware update, and then I needed to set it up again. That was a little annoying, but relatively quick in the grand scheme. I did have problems linking the remote to the projector, which took much longer than it should have, but again this was a one time problem that I eventually solved just by trying to link it over and over again and finally got it--no issues since setup. The wifi connection to the projector has been the most frustrating aspect overall. I want to use streaming apps (disney, amazon, etc.; sadly netflix is unavailable) directly from the projector so networking was critical, and try as I might, I just could not get a stable wifi connection on the machine. My network is solid, and my router is only about 20 feet from the machine. I am certain have zero coverage issues there as evidenced by a laptop and other smart devices in the same exact area that are always connected. The projector would connect, but then just kept losing the connection for some reason. I never solved that issue, but I was able to create a hardwired network solution that worked for me.


-Image quality is outstanding to my untrained eyes. Clarity, contrast, color range; when I feed it quality content, I come away very impressed

-Brightness holds up reasonably well even with bright, direct, overhead light shining on it

-I do not notice any lag when playing ps5 (though, I'm only a casual gamer)

-Menu and settings are easy to navigate


-Wifi networking was a real issue for me. Good to have a hardwired solution as a backup

-Some frustrating setup issues (i.e., redoing setup after update, linking the remote should have been easier)

-No access to a working Netflix app on the machine

Verdict: I would strongly recommend this projector. If you absolutely cannot have a hardwired network and you care about having apps on the machine, I would be a little weary as I did spend some time trying to get the wifi connection stable and was unable to do so--this is the main reason I gave it only 4 stars. That said, the couple other issues I had were minor and short lived, which was a small price to pay for an absolutely beautiful picture which holds up well even in brighter conditions.

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First UST Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I bought the Formovie Theater after watching several reviews of ultra short throw projectors. In the reviews, the Formovie Theater performed as well as other more expensive projectors but for significantly less!  

Setting it up took a little patience; however, referencing the supporting documentation and placing it as indicated in the placement guide got me fairly close and only required a bit of adjustment. I am happy whit how it ended but, but will likely go through the setup again to make it “perfect”. 

The picture is very bright and clear, brighter than I thought it would be. It can be used with lights on/during the day without too much washout if the image. 

I cannot comment on the quality of the speakers, because I am using a 5.1.4 surround setup. 

Overall, we have had it for a little over a week and love it. The projector was a good price point and a great way for us to get into a setup without going broke but with good enough quality that wouldn’t leave us disappointed. 

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Excellent product excellent service
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I am new to projector world. Projector screen team helped me to find best projector based on industry standard and within my budget and requirements. I love the picture and sound quality of for movies theater.

Projector screen team suggest me spectra projection ALR 120” screen to match with projector and with combination of projector and screen, picture quality is stunning. I would say it’s close to LED tv.

The service from Projectorscreen is also commendable, from tracking to installation to technical help they are always there. Hats off to great team at projector screen. Thank you for your help and excellent product.

review image   review image  
Delighted with the Formovie Theater & Spectra 120" Screen
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

This is our first projector and we've only had it for less than a week so far, but it's definitely met our aspirations for bringing a theater experience into the living room. The picture quality is amazing, does not feel like there is any compromise coming from a relatively new 65" LED TV and that alone exceeded my expectations. On the other hand, the size just transforms the experience whether it's live sports, movies, or just binge streaming a series - everything feels significantly more immersive and it's a real pleasure to watch.

Setup of the projector itself was very straight forward, it updated to the newest firmware without a hitch and configured the wifi and settings from my android phone smoothly. I have it connected via eArc to a Sonos ARC, sub and surrounds again without any issues. I'm also using a Shield Pro with it primarily for streaming and that transferred from the TV to the projector without any issue hdmi-cec worked for both without any work. Still tweaking the picture settings but have no real complaints with the image out of the box. Dolby Vision seems to work fine from the Shield, I kinda like the notification tag it adds to the screen for a few seconds when starting compatible content (vision and atmos). Haven't played with streaming games over the Shield too much yet but looking forward to messing with that next.

The Spectra screen was definitely more work to assemble, but the mounting mechanism with the height adjustments in the brackets made that easier than I had expected too. The finished product looks great and works really well even with reasonably high ambient light. I do have blackout shades for the wall of windows facing the Arizona sun next to it, but it's still entirely usable in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Couple of quirks that I've also seen documented on the AVSForums too, but willing to live with them and hoping they get addressed in future firmware releases.

-WIFI periodically cuts out entirely - the unit can't see any available networks until reset/rebooted. With the Shield on a Gig LAN connection it doesn't impact me much, but would be more of an issue if you were relying on the built in media apps for everyday use.

-If you disable the built in speakers it throws an alert window you have to close every time the unit is brought out of sleep asking you to confirm the setting.

I can live with those quirks, but it would be nice to see them addressed down the road.

As you can see from the pics, I have the projector mounted inside an Ikea Besta TV stand and that took some modifications such as adding a TV slide unit and cutting holes for a pair of USB fans to help with air circulation, but the final result is pretty clean and the projector slides away neatly and is protected when not in use.

Joe was great putting together the order quickly and helping me deal with some unique shipping challenges. Felt much better making the decision to give the Formovie a try based on their reviews, participation in public forums, and hosting events such as the projector shoot-outs. Strongly recommend working with the ProjectorScreen team if you're thinking about making the plunge like we did!

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Just Got Our Formovie!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
We decided on an ultra-short throw projector so that we did not have to hire people to install a ceiling mounted one, saving on that cost, timing and inconvenience. Researched a bunch online and of course saw the Laser TV Showdown reviews here on, which ultimately led us to the Formovie Theater projector. It was between the Formovie (Android OS) and the LG's (as we have LG OLED TVs and are use to the LG WebOS). Formovie for us was the best value in specs for the price, especially for a triple-laser model. We took a chance and ordered one, which came within the quoted 4-6 week delivery time (come in bunches through customs). Like many YouTube reviewers have noted, the standard out of the box settings are already pretty darn great and assuming you have the screen and layout (AKA distances measured) then you can start watching right away. We've been using the included B&W speakers for now until our audio system is added, and it does quite well. We paired this with an Elite Screens 103" CLR3 which is specifically designed for UST projectors and that is working quite well also. The picture we have here shows us just having propped up the projector (need to adjust the height of the console) with the standard out of the box settings. So far no issues with setup, network connectivity or watching movies or TV. So far as a "quality system on a reasonable budget" the Formovie fits the bill and would recommend it.
review image  
Formovie Theater - Stunning, making it possible in a small space and an acoustically transparent screen
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I am embarking on a journey to have an incredible home theater in a very small space. We loved the house but the media room was tiny in comparison to my dream media room, far from the purpose built, multi-level speaker and accent lamp/led rich media rooms that others have boasted on youtube. Had to be creative and think how can I get the most out of room with a small throw distance. I wasn't going to compromise on sound, quality or size of the picture!

I am new to the world of Ultra Short Throws and started to do research. Budget wasn't in the 10's of thousands. I went to large stores with theater setups - the Samsung triple laser UST was demonstrated with a $6000 UST screen. Incredible picture, but with a combined price tag of greater than $12,000, way over plan. Continued and came across the Formovie review. Review after review this was in the top 2, if not number 1. At a $3,000 price tag, this was the one for me. 

Since my small media room had built in speakers and was designed for a large television to be mounted on the wall (the previous owners removed the brackets), I was now looking at acoustically transparent screens. There was no such ALR, CLR or dedicated UST projector screens that were acoustically transparent. Not much data/reviews/tests on using the Formovie with an acoustically transparent screen. So had to take a leap of faith and purchased an Elitescreen Aeon Cinemawhite A8k acoustically transparent 123" screen for ~$1000. Assembled it and mounted it on the wall. The distance between my media seating (6 wide) and the screen is about 5 feet. 

Now ordering the Formovie was a challenge due to the backlog and availability. Projector Screen informed me that it was to be 4-8 weeks leadtime. I enquired every 2 weeks and they were happy to give me updates on the delivery expectations, very quick to respond and honest about the situation. I was in the meantime using my Optoma HD 4000 lumens lamp projector, with the maximum possible throw distance from behind my media seats gave me an 80" projection size. Was beautifully bright though. However, looking at the white spaces around this projection, unfulfilled potential, I was restless and started to look at other projectors (Samsung, VAVA and AWOL), but the folks at Projector Screen assured me I was the next on the list since I had ordered early. 

The Formovie Theater projector arrived, 1 week ahead of the planned ship date. It came on a Monday evening and there was no way I was going to wait for the weekend. I set this up immediately in my makeshift space for a UST. I had to place this directly on the floor as the bottom edge of the 123" projector screen (due to the angled dimensions of my ceiling) was very low. Setup for the Formovie was incredibly easy. The keystone is very advance, being able to move individual corners and edges to fit the frame of the projector screen. Naturally, being so close, a slight movement would force the image to shift drastically, but this will be with all USTs. The only issues I have with the keystone and the focus, they could have more reference points projected so we can better understand stretching/compression of the image at different points of the screen. I am currently flipping back and forth between a detailed projected image and the keystone correction utility to overcome this. I have the projector now setup to a level of accuracy that works for the time being. I intend to have this projector ceiling mounted and will perfect the image then. While adjusting the projector image, there is an automatic reduction in laser power when my head went too close to the projector as a safeguard. This would not only protect me from eye injury, but due to the automatic dimming, it would be an attention activator in which I reacted and moved back immediately. 

Going through multiple streaming high-quality trailers was a huge joy. The picture, the color, everything was incredible. Better than what we had wanted. The picture was very bright and worked seamlessly with the acoustically transparent screen which wasn't a UST perfected screen. We have a very bright spotlight above, and with the lights on in the media room, the picture was still very bright and detailed. I have the projector connected via the ARC HDMI socket to my Marantz receiver and this works well. Multiple apps and casting works very well directly with this projector. I have read that you cannot cast Netflix, but since there is a built in Chromecast, I have downloaded the Netflix App on the projector and that has taken care of that. The HBO Max, Disney+, Youtube, etc work excellently with the casting. No issues there.

Overall an excellent choice, works perfectly and for a price that is a steal for a UST that competes with the big brands. I spent just over $4,000 for the projector and screen and have total relief that this experiment has paid off dividends. I can spend the money saved on the media room furniture and decor. The image is the basic setup, until we start to decorate (the camera used wasn't the best).

review image  
It is great—with a couple caveats
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
The great:

- plenty bright for my needs
- built in Google Casting
- crisp picture quality
- aesthetic design

The caveats:

- took a couple weeks to ship in the US
- no Netflix without external device
- requires color tweaking
- noticeable input lag

The verdict:

If you won't be doing much/any gaming and it fits your budget, it's a fantastic projector; the brand is "formovie" after all—not "forgaming".
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Phenomenal projector at this price point
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
I ordered and set up my Formovie Theater projector along with a ust screen for a theater/media room I am working on installing. I had originally planned to purchase a different ust projector which was a few hundred dollars cheaper but only a single laser. When I discovered the Formovie was a triple laser for just a bit more, I decided to spring for it instead. I ordered from as they were $500 cheaper than anywhere else I found this projector offered, including the manufacturer’s website, at the time I ordered.

This projector was undoubtedly the right choice for my setup. Picture quality, clarity, and depth of color are incredible. I was worried about brightness as the Formovie Theater has slightly less ANSI lumens than the other projector I was considering. Those concerns were unwarranted as this projector is bright enough to work even with the lights on in the theater room.
The only drawback I have experienced with the projector so far is the setup. It really isn’t too bad but it did take me a few minutes to get it aligned, focused, and get the keystone adjustments made. It may be very simple to someone more familiar with projector setup than myself but this is my first good quality projector. Also it may be easier to set up if you have an android phone, as it does give the option to set up using your android phone but I have an apple.

As far as delivery, I did have to wait about a month from placing the order before receiving the projector. That is not any fault of the projector or distributor as the projectors were apparently held up clearing customs. provided an (accurate) 4-6 week ETA at the time of order. They also informed me via email when the projectors cleared customs and again when it shipped.


Picture quality
Price for a triple laser (especially from

Setup leaves a bit to be desired
Took a while to arrive

Overall I am happy with this purchase and look forward to years of family movie nights and sports watching parties with this projector!
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You CANNOT Go Wrong!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I bought the "Formovie Theater" UST projector for several reasons. First, my wife and I take our weekly "pizza night" very seriously and nothing is more important to a great pizza night than a great movie. In in order to get the full effect of a great movie, you need a great picture on a great screen. So, I did the research and that brings me to number two, the picture. I compared Lamp, LEDs, and Lazer (both single and triple) and reviewed the picture quality against cost of ownership. I saw no significant difference between the lamp projectors (e.g. Epson 5050) and triple laser UST (e.g. Formovie Theater); LEDs are not bright enough for my room. Therefore, it came down to cost of ownership and ease of installation and over a 7 year period the UST projectors win. Now, why did I choose the Formovie Theater? Well, if you don't know it was the winner of the "2022 projector shoot out," which you can find on YouTube, and it was the clear winner over more costly projectors. Knowing that nothing but the Formovie Theater would do, I was left with choosing the right screen and other than knowing that I needed an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) screen, I had no idea which one to choose.... So, I went to The best thing about is the ease of using the chat function to speak with an expert. Oh, and if you are wondering, no he, the expert, did not just try to sell me the most expensive screen which he knew I would have bought had he advised me. No, instead he,'s expert, focused in on my desires and advised me to purchase a model screen (Spectra Projection Vantage 120") that would meet my rather high expectations and did not just push a model that was about $3000 more. NOW THAT IS SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST!

Fantastic Multipurpose Projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
Before finally deciding on this projector thanks to the projector showdown, I was torn on the best UST projector to get for weeks. I wanted something that could be used for gaming, it had to be 4K and have a good bright picture, yet still be watchable during the day without optimal lighting, and the Formovie Theater did all of that and more! The picture looks great without a super expensive screen. I’m using the VAVA VA-LTS005 ALR screen (100”, 0.6 Gain) attached are pictures of the projector during the day with all the windows open, and at night with the lights off, both in the projector’s “Vivid” mode. The throw distance and height requirements of the projector fits well into my standard ceiling height den it’s about 8 inches from the wall, adjusting the picture was easy. There are two adjustable back legs, and a very easy to use 8 point adjustable keystone setting. The gaming mode makes it so the input lag is minimal and I don’t even notice it, a lot of other projectors at a similar price point don’t have that, which was a dealbreaker for me. There are 3 HDMI ports, which is very ideal because as a “laser tv” I wanted it to be able to replace a TV which would usually have multiple devices connected to it. The sound quality of the Bowers and Wilkins speakers built into the projector is great, especially for a projector, but I plugged in my Sonos beam into the eARC port and it of course sounds better.

My only gripe with this projector isn’t even something specific to this projector, and that is the OS, it doesn’t support Netflix, so you’ll have to connect an Apple TV or any other device to get that. I definitely recommend this as a must buy if you want a great UST projector and are torn on which pros and cons you were willing to accept with others that are similar in price. This one has all pros and no cons in my opinion.
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Not an OLED, but close for a projector
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

I’ve never owned a projector before, so I did some research before buying. What led me here was the projector shootout video - with the Formovie Theater coming out on top. I was super excited to get it and set it all up. I paired it with a screen that I thought would work, but the guys at called me and said it wouldn’t pair well. And if I’m spending this much on a projector, to spend the extra money on a high quality screen too. After I set it up, I’m glad I did! The projector and the Spectra Projection Vantage 120" screen look great!!

review image   review image   review image  
Real world setup, not a technical review.
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
i'm a low-rent audiophile. My equipment is good but not really high end. But i was excited to find a well-reviewed UST projector at a reasonable price. I will leave the fine analysis of color and such to others. Unboxing was simple, as it's the unit, power cord, and remote. The menus are easy to navigate. Because of the 'no-Netflix' issue i had planned from the start to connect it to my Fire Cube. Since we still want to use our 75 inch Samsung for regular viewing, i bought a simple HDMI a/b switch for $15. The Picture is so good that watching old TV shows actually looks worse on the giant screen, but movies are awesome. Also, to get the biggest picture size, i took the short legs off the media center which worked like a charm. Finally, the sound is fine, but i will still be using my Samsung Soundbar for best sound.
review image  
The hype is real!
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

It was delivered in 1 day! Thank you guys for the fast shipping! It is the best UST I have tried until now and I have had previously the Cinemax P2, LG HU715, Benq v7050i. All of these projectors pale in comparison to the Formovie Theater. Picture, contrast, black levels are out of this world for a UST. The hype is real! I am using a 92” CLR screen and I am blown away. PS. Projector updated to latest firmware and then i experienced error “video quit unexpectedly “ while using my Apple TV. This issue was fixed with a factory reset of the Theater and all is smooth now.

Best ust projector for the money
review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star

Purchased the formovie theater ust projector with recommended spectra projection vantage 120 inch screen. Right out of the box the picture is surprisingly good. I am going to have it calibrated once I fine a good technician near me. I am using the new nvidia shield pro for content and upscaling. I must say this made a huge difference. The projector is capable of displaying a fantastic picture but needs a good source. The oppo player with Dolby vision content is exceptional. You will never get the brightness out of an ust projector that my lg oled had but the size and surprisingly good black levels make you not notice the difference after viewing for a few minutes. I am using this as my main tv, on 4 to 6 hours a day and am very pleased with my decision to go this route. I have adjusted all the settings I can with internet calibration tools. Adjusting blue and white balance, setting contrast etc made the black levels and color better. The color on this projector far exceeds my expectations. I can highly recommend this projector with the 120 inch screen as recommended by projector

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Fantastic picture!
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I am truly impressed with what the Formovie Theater projector can do. This is my first foray into digital projectors. I’ve heard horror stories of washed out colors and difficulty in setup. I can honestly say the picture blew me away. The colors were vibrant across all spectrums. Even dark scenes look great. The blacks probably are helped by the dark Vividstorm screen material. As for the setup, it was a very fairly easy once I got the distance from the screen set correctly. The focus screen was a little confusing, but once I got the hang of it it came in very clear on all 4 corners.

The internal speaker sounds good, like that of a mid to high quality soundbar. However I use a Yamaha AV receiver with a multi speaker setup, so I only listened to the internal speakers of this unit briefly after I set the picture and focus for a quick run through of picture quality and geometry. I am using a Vividstorm S-Pro 100 in floor mounted motorized screen on an existing low profile wide TV stand.

The ForMovie projector rests on the Spectra motorized shelf attached to the tv stand and all in all the setup came out very professional looking. I highly recommend this unit and look forward to watching movies on it. It has the additional capability of being an Android TV with an intuitive android app interface if you want to use it to replace an existing TV. As for me I use it in addition to a 75 inch Sony Bravia which I have setup behind the motorized screen. I can honestly say I believe the picture from this projector on a 100 inch screen is better than that of the TV.

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Incredible value!
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The projector cannot be focused completely (at least on my 100" screen), which is incredibly disappointing. The top left is always juuuusst a bit fuzzy, so I'm not sure this is even actually a "4k" projector in terms of perceived resolution. Other reviews have noted that they asked to have their units prescreened, which mine clearly was not. (I guess you have to read the reviews first or be an experienced buyer to not get stuck with a bad unit...)

Other than that though, wow the colors are excellent. (The black floor isn't great, but it's a DLP so what are you gonna do?) All said and done, I'm really happy with this thing as my first projector.
Formovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector Focus Variations
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I was definitely influenced by reviews of this product before buying. I had been looking for an ultra short throw laser tv for over a year. Overall build quality seems to be good and I was particularly impressed with the built-in audio capabilities. However, I have tried setting up this device in multiple rooms and locations but have never been able to get a consistent focus from top to bottom on the picture. I can get the bottom of the picture focused but the top is always out of focus. I have tried variations of keystone adjustment but nothing seems to cure the focus variation of the picture. I have also tried to find information on this issue on the web site but help information seems very thin there. I'd be willing to raise my rating of this product if I find out this is due to setup errors from my end. Until then, for the price, I would expect better performance from this product.
It like having a 100 inch tv in my home theater
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I was blown away by the black levels and the vivid colors out of the box! Its was more vibrant than the samsung I tried out at best buy which frankly made me second guess what all the UST fuss was about. I am sensitive to the soap opera effect from motion smoothing. Did not experience this but I found no option to disable motion smoothing in settings either. Maybe its a projector thing. Picture got better after tweaking some settings. Built in sound is better than most tvs but doesnt have the surround or atmos punch of a soundbar or av receiver. Software is basic android and setup was easy. Its heavier than i expected. Pay attention to the vertical height instructions on 14.5 inch distance for a 100 in scree is required. You can also get mounting guidlines in the downloadable manual. I paired my formovie theater projector with a fengmi fabulous f2 soft fresnel screen. I have no problems with viewing angles but I do see color bleed on the dark walls and black ceiling. I read about this effect with fresnel screens.
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Great Value / Great Picture for a ultra short throw triple laser projector
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I purchased the Formovie Theater triple laser UST projector with the 120 inch Spectra Projection Vantage ALR CLR screen. The items were shipped quickly and was received in excellent condition. The set up for the projector was easy it's a plug and play. For the screen it was pretty easy assembling the screen with good documentation but you definitely want to have someone to help mounting it. I was blown away with the picture quality. Family and friends that saw it would say "where did you get a tv that big" the picture quality is that good. Matched up with this screen I was amazed by the picture quality to me this is just as good as a tv and the 4k content with a big screen will mesmerize you. If you plan to buy I would definitely recommend pairing this projector with a good screen. For the money you spend just on a high end brand name projector without a screen you can purchase the Formovie Theater UST projector and Spectra Projection Vantage ALR CLR screen for less money. You can not go wrong with this projector or screen. I would definitely recommend it and I would purchase it again.

AWESOME Laser projector
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I bought the Formovie Laser projector 3 hours after I saw the laser tv showdown video and seriously no regrets, I got it within a week, and setting it up was a breeze. It is an AWESOME projector, and the image looks great. If there is a negative I would say the color white when you are using Dolby vision with an Apple TV for some reason it is a little too white, but you can fix that by manually adjusting the picture settings.
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Best UST I have seen
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Not fully setup yet but just got both screen and projector. I've been able to watch a number of different movies and shows while waiting for surround sound speakers to be delivered. The picture quality is the best I've seen on a UST and stands up against many of the top standard throw projectors that are even more expensive than this is. I'm sure if you're looking at a UST like this, you've done your research and weighed the pros and cons of short throw vs standard projector. This still won't out perform the best in standard projectors, but if you're in the market for a UST no matter the reason (requirements of the room, not wanting to have to mount a projector, or any other reason) you are unlikely to find much better than the Formovie...and certainly not for the same cost.
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Fantastic Details and Dolby Vision Color!
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I'm using this projector with a 120" ALR gray screen and a Panasonic DP-UB820-K player. I have a 7.1 Dolby Atmos surround system and I don't see why I ever need to see a movie in the theaters again. 

Let's start with the one con...

First, I play Uncharted 4 on the PS4 daily. I have for years, it's just how I unwind after a hard day's work. So the first and only real downfall for the projector came when I loaded the game, switched it to game mode and noticed a weird out of focus corner in the very upper left of the screen. I chatted with the guys at Projector Screen about possibly returning it and they were quite happy to take care of it for me, but after moving the set around a little bit and adjusting the focus tuning as best I could, I got it to look a little better. And really, it's only because the game I play has the map up there in the exact spot that is sort of out of focus. That being said, the rest of the screen looks flawless and I couldn't be happier with the picture and speed of the game mode setting. It should be noted that I am not a professional gamer so I can't comment on how quick the delay is, but it's as good or even slightly better than my other Epson HD UST.

When I watch a movie or YouTube videos, the out of focus spot is not noticeable at all. It's only a little blurry when I play Uncharted. So it's not really anything to worry about.

Now the pros...

I've neve owned a Dolby Atmos TV in my life, so this was my first venture into a world of breathtaking color. Whoa! The reds are unreal and so are the blues. The whites and blacks are solid once you tweak the settings for your environment and even upscaled Blu-Ray's without any HDR are breathtaking. This projector handles everything like a champ!

I created separate viewing settings for HDR movies, Dolby Vision movies (in bright mode), Netflix stuff and of course, Game Mode. The projector remembers all of the different settings except for when I pop in a game. For some reason, it goes to the last setting I had and I have to manually switch it to HDR10 Game Mode but I don't think that's any fault of the projector. If anything, it's because I run all of my HDMI connections through an Onkyo receiver. There is a 2nd HDMI port on the UST I could use for the PlayStation to avoid the manual switching but I just haven't set it up yet. 

I love this projector! My wife loves it, our friends love it, and I can't express how happy I am that I took a chance on Formovie. I don't know what else to say, really, so I will post some unedited photos that I took to show off the different color modes and to give you a better idea of how awesome this UST projector is. 

If you are thinking about buying it, don't hesitate. Do it now.

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A new viewing experience @ home!
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We bought this Formovie laser TV / ultra-short throw projector after and chris majestic broadcast the results of its projector showdown 2022 event on youtube.

Our movie and TV viewing experience at home has changed for the (much) better. The image is very clear even in a bright living room during the day. We project directly on our white wall (perfectly fine!), but I guess buying a screen, although not indispensable, may provide for even a better experience.

The sound quality is incredible; you do not hear any noise coming from the projector's ventilation system. The android TV system is very stable (the project does not stop or shut down unexpectedly).

For families with young kids the projector is both easy to use and safe, as parental control settings are easy to install.

For those who like us never had a projector before: the Formovie sits very close to the wall and is comparably smaller than other similar devices, at a competitive.

I hear that the remote control could have been better equipped with more functions etc. but it is ok. Netflix not natively available but it is easy to connect another device (say: your mobile phone) to the projector and view a series with more or less the same image quality.

All in all, we are very please with this acquisition which was delivered to us within 3 working days.

There isn't a Better Projector at this Price Point + Unmatched Service
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There isn't a Better Projector at this Price Point + Unmatched Service

Verdict: 4.5/5 stars overall


  • Almost perfectly implemented Dolby Vision (DV) Bright mode
  • Ample brightness for a decently well light-controlled room
  • Excellent contrast
  • Excellent (almost inky) blacks
  • Amazing (but accurate) colors that pop
  • Highly tweakable with a multitude of picture controls
  • Can be set-it-and-forget-it
  • Better menus than most projectors using Android TV
  • Great bang for the buck
  •'s caring & dedicated service (for peace of mind)
  • (Optional) Adding HDFury further elevates performance
  • (Optional) Adding Zidoo Z9X (or similar) adds DV benefit to any video


  • Prone to dust blobs (but addressable)
  • Finicky HDMI connectivity (struggles to lock onto signal)
  • Can lose wi-fi (but fixable)
  • Focus isn't as good, as adjustable as it could be
  • Not as sharp as single-laser projectors
  • DV Dark needs improvement via firmware
  • Initial placement is laborious (but also true of all USTs I've had)
  • No HDR10+ support (but still advertised on product page's specs section)
  • No 3D support (but, to be fair, was never promised)

This review is this home theater fan's own and not influenced by other posts or reviews. I've settled on Formovie Theater for most of my home theater (HT) needs, with a secondary projector, a BenQ HT2550A, to satisfy my continued 3D hunger. I have a 7.1.4 home theater Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X set-up, and a 145" white 1.3 gain screen (a front PJ and ALR/CLR screens don't work). My HT room is fully light controlled. My recent experience with projectors includes USTs like Fengmi T1, Vava Chroma, Wemax A300 and Xiaomi 4K, as well as front PJs like Epson 5050UB, Optoma UHD50X, and BenQ HT3550. I've been into projectors since 2007, and been a HT hobbyist since the early 90's. This ain't a cheap hobby, even being budget conscious.

Picture Quality:

Let's start with why you'd want the Formovie Theater. Its Chinese counterpart, the T1, which I previously owned (then regretted selling) is one of the first projectors to have Dolby Vision and garner great word of mouth here at AVSForum, mainly given its amazing colors, contrast and blacks, all at an attractive, affordable price point. But, it needed to be imported from China with the risks that go with it. Fengmi, Wemax and Xioami have been known for 4-5 years now for having great contrast and blacks using Appotronics's ALPD 3.0 (and now 4.0) technology. Vava & others using the same tech don't have whatever additional 'secret' engineering those 3 brands (and soon Appotronics's own T1/Theater clone) do. And, Theater is basically the T1 with better picture controls and Android TV sans the cluttered, bloated FengOS with Chinese streaming content & ads galore.

I've tested Theater without & with a HDFury video processor (VRROOM in my case) in the mix. You don't need it, but it does allow you to dial in custom DV (specifically low level DV) settings that squeeze bit better highlights and details.

Additionally, Zidoo's Z9X media player allows you to push all video to LLDV so you get dynamic tone mapping and quasi-DV like picture quality with SDR & HDR10 videos. Zidoo's Dolby VS10 processing engine is really impressive. Z9X is made for local media playback, your own ripped Blu-ray and UHD discs, not streaming services. 

I also use a nVidia Shield TV Pro, primarily for streaming content. Watching 'Top Gun: Maverick' (thrice already, such a cool flick), it just looks fantastic on Theater. It should look even better on disc when it's out. Rich colors and great details, especially noticeable in Tom Cruise & Jennifer Connelly's close-ups, you can make out their skin pores, wrinkles and all. I've actually been finding myself revisiting standard Blu-ray movies as well, because coupled with Shield TV's upscaling, they're often close to or indistinguishable from 4K at actual viewing distance. Formovie Theater just renders any video better. It's a tough choice whether to use Zidoo & enjoy quasi-DV applied to regular Blu-ray or opt for Shield TV with mild upscaling for slightly better details.

Of course, whether using Zidoo, Shield TV or any UHD disc player, where the Formovie Theater really shines is with native DV disc content. Watch the documentary 'Awaken' and be just blown away, 'Aquaman' impresses with IMAX scenes that pop, 'Dune' looks epic, 'Gemini Man' has hyper-realistic and detail (as its 60 frames/second), 'The Matrix Resurrections' has lots o' digitally-shot detail, 'No Time to Die' looks gorgeous, and there are many more.

Managing the Cons:

Dust blobs, aargh! Let's just say I've been unlucky to have had to to deal with this more than others, pretty sure. Mine appears to have happened during shipment transit. You can do 4 things to address it. First, use a lens cleaning pen to try & get rid of dust particles on the exterior of the lens. If that doesn't do it, use an air blower (but not canned air) to blow air on the vent in the direction of the airflow. You can tell which way by placing your hand on either side of the projector to check. If this also doesn't fully get rid of dreaded dust blob(s), you can either ask your dealer for a swap-out for a new unit (what I ultimately had to do) or open up the unit & attempt cleaning inside the lens assembly. I'm so glad I bought from because they provided excellent support & guidance. I highly recommend asking them to pre-screen your Theater unit before they ship it. Not just for potential dust blobs, but ensuring focus and geometry are both good. They are probably the best A/V vendor I've ever dealt with.

On HDMI connection issues, not much can be done about it. Both T1 & Theater suffer from finicky signal lock issues, taking 10-15 seconds to finally lock in after resolution & color space changes. This happens when switching inputs, starting a video from the user interface, and stopping a video. In my case, buying an expensive 8K fiber optical cable (40ft from HDFury to Theater) helped some, as did premium HDMI cables between my media players and HDFury. To make sure it wasn't the HDFury causing the issue, I did try connecting a media player directly to Theater, but had the same issues. If my set-up had allowed for my A/V equipment to sit near the Theater & use short HDMI cables, this maybe would've made the difference, but I shouldn't have to do so when using an 8K fiber optical cable. Didn't have this issue with my previous projectors.

Lost wi-fi problem, which others have also posted about here & in the T1 thread. My Theater unit wouldn't see my wi-fi network after a firmware update. Rebooting didn't help, and I had to factory reset to get wi-fi back.

On focus adjustment using the remote, the focus ring on T1 or Theater doesn't go quite far enough to either edge as it could or should. So, even with the left arrow maxed out, focus, especially on the top right & left corners remain kinda soft. This is more noticeable in screens larger than 100", like mine at 145". Focus does improve on its own after the unit has been powered on for about 30 minutes, but if you want perfect focus, the only way is to open the unit & manually push the focus ring (then leave it be, and not use the remote to focus).

HDR10+ support, don't think so. Fengmi themselves have added confusion by showing it being supported in T1/Theater promo pics and their official product page, specifications. To make sure, I plugged in a Fire TV Stick 4K Max into HDMI1 port on Theater and fired up 'The Tomorrow War'. On-screen indication is just HDR10, but I also watched parts of the movie, as well as parts of 'Thirteen Lives', and didn't notice any dynamic color or brightness variances within or between scenes. I'm assuming it's just standard HDR.

Initial placement of this projector takes time & patience (also true of USTs in general). Centering perfectly, leveling, moving left/right, and having to do it all over again. It's all manual. I wish UST projectors had 4 adjustable feet vs. two. In my case, I needed to buy furniture shims to level the back, in addition to using the built in front adjustable feet to get it placed just right.

Other Notable Aspects:

Formovie Theater has rather impressive built-in audio powered by renowned Bowers & Wilkins. I use a dedicated 7.1.4 audio system, and don't use the built-in audio. But, if you don't & might be planning to buy a soundbar to pair with the Theater, you probably don't need it.

The Theater supports CEC, which is useful for powering on/off the unit as well as other CEC devices you have. In my case, I can use either the Theater's remote or Shield TV's to power on/off the projector, AVR and media player, and control volume.

If you're planning to use Formovie Theater with some ambient light, an ALR screen will help. But, you absolutely don't need one. Standard screens with beveled frames are problematic because the bottom edge blocks the bottom of the projected image from the screen.


A few (mostly manageable) cons aside, Formovie Theater is an awesome projector for the price. It's better than all PJ's I've owned or tested to date, and that includes the highly regarded Epson 5050UB (also at this price point), various 4K front-projection DLPs, and other single & tri-laser USTs like Xiaomi, Wemax & Vava.

Not that I'm expecting it, but if Fengmi were to add HDR10+ & especially 3D support to Theater, it would make it an absolute unbeatable projector. I don't expect it'd be all that hard to implement via firmware like Vava (3D support) and AWOL (HDR10+, with DV & 3D in the works) have done. Pretty please Fengmi!

When you have family members that don't care about this HT hobby nor care critically about PQ say "wow" and are amazed by the picture Formovie Theater throws, you have a winner. We don't go to the movie theater much when the home experience can often best it. And for those of you who are picky HT enthusiasts like me, Formovie Theater is the best there is for this affordable price. It's really a great bang for the buck. You can't do a better PJ, any kind, for this price.

And, seriously, don't risk it, don't consider buying from anywhere else but (cuz they truly provide the best support).

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very impressed compared to Optoma P2
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So about 2 years ago was when I decided to give projection TV a shot. It was after I first learned about the UST projectors at Best Buy. I did a good amount of research and bought an Optoma Cinemax P2 paired with an $500 ALR screen.

I also did a pretty good amount of lighting control in my living room: blackout curtain in half of my windows and tinted the other windows, in an otherwise very bright and well lit living room. I was decently happy with that setup.

I did have to buy an Arcana HD Fury to solve that lack of eARC in the P2. What I didn't like was for certain shows/movie (which I streamed using a Fire Cube) the color and/or brightness was very muted; while for other shows/content the image would be brilliant.

During daytime, I just accepted the fact that I was going to get a very washedout image. About 1 month ago, I learned about the Formovie Theater just because I've always been an AV enthusiast and generally keep up with the technology.

I guess the lone pro review and the advertisement were impressive enough; and the truth was I had been getting tired of having to fool with the Arcana HD Fury a few times every week or so for it to work right. I took a giant leap of faith and placed an order for this a time when there was like only 1 user review I could find online. I received the unit in about 10 days.

I set it up right away. There was an Android TV update that took a very long time...I think maybe 30 minutes. I liked the setup process more than what I experienced with the Optoma mainly because I succeeded in fitting the entire image onto the screen without any light spillage onto the adjacent wall. Now I'm pretty sure a pro probably could've achieved that with the Optoma using what's available on that platform; But this is just my honest opinion based on my personal experience.

Immediately, I was impressed with the color saturation of the Formovie Theater compared to the P2. My ALR screen is 100" and was not the best you can get out there. I was able to see a significant improvement of the image in my fairly well lit living room. When I lowered my blackout curtains at that time in the afternoon, the image I got was probably 50% better than the Optoma. Now the truth that needs to be known is you're not going to get a saturated image of a conventional LED, OLED TV during the day.

The contrast of a projection TV just won't compare. HOWEVER, the more you can control your ambient lighting you'll see a drastic improvement in the image.

In the evening, this thing is as good as any convention TVs in my experience, which made me very happy (to have a giant 100" TV in my living room.) This really makes a big difference in watching movies at home. I really don't miss going out to the theater much anymore. I did encounter a problem during setup that almost had me returning the unit. I was not able to get my Sonos ARC to work with the projector. I plugged it into the dedicated eARC HDMI port and got no sounds. I fooled with it for hours.

Called for support at; they suggested I call Sonos....and Sonos people flat-out told me that this projector is not supported. At this point I've tried different cable, tried different settings in the menu in both projector's Adroid TV, and that of the Fire Cube and nothing worked. Finally, before I was going to pack it up and send back, I decided to unplug power to my Sonos ARC...I think that's what did it. I'm not entirely sure, but when I basically set up the Sonos ARC from scratch, it just worked.

I can't remember all the steps I did, but it just works now and I love it.

Now 1 remaining issue which I hope at some point will be resolved: The Fire Cube remote cannot control the projector. I went through the usual setup; for 1 thing, Formovie is not in the list of manufacturer's of the TV/projectors.

I also tried having the Fire TV remote "learn" the functions of the Formovie remote following the directions given. It doesn't work. I suspect this probably will have a solution with updates and such. For now, I just have to use the projector remote to turn on the TV instead of just using my Fire Cube remote for everything.

So in conclusion: buy this projector if you're looking into going big and your budget is to stay under $5000. Great bargain.

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Amazing, affordable UST projector
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The Formovie Theater UST projector has absolutely exceeded my expectations and to this point has been a fantastic addition to my home. Sports are larger than life and I have renewed interest in rewatching some of my favorite shows and movies. Completely happy with my purchase and have already recommended this projector to my friends and family!
First UST projector
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Moved into a small space that wouldn't allow me to mount a projector, so I gave the UST a try. I was about to purchase the LSP9T but then came across a youtube video of doing a side by side comparison. Granted this was a in house production and test, testing a product that is purely exclusive to so I think that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyways, I have no benchmark with this being the only UST throw projector I have ever seen in person, but the picture quality is great and it lives on top of my media console. I am guessing that this goes with all UST projectors, but setting up the picture to match the screen too a really long time. The software calibration tools are not that great compared to a long throw projector, because getting a long throw projector level and square are not as critical.

Since the projector is so close everything seems to be amplified and getting it dialed in was a long process. Giving it 4 stars because of the time that it took me to dial in the projector to match with the screen perfectly.

Formovie Theater Projector Initial Impressions
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Purchased this unit from First, shipping and service were impeccable. Joe, ensured that the unit had gone through an additional QC test on the unit's focus to make sure it was working properly.

Image quality: For now, I'm still deciding on a screen, and projecting against the wall. Even then, the picture is good, with solid blacks, and the colors pop. This is on a uneven, light colored wall. I have no doubt that when paired with the right screen, this projector will look incredible. I've currently tested screen sizes from 135 to 142 inches, and both look great. The size of my wall will likely only allow me to go up to 142, but I'm sure even at 150, the image will look great.

OS: The included android TV is decent, and aside from Netflix, allows streaming from all the other available apps I use (Disney+, Hulu, Prime video, Plex). Each of these apps work with no issue. Sound: The sound on the unit is actually very impressive for its size. I've hooked up the unit to my existing sound system with no issue, but the standalone speakers have some serious wattage.

Noise: The unit is very quiet, and I have not noticed any fan noise when watching any content. The vent on the left side does get hot though so it definitely needs space to vent.

Final thoughts: This is my first ultra short throw projector. I am coming from a 75inch LCD. The extra size and the image quality are definitely worth it. The price point and ease of installation make this a no brainer.

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4.5 stars for an amazing projector
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I placed this projector in a large game room. I have been debating between a large OLED TV, overhead projector, and UST laser projector. Obviously, all have their pros and cons. I finally decided on a UST projector for large screen size, ease of set up, and ease of use (will mostly be teenagers using the system). There are a handful of really good projectors and I was waffling between them, but then I saw the Formovie advertized. It checked all the boxes of a high end TV and was cheaper. Of course, since it is new to the US market it has limited customer reviews, but the few formal reviews had nothing bad to say. I was a little nervous as I tend to be a fairly cautious buyer, but decided to take the risk, partially because of the positive reviews for I had confidence that they would take care of any issues I might have.

Ultimately, this is a 5 star projector - Only half star taken off because the Android TV system does not support Netflix. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, updated, cleared caches, etc. to no avail. That is not really a fault of the projector, but if you take the system as a whole, it is a small issue. I will just have to use my Roku streaming stick, which really isn't a big deal. Some projectors don't have any streaming/OS service built in. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me (because I have the Roku), but it is nice to have the projector act more like a smart TV than just a projector.

1. Order/delivery - projector was shipped and delivered quickly. Well packaged with no concerns about damage
2. Aesthetics - it is a moderately large box. I was prepared for the size, but do research about size and appearance of all UST projectors if you are concerned about room design. The Formovie is attractive and works well in my game room space, but it may stand out in a living room, and the design conscious may have issues with it. To get a 120" or larger projection it does have to sit quite a ways out from the screen/wall, so you have to have a fairly deep cabinet to accommodate it - another design factor. I personally did not have an issue with this, but some may.
3. Setup - I put it on the cabinet, plugged it in, fiddled with the position to get as close to rectangle as possible, connected to wifi easily, signed into google, updated the system and apps and had TV up and running with Android TV in less than 30 minutes. After that I fiddled with the keystone and focus for another 15-30 minutes until picture was almost perfect. Not much more fuss than a regular OLED TV.
4. Brightness/screen - I have it set up for 120" projection. I have an ambient light rejecting screen (gray) on a very dark wall. Tried the projector without the screen on the dark wall. It was watchable, but colors were a bit flat and light from the one window did wash out the picture, but it was sufficiently bright to watch in the middle of the day. With the ALR screen, the picture is amazing. I am not a professional and did not run a bunch of tests, but I feel the colors rich and are very accurately portrayed, the darks are dark. I don't play games on it, so I didn't appreciate any motion issues.
5. Sound - The sound is rich, clear and sharp. Easily fills my large game room. Bass is definitely better than most TVs, but obviously not as good as a dedicated subwoofer. I ultimately connected the system to a higher end soundbar with subwoofer via eARC. Again, simple and easy.

Ultimately, I am very pleased with this purchase. The kids love it. Excellent picture with the latest audio and video codec technology. Easy set up and easy to use. Price is right compared to competition.
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Formovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector 2800 Lumen Triple Laser UST Fengmi T1 Global Android OS

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    /shared/images/products/spectra_projection/spectra-vantage-1.jpg Spectra Projection Vantage 90" UST ALR CLR... /spectra-projection-vantage-90-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen-for-ultra-short-throw-projectors.html In Stock $1,399.00 $1,273.02
    /shared/images/products/spectra_projection/spectra-vantage-1.jpg Spectra Projection Vantage 100" UST ALR CLR... /spectra-projection-vantage-100-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen-for-ultra-short-throw-projectors.html Leaves Warehouse within 2-3 Weeks $1,499.00 $1,273.02
    /shared/images/products/spectra_projection/spectra-vantage-1.jpg Spectra Projection Vantage 110" UST ALR CLR... /spectra-projection-vantage-110-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen-for-ultra-short-throw-projectors.html In Stock $2,399.00 $2,253.02
    /shared/images/products/spectra_projection/spectra-vantage-1.jpg Spectra Projection Vantage 120" UST ALR CLR... /spectra-projection-vantage-120-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen-for-ultra-short-throw-projectors.html Leaves Warehouse within 2-3 Weeks $2,499.00 $2,253.02
    /shared/images/products/spectra_projection/spectra-vantage-1.jpg Spectra Projection Vantage 150" UST ALR CLR... /spectra-projection-vantage-150-ust-alr-clr-projector-screen-for-ultra-short-throw-projectors.html In Stock $5,299.00 $4,899.00
    /shared/images/products/formovie/Formovie-Fresnel.jpg Formovie Fresnel ALR Ultra Short Throw Projector... /formovie-fresnel-alr-ultra-short-throw-projector-screen-100-inch-ust Leaves Warehouse within 4-6 Weeks $999.00 $984.00
    /shared/images/products/salamander/L9-UST-chicago.jpg Salamander Designs Chicago 245 Cabinet for... /salamander-designs-chicago-245-cabinet-for-integrated-formovie-theater-ust-projector-black-oak-x-fmt245ch-bk.html Pre-Order $3,799.00 $3,649.00
    /shared/images/products/salamander/L9-UST-miami.jpg Salamander Designs Miami 245 Cabinet for... /salamander-designs-miami-245-cabinet-for-integrated-formovie-theater-ust-projector-gloss-white-x-fmt245mm-bk.html Pre-Order $3,799.00 $3,649.00
    /shared/images/products/salamander/L9-UST-oslo.jpg Salamander Designs Oslo 245 Cabinet for... /salamander-designs-oslo-245-cabinet-for-integrated-formovie-theater-ust-projector-black-glass-x-fmt245os-bk.html Pre-Order $3,799.00 $3,649.00