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Formovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector 2800 Lumen Triple Laser UST Fengmi T1

Formovie Theater Ultra Short Throw Projector 2800 Lumen Triple Laser UST Fengmi T1 Global Android OS (Formovie-Theater)

4.75 stars, based on 80 reviews
iFrameResize({ log: true }, '#formovie-theater-pdp-frame') --> Formovie THEATER The ultimate 4K UHD Triple Color Laser TV Ultra Short Throw. Large Projection. Formovie THEATER has a throw ratio of 0.23:1, enabling it to throw a 100” projection with...

4.5 stars

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This is my first projector of any sort, so I am no guru by any means. With that said, a buddy of mine has a ceiling mounted projector that is 5 years old and this blows that one out of the water.

As expected, the picture is a little “pale” during the day but is very vivid when the room is dark. I also have a wall of windows that I can’t put shades on, so there is a good amount of light coming into the room where I have this stationed; so the fact I can still watch TV during these times shows it’s pretty bright overall.

I also don’t have a dedicated sound system and the speakers are great.

Great depth and able to provide a surround sound experience and it feels like I’m at a movie theater at only 50% volume.

Getting the Spectra Projection Vantage screen put together, mounted and getting the Formovie projector sitting just right was more of a hassle than I expected but that’s mostly due to the instructions that came with the screen and not so much the Formovie projector.

All in all, I would highly suggest for someone looking into UST’s!

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4.5 stars for an amazing projector

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I placed this projector in a large game room. I have been debating between a large OLED TV, overhead projector, and UST laser projector. Obviously, all have their pros and cons. I finally decided on a UST projector for large screen size, ease of set up, and ease of use (will mostly be teenagers using the system). There are a handful of really good projectors and I was waffling between them, but then I saw the Formovie advertized. It checked all the boxes of a high end TV and was cheaper. Of course, since it is new to the US market it has limited customer reviews, but the few formal reviews had nothing bad to say. I was a little nervous as I tend to be a fairly cautious buyer, but decided to take the risk, partially because of the positive reviews for I had confidence that they would take care of any issues I might have.

Ultimately, this is a 5 star projector - Only half star taken off because the Android TV system does not support Netflix. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, updated, cleared caches, etc. to no avail. That is not really a fault of the projector, but if you take the system as a whole, it is a small issue. I will just have to use my Roku streaming stick, which really isn't a big deal. Some projectors don't have any streaming/OS service built in. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me (because I have the Roku), but it is nice to have the projector act more like a smart TV than just a projector.

1. Order/delivery - projector was shipped and delivered quickly. Well packaged with no concerns about damage

2. Aesthetics - it is a moderately large box. I was prepared for the size, but do research about size and appearance of all UST projectors if you are concerned about room design. The Formovie is attractive and works well in my game room space, but it may stand out in a living room, and the design conscious may have issues with it. To get a 120" or larger projection it does have to sit quite a ways out from the screen/wall, so you have to have a fairly deep cabinet to accommodate it - another design factor. I personally did not have an issue with this, but some may.

3. Setup - I put it on the cabinet, plugged it in, fiddled with the position to get as close to rectangle as possible, connected to wifi easily, signed into google, updated the system and apps and had TV up and running with Android TV in less than 30 minutes. After that I fiddled with the keystone and focus for another 15-30 minutes until picture was almost perfect. Not much more fuss than a regular OLED TV.

4. Brightness/screen - I have it set up for 120" projection. I have an ambient light rejecting screen (gray) on a very dark wall. Tried the projector without the screen on the dark wall. It was watchable, but colors were a bit flat and light from the one window did wash out the picture, but it was sufficiently bright to watch in the middle of the day. With the ALR screen, the picture is amazing. I am not a professional and did not run a bunch of tests, but I feel the colors rich and are very accurately portrayed, the darks are dark. I don't play games on it, so I didn't appreciate any motion issues.

5. Sound - The sound is rich, clear and sharp. Easily fills my large game room. Bass is definitely better than most TVs, but obviously not as good as a dedicated subwoofer. I ultimately connected the system to a higher end soundbar with subwoofer via eARC. Again, simple and easy.

Ultimately, I am very pleased with this purchase. The kids love it. Excellent picture with the latest audio and video codec technology. Easy set up and easy to use. Price is right compared to competition.
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A great value and overall experience

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Just received and setup my Formovie Theater. Have been a self confessed home theater addict for decades, but could never bring myself to spend the money needed to put a projector into the mix. In my mind, that was money that could be spent on my other addiction, two channel audio... After reading about the projector shootout, I finally succumbed to the siren song of a larger viewing experience. Black Friday found me with credit card in hand pulling the trigger on a Formovie and 120" ALR screen.

The Projector Screen team could not have been more helpful and made sure I was comfortable with my selections and overall purchase. During the 3 weeks that my FT1 was in transit, I had some questions for the Projector Screen team and they were immediately responsive as well as helpful. I have already pointed several friends in their direction.

Bottom Line Up Front: The experience has been close to glorious and the ability to watch all but the dimmest content (Dark Knight anyone) with ambient light is a revelation. I am still stumbling my way through the settings and am trying to integrate the calibration settings from multiple sources cited on various forums. I currently have the projector and screen "roughed in" as we will be running cable channels through the walls and moving all of the system components into a closet based rack. Even in this immature state, I am having a ball with this setup.

We as humans tend to focus on criticisms first. I have a few that will be constructive, but I would like to lead with the positives.

The good:

Top of my list are the members of the AVSForum HT1 group to include the Projector Screen team. I have been a member for years and in every case, I have been able to wring maximum performance and more importantly, enjoyment from new gear because of the generous and knowledgeable contributors to threads such as these. I thank all of you

Basic setup (picture settings notwithstanding) was very straight forward and intuitive

With an Ethernet connection I have had no network hiccups

HDMI handshakes have been rock solid

Though the projector uses Android/Google to provide streaming content, I am able to completely bypass the "Google-verse" and treat this projector as a dumb monitor without setting up an account. This is a rarity and refreshing for someone such as myself that does not want my device logged in if it doesn't need to be

My unit will be hidden behind a center channel speaker, but aesthetically, the unit is handsome

The price - $3K in this inflated economy for a projector that nips at the heels of much more expensive traditional projectors is just a great step forward for value oriented enthusiasts such as myself

The picture! I have miles to go before I can say I have I have successfully fine tuned this unit, but myself, my wife,friends, neighbors, etc are all stunned by how good this projector looks with all of the content we have put through it thus far. Is it an OLED, no, but I don't think 123 inches of this can be compared to an OLED that might be blacker and more accurate, but cant provide the immersive experience that we have had over the past few days and nights

The OEM is on the AVS Forum and openly communicating with its customers!!! @Formovie Official, I thank you for taking the time and effort to engage with your customers. This is the exception and so encouraging for a relatively new market entrant. Please all, let's not take this presence for granted and find our most constructive voice with our Formovie teammates

The less than optimal:

Manual is a disappointment for something that costs this much especially when there is no online manual (that I could find)

My projector has numerous scratches along the top of the unit... Will I ever see them, probably not, but this is a NEW device and I find this unacceptable from a quality control perspective

Bluetooth remote... It works great (thus far), but not having the ability to integrate my new projector into an automation ecosystem such as Harmony, or something else is a misfire for the home theater crowd. An IR port on the back would have been nice

Focus. I had hoped that the upper left corner issue was due to early manufacturing issues. This is not the case and there is no way that someone at Formovie could not have noticed that this issue existed if they were taking even the most rudimentary quality control measures

Motion control settings - Even on low, I am getting a SOE... Turned it off, but am concerned that I will now get some motion artifacts as the trade associated with that setting.

The fan is quite noticeable and given where the projector sits relative to a center channel speaker, you can't help but focus on it during quiet passages

The picture settings menu - pretty much everything that has been said by others. I LOVE the fact that Formovie has given us such detailed inputs. For that I applaud them. But being able to reuse settings across different modes/inputs is a much needed improvement. When highlighting a setting, something should tell you what that setting does (hobbyist, not a full time pro) and being able to toggle modes on the fly would be welcome

I have the internal speakers bypassed due to having a full surround system. No matter what I do, every time I turn on the unit, it asks me if I want to turn on the speakers

No lens cover. Even if it was manual the need to keep the lens debris free is obvious. An automatically retracting shutter would be a nice touch for the next gen projector

As a last comment to the Projector Screen team, I would recommend the calibration settings for all projectors that they have been created for be better highlighted, or archived on a separate page for easy retrieval and reference.

Overall, I am thrilled with my decision to buy the Formovie Theater and I am convinced that the handful of common constructive criticisms can be addressed via progressive firmware updates by the Formovie team. I also look forward to continued collaboration with the Projector Screen and AVS Forum crowd as we optimize our viewing experience over the next few months.

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A new viewing experience @ home!

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We bought this Formovie laser TV / ultra-short throw projector after and chris majestic broadcast the results of its projector showdown 2022 event on youtube.

Our movie and TV viewing experience at home has changed for the (much) better. The image is very clear even in a bright living room during the day. We project directly on our white wall (perfectly fine!), but I guess buying a screen, although not indispensable, may provide for even a better experience.

The sound quality is incredible; you do not hear any noise coming from the projector's ventilation system. The android TV system is very stable (the project does not stop or shut down unexpectedly).

For families with young kids the projector is both easy to use and safe, as parental control settings are easy to install.

For those who like us never had a projector before: the Formovie sits very close to the wall and is comparably smaller than other similar devices, at a competitive.

I hear that the remote control could have been better equipped with more functions etc. but it is ok. Netflix not natively available but it is easy to connect another device (say: your mobile phone) to the projector and view a series with more or less the same image quality.

All in all, we are very please with this acquisition which was delivered to us within 3 working days.

Amazing Formovie projector

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I have a drop-down projection screen and was a little worried about the laser projector projecting on it but have found out it works amazingly well but I am going to do a little modification to tighten the screen up because the edges aren't perfectly straight causing the picture to move a little faster off the edges but other than that this protector is amazing the best I have seen even in the store it looks as good as TVs that are sold today the details on this projector are amazing 4K shows every little crevice and Blades of grass the 4K is better than a 1080 TV but not as good quality as a 4K TV but so close considering it is projecting it I actually don't think you could get any better quality than this projector to 4K my opinion this is the number one projector available highly recommend it and very pleased with it at a unbelievable price considering the others which makes it even better

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