Hisense was one of the first companies to release a somewhat affordable 4K ultra short throw projector. They're now breaking new ground by being one of the first to announce a new 8K ultra short throw projector in 2023, the Hisense 120LX 8K Laser TV.

The Hisense 120LX is the second 8K UST projector announced at CES 2023. This state of the art unit will join the Samsung 8K Premiere as the only 8K laser TVs.

Hisense 120LX Features

  • 8K Resolution (7680x4320)
  • True RGB Triple Laser Light Source
  • Screen Brightness Up To 400 Nits (About 3850 lumens)
  • Bundled With 120 Inch UST Daylight Screen
  • 107% Coverage Of The BT.2020 Color Space
  • Built-In Harman Kardon Speakers
  • Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X Audio Technology
  • Imax Enhanced Certified
  • Improved 3000:1 Contrast with Deeper Blacks
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 Support
  • Google TV and NEXTGEN TV Including Netflix
  • Wifi 6e for Stable and Reliable Streaming
  • Airplay 2 for Easy Casting
  • Ultra-High Speed 2.1 HDMI Ports
  • ATSC 3.0 OTA Tuner Built-in

8K Ultra Short Throw Projection

The Hisense 120LX will be offering the highest resolution available on a home projector. This 8K resolution ultra short throw with provide mind-blowing details like you've never experienced before.

With approximately 33 million pixels, this 8K projector uses 4X as many pixels as 4K UHD so you will enjoy the sharpest, most detailed image available on a projector.

There isn't a tremendous amount of 8K content currently available. However viewers can still take advantage of the extra pixels because the projector will upconvert any 4K video you send it to 8K. This will give you an even sharper higher quality image.

The 8K Samsung premiere likely uses pixel shifting to achieve this high resolution, similar to how the new line of JVC NZ projectors work. We speculate that it will be using the same 4K 0.67” DLP chip as their prior UST that has like 25XX x 1517 native resolution but instead of shifting two times to get 4K, it now shifts four times to get 8K.

RGB Triple Laser TriChroma Technology

Like the other triple laser projectors from Hisense, the LX UST will utilize TriChroma technology. This helps the device produce full coverage of the BT.2020 color space. Like the Hisense PX1-Pro, the 120LX will likely cover at least 107% of the BT.2020 color space. Maybe even more? 

Hisense is advertising a screen brightness up to 400 nits for this projector. This calculates to around 3850 lumens of brightness which would make it one of the brightest UST projector available. One source said it would be around 3500 ANSI lumens. It's not common to see projector's brightness listed in nits, but this aligns with Hisense's philosophy on their Laser TVs, that they're more television than projector.

Bundled 120" Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

Like the L9G and the new Hisense L9H, the Hisense LX will be a fixed focus projector and will come bundled with a 120" ultra short throw projector screen. This will likely be their new ambient light rejecting Daylight Screen, which surprisingly for a UST screen is a high gain screen. A higher gain screen would increase the light reflected back to the viewer. This would give you a brighter more vibrant image in even well-lit rooms.

Typically you'd want a negative gain screen with a UST projector to increase ambient light rejection and prevent hotspotting. It will be interesting to see how the projector pairs with the screen.

Built-In Harman Kardon Speakers

When it comes to ultra short throw projector sound systems, the units featuring Harman Kardon speakers were ranked as having some of the best built-in soundbars at our UST projector shootout. That's why we're super excited to hear that this top of the line 8K Hisense laser TV will feature Harman Kardon speakers. We except the Hisense 120LX will be one of the top contenders for best built-in sound system (in addition to being a front runner for best overall ultra short throw in 2023).

How Much Will The Hisense 120 LX Cost?

We don't know exactly how much the Hisense 120LX will cost but we expect it be somewhere between $10,000 to $16,000

The 8K JVC NZ7 Laser Home Theater Projector starts at $11,000. Because the 120LX is a UST with an advanced lens and technology, we wouldn't be surprised to see a $16,000 price tag. Some sources indicate the Hisense 120LX will cost at least $20,000.

While this would be a high cost for most people, for those that truly want the best image possible, the Hisense 120LX would be a great way to go.

When Will The Hisense 120LX Be Available?

Those of you interested in the Hisense 120LX will probably be waiting a while. We expect this new projector to drop some time in Q4 2023, hopefully before Black Friday sales begin. According to information from the IFA conference however it looks like it will be hitting the markets in 2024.

However, you can sign up for our emails below, and we'll notify you of any updates about this new projector from Hisense. If you sign up you may even be able to purchase the Hisense 120LX before anyone else.

Be on the lookout for updates as we learn more about this new 2023 projector and for our eventual review of the Hisense 120LX ultra short throw projector.