Well that was a lot of fun!

Last Friday (3/18/2022) ProjectorScreen.com and AVS Forum partnered together to present the first annual UST Projector Showcase. We had food, we had drinks and most importantly we had projectors!

We assembled the largest collection of ultra short throw projectors the world has ever seen. In total we showcased 17 projectors and 6 ultra short throw projector screens. We also showcased some powerful speakers from Next Level Acoustics, the Kaleidescape movie player and an Aegis custom ultra short throw projector cabinet. All of this, wired together with the help of Metra AV.

We played all different kinds of media simultaneously through all the projectors so people could compare the laser TVs side by side. We played movies, TV shows, music, sports, video games and more both with the lights on and lights off. This was a chance for home theater and projection enthusiast to rub elbows with the manufacturers and vendors, see the ultra short throw projectors in action for themselves and to meet other people passionate about projection.

It was a great event with over 40 people in attendance and over 250 who checked in on our live stream. You can watch a recording of the live stream on our YouTube channel or at the bottom of this page. We talked to the attendees and got their feedback on each projector so we can share their thoughts with you.

Triple Laser UST Projectors

Single Laser UST Projectors

Ultra Short Throw Projector Screens

AVS Forum and ProjectorScreen.com UST Showcase Part 1

AVS Forum and ProjectorScreen.com UST Showcase Part 2