XGIMI has been busy already this year announcing their newest lifestyle projector, the XGIMI Horizon Max at CES 2024.

This compact projector is the newest sibling in their Horizon lineup that includes the 4K Horizon Ultra, Horizon Pro and the 1080p Horizon. The Horizon Ultra placed 2nd in the 2023 Lifestyle Projector Showdown, so we're excited to hear about this new and improved all-in-one projector from XGIMI.

 Here's what we know so far about the XGIMI Horizon Max:

Bright Dual Light Source

The XGIMI Horizon Max uses a dual laser/LED light source. By combining these light sources, they in theory get the benefits of both with less of the drawbacks. The XGIMI Horizon also uses a hybrid Laser/LED light source.

This hybrid light source helps the XGIMI Horizon Max achieve 3100 ISO lumens of brightness. This translates to around 3875 ANSI Lumens, which would make it by far the brightest lifestyle projector available and about 35% brighter than the XGIMI Horizon Ultra. Brightness is of course one of the most important factors for lifestyle projectors because they are meant to be used in a variety of environments where you need the extra lumens, including backyard movie nights and watching TV with the lights on.

Mid-Century Modern Style For A Sleek Look 

Just like the other lifestyle units, the XGIMI Horizon Max is a box projector. This compact matte metal design allows for a lightweight and portable build. What we really like on the Max is that it includes an attached gimble stand that makes it easy to point your projector where you want. We've been big fans of this feature for flexible lifestyle models since we first saw it on the JMGO N1 Ultra and Samsung Freestyle.

Stylistically speaking there seems to be a trend in lifestyle projectors to incorporate a mid-century modern aesthetic that is perfectly exemplified by the newly announced LG QUBE HU710PB and the XGIMI Horizon Max. This beige, almost wooden looking accent on the boxy build gives this new projector a classic yet modern appeal. 

IMAX Enhanced Certified

The XGIMI Horizon Max claims to be the world's first IMAX Enhanced long throw projector.

Launched in September 2018, IMAX Enhanced is the latest AV certification, that's designed to guarantee that your entertainment setup and content is delivering the best picture and sound quality around.

While IMAX Enhanced doesn’t quite have the amount Dolby Vision/Atmos content out there, it is a quickly growing format, with support from Sony and Paramount studios, and streaming on Disney+.

The XGIMI reps at their CES 2024 booth have said that the Horizon Max will still support Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision.

A True All-In-One Projector

The XGIMI Horizon Max will include a built-in 360-degree Harmon Kardon smart speaker. The Horizon Ultra won 1st place for audio on a lifestyle projector so we expect it to be on par or better on the the Max.

No all-in-one projector can call itself complete without an onboard operating system that allows for streaming apps. The XGIMI Horizon Max will utilize the Google TV OS which means that apart from your favorite streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more, that this smart projector will feature a native Netflix app.

Easy To Set Up For Maximum Portability

Just like the other lifestyle projectors in its class, the XGIMI Horizon Max will include the very user friendly autofocus and auto-keystone adjustments. This means when you position the projector, it will automatically focus the picture and square off the image. The new Horizon Max will also feature the Intelligent Screen Adaption 5.0 (ISA 5.0) that adjusts the picture to best match the cinema screen or wall surface you're projecting onto. This won't flatten the image on a rough wall so we still recommend pairing it with a projector screen for the best image.

When Will The XGIMI Horizon Max Go On Sale?

As of right now there isn't any information about when the XGIMI Horizon Max will be available or how much it will cost. But you can be sure we'll be the first to let you know so subscribe to our mailing list below to get notifications as we learn more.