Epson has taken projection to the next level again with the super bright Epson PowerLite 810E ultra short throw projector. Being billed as an extreme short throw projector, the Epson 810E, (AKA PowerLite EB-810E and V11HA99020) has been announced at InfoComm alongside the PowerLite L series and Pro series models. This laser TV was given a 2023 InfoComm Best of Show award by Projector Central.

Epson noticed how the market was missing an 4K ultra short throw projector made for offices or classrooms. So it was only natural for Epson to transfer the advanced technology found in their home theater UST, the Epson LS800, to the classroom and business environment with the new Epson 810E.

We'll cover everything you need to know about the Epson PowerLite 810 ultra short throw projector including the specs, features cost and when it will be available for purchase.

Super Bright Laser Light Source With A Vibrant Image

Above all else the Epson PowerLite 810E is BRIGHT! With 5,000 lumens of color and white brightness this ultra short throw projector. This gives the device enough light generating horsepower to overcome even well-lit class rooms and office settings.

The Epson 810E projector utilizes a single blue laser with advanced optics and 3LCD technology to create a stunning 4K image with a sharp picture and bright vibrant colors. This laser diode technology and a re-engineered cooling system offers up to 30,0000 hours of viewing that's pretty much maintenance free.

While the picture quality is not going to be as good as the EpiqVision LS800 UST (which is made for living room and home theater use), the pixel shifting 4K Epson 810E, offers a 2,500,000:1 contrast ratio and will have an image perfect for presentations.

Epson’s advanced pixel-shifting technology combined with innovative frame interpolation, HDR and scene adaptive gamma image processing provides visibly smooth and more detailed picture quality.

Huge Picture Size, From Very Close Up

In a office or school environment you need a big screen so everyone in the room can easily see the information on the display. A 60 inch flatscreen just won't cut it. The PowerLite 810E can display a 4K picture size of up to 160 inches diagonal. That's 4.5 times larger than a 75" LED TV. It also gives you the flexibility to go all the way down to 80 inches giving you tremendous installation flexibility.

With a 0.16:1 throw ratio this new Epson laser TV can produce a 100 inch image from just 3.85 inches away from the projector screen. This ultra close throw distance makes it a perfect big screen solution for school and business presentations because the presenter themselves won't interfere with the path of the light. No more annoying shadows blocking the crucial data on the screen.

Flexible Connectivity And Installation

The Epson PowerLite 810E offers a wide range of connectivity options including HDBaseT®, HDMI®, USB, RS-232, as well as built-in wired/wireless networking. The relatively compact and lightweight 810E delivers on the promise of mobility, moving easily from room to room while fitting seamlessly into nearly any workspace.

The superb brightness and wide ranging picture size allows you the choice to place your projector where it's needed. With such a short throw distance, you don't need much room to properly position it. You can even get a separate mount to compliment the 810E so you can hang it above the screen and completely out of the way and out of reach for display on traditional whiteboards.

And, installation is easy thanks to the new Epson Setting Assist app that automatically smooths edges and corners in seconds from a smartphone.  Digital zoom and image shifting make image alignment easy. With a native 16:9 native aspect ratio, the Epson 810E also offers additional support for 16:10 WUXGA and ultra wide 16:6 and 21:9 so everyone in your meeting room can see the data clearly.

This projector even features a "Blackboard Mode" that optimizes the image for classroom usage.

With a dynamic dual speaker sound system built in you're able to fill virtually any room with an adequate audio experience. This allows you to watch movies in the classroom with your students. Educational ones of course ;)

How Much Does The Epson 810E Cost?

The Epson 810E is being sold at a price of just $3,299. This cost is quite reasonable given the brightness of this UST combined with the ultra short throw distance and other advanced technologies. 

It's not quite available for sale but should be sometime either this month or next.

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