All right guys, so I thought we were done. We aren't done! This is the 150 inch Spectra screen in the background. It's an ceiling light rejecting ultra short throw projector screen. So we're just gonna add this to the last video that we did. If you guys were paying attention, it was filmed on the Spectra Vantage 120 inch screen. So now it's actually on the big daddy screen. Let's put Brian in the frame so we can get a sense of scale.

So just to put it in perspective, he's 5'6" and this is a 150 inch screen right here. It's paired with the new Epson LS800 ultra short throw projector. This is the image that you guys are gonna get but it looks even better in person.

We'd really like to shout out to my buddies over at Kaleidescape, they're making this video series happen with their cool system. And seriously, if you guys wanna check out a really, really banging system, Kaleidescape is definitely the way to be storing your movies and other media. 

So definitely recommend checking them out, whether it be on a smaller screen for a hundred inch dedicated image, or you guys can even crank this mother up to the nines and have this massive 150 inch screen for your dedicated theater space. I'm looking at it angle to angle and it looks like things are in focus. So that's a big plus, especially going this size that typically ultra short throw projectors are gonna have a problem with going above a specific size. And that's why they were capped out a couple years ago. The screen size for these laser TVs went up to about 120 inches and maxed out 130 inches. It's only this year that between the AWOL LTV-3500, the Epson LS800, the XGIMI Aura and the Formovie Theater that we're hitting 150" at this point.

Overall this thing's looking pretty freaking sweet. Let's go ahead and pop in a demo for you.

I'm gonna just tell these guys a little bit about Kaleidescape if they're not familiar with it. So what Kaleidescape is, is a movie server essentially that you can digitally store all of your content, but it's not just like a Home Theater PC that you may have at home. The fidelity of the content on there is even higher than what you may find on a physical disc.

So for example the new Spider-Man movie, if you buy it on a UHD disc, you're limited to the capacity of what the disc can hold. You actually have a higher higher file size on the Kaleidescape player with higher quality audio as well as video than what you're gonna get on the physical media. So that's totally unlike anything you're gonna find from a streaming service, which is gonna be compressed and not look nearly as good as something that you're gonna find here on the Kaleidescape.

And that's the hard thing to let you guys know about too, is that typically whenever we talk about things that are digital, you either think it works or it doesn't. It's ones and zeros. But think about the digital bottleneck effect. And this is something that I probably just coined myself, but if you remove that bottleneck restriction, then you have a much better overall image. So you may have the ones and zeros working, but how efficiently are those ones and zeros working? So that's kind of one thing that I like to let people know, especially with cables and Kaleidescape and stuff like that. I highly recommend them because you do relieve that bottleneck effect and you get the ultimate performance whenever you guys are watching a clip. So I'm trying to find something really good for you guys. I really like the scene number four in Avengers Infinity War.

And that's another thing with the Kaleidescape you know, you're not just just popping on a movie, you could actually cut to specific scenes if you wanna do demo or watch some of your favorite parts as well. So, you know, Chris is able to go right into the scene that he wants to see and we pop up this piece of content right now. Yeah, exactly. So if you guys like to do this stuff and you guys are watching with your friends, your friends come over and you and them wanna check things out. You're not sitting there jacking through the scenes and trying to figure stuff out. It's dedicated and goes to exactly what you want. You can tailor these playlists for you and your friends.

This is exactly what we used at the recent laser TV showdown, was the Kaleidescape player. It allowed us to queue up all of the content that we wanted the judges to see even scenes specifically and create a script and then just hit the button and be able to easily jump between all the pieces of content that we wanted to view.

Despite this scene being so dim overall this is looking pretty good. And look at the freaking conditions we're in. There's light freaking everywhere and it's coming up looking really good.

I'm gonna go kill the lights, and as you can see the picture looks even better!

So I'm just going to kick back this a little bit on the remote. So let's check this thing out.

Well right guys, I think that's gonna wrap it up for our video. This is something really, really cool to come out here. This is the 150 inch Spectra Projection screen first in the US that we've seen and it's pretty sweet. So check this out. Massive. This is an ultra super top secret projector we're not supposed to talk about. Hopefully by the time this video comes out, you guys will know it exactly what it is. It's the Epson LS800 brand new, pretty sweet. You guys should check it out. And it's one of the ones that actually does the 150 inch capability. So I think that's all I got, man. If you guys wanna grab one of these things, you guys know where to go. 

You guys can get the Epson, the Kaleidescape, the ultra short throw screen itself, all at, That's all I got for you guys. Make sure you like, share and subscribe. See you later.

And keep on projecting!