Hisense has been busy this spring. They've already announced the upcoming release of the Hisense PX3 ultra short throw projector. And now they've revealed their new lifestyle projectors series on May 8, 2024. The Hisense C2.

It looks like the Hisense C1 is getting some major upgrades along with some new siblings. This 2024 projector lineup includes four models: the Hisense C2, C2S, C2 Pro and the top of the line Hisense C2 Ultra.

We have met with Hisense and were asked to not share any information regarding the USA release of the C2 until they have finalized all of the specifications, pricing and other details. We can assure you that we will be the among the first in the USA to both have the final details as well as be the launch partner for Hisense with any new projector models released in 2024.

Everything in this blog post is based on the specifications and details of the Chinese versions. So expect there to be some differences when the Hisense C2 projectors hit the American market.

New Design

The first thing you'll notice that distinguishes these new Hisense C2 projectors from the previously released C1 model, is the introduction of a built-in, easily adjustable gimble stand that's similar to the JMGO N1 Ultra.

This was one of our favorite features on the JMGO lifestyle projectors because this innovative design easily allows you to simply place and point your projector. Then just let the smart picture adjustments do the rest. Setup couldn't be easier on the go.

Hisense has also moved away from the cube projector shape. Though it's still rectangular in shape.

The darker casing appears to have done away with the dark blue metal finish found on the C1. Despite this, the Hisense C2s have a sleek design for modern aesthetic.

Hisense C2 Specs

We were able to get our hands on the specs for the new line of Hisense C2 projectors. We'll break these down in more details below.

Brightness And Triple Laser Light Source

The brightness will upgraded significantly, especially on the Hisense C2 Ultra which is listed as having a 3000 CVIA lumen triple laser light source. Keep in mind this is CVIA lumens so this will come out to somewhat less ANSI lumens, which is the more standard projector brightness measurement. Nonetheless, this will be a major improvement in the area of light output, which was the Achilles heel of the Hisense C1.

All of these new lifestyle projectors from Hisense adopt an RGB laser light source. This this triple laser technology provides wider color gamut coverage, ensuring more vivid and true-to-life color reproduction. In fact all four models will be able to achieve 110% coverage of the BT.2020 color space.

Picture Quality

As we mentioned above thanks to the triple laser light source these new Hisense lifestyle projectors will be able to cover 110% of the BT.2020 color space.

All four of these new Hisense C2 projectors will offer a 4K resolution image, giving you a razor sharp picture loaded with detail. Further enhancing the picture quality is an improved contrast, 1700:1 on the Hisense C2 and C2S and 2000:1 contrast on the C2 Ultra and C2 Pro. This is a significant improvement from the 1300:1 contrast we measured on the C1.

In addition, these models will integrate HDR, HLG and HDR10+ decoding and MEMC motion compensation technology. We expect that the eventual USA models will also include Dolby Vision support like on the C1.

For gaming, these new Hisense models will support 1080p signals at 120hz. No word yet on the input lag.

Additionally all of these 4K lifestyle projectors will support 3D. So all you 3D lovers out there can celebrate the creation of another 3D projector!

Image Setup

Like the C1 and other lifestyle projectors, the Hisense C2 projector series offers advanced image correction and enhancements to make setting up your image a piece of cake. These new smart projectors will feature autofocus and auto keystone correction. When you combine these with the easy to use 360 degree gimble, all you need to do is point your projector at the projection surface and this intelligent device will give you an optimized and squared off image.

Further making setup easier, while the optical unit of the entry-level Hisense C2 has a digital zoom, the C2 Pro and C2 Ultra have an optical zoom! This means you won't have to physically move your projector to get a smaller or larger image size on your screen.

When it comes to connectivity, the new Hisense C2 projectors will offer 2 HDMI 2.1 ports (one with eARC), 2 USB 3.0, S/PDIF, and a LAN port.

Built-In Sound System

The sound system is supported by built-in JBL speakers. The high-end model. the Hisense C2 Ultra, hides a subwoofer in its stand base. The C1 came was ranked 2nd for audio at the 2023 Lifestyle Projector Showdown, so we expect the Hisense C2 to have similar if not better sound quality.

When Will The Hisense C2 Be Available? How Much Will It Cost?

This announcement is initially intended for the Chinese market with the availability of these devices planned for June 2024. 

However, we believe that we should see an American version of the Hisense C2 projectors released some time in late summer or early fall. So we'd recommend not waiting for its release, and instead purchase the Hisense C1 so you and your family can fully enjoy a summer filled with backyard movie nights.

According to our friend at MondoProjos. The Hisense C2 should be marketed at around $2,200, $2,500 for the C2 Pro and $3,000 for the C2 Ultra. High prices but which underline the improvements made compared to the C1.

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