Movies are a great way to connect with family and friends and experience something new together. After COVID-19 put a pause on going to the cinema, the need for at-home streaming and other entertainment boomed. There’s nothing like watching a movie on the big screen, and luckily, there are ways to recreate that experience at home. June 10th is National Movie Night, which makes it the perfect time to think about designing a home theater. Here are some benefits that a home theater can offer. 

1) You Get the Ultimate Moving-Watching Experience

Going to the movies is a popular pastime for many people, but not all viewing experiences are the same. Most people can agree that watching films on your laptop or tablet is a lot different than seeing a movie on the big screen. With a home theater, you can recreate that unique experience of going to the cinema in the comfort of your home with projectors, cinema screens, speakers, comfortable seating, and more. With these devices, you can create the ultimate movie-watching experience that you can access whenever you want. 

2) You Can Stay Safe

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, going to the cinema has become a safety hazard with so many people packed in one room. Even as public movie theaters reopened, some people have been hesitant to return due to the risk. With more people spending time at home, a home theater is the perfect solution as you can stay safe in the comfort of your own space around people you know and trust. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about strangers crowding your space.

3) You Have More Control

Have you ever missed the best part of a movie when you went on a bathroom break? With a home theater, that’ll never happen again since you have the ability to pause your movie at any time. One of the biggest advantages to a home theater is that it grants you more control over your movie-watching experience. With home theater equipment, you can rewind and replay your favorite scenes, lower or increase the volume, adjust the lighting, and can split up a lengthy movie over two nights. Your own theater means you can cater your experience to your needs and preferences – the options are endless!

4) It’s More Convenient

Visiting a public movie theater can be a hassle, especially if you’re going with a large group. Between finding parking, buying tickets, and finding seats together, it can be a complicated process. Having a home theater simplifies these challenges and makes it more convenient as you don’t have to worry about lines of people, or being distracted by others talking or being on their phones during the movie. Not to mention, you get the best seats each time and can bring whatever food you want. 

5) You Can Customize It To Your Needs

Another benefit of having a home theater is that you can customize it to your needs. If you want a break from uncomfortable theater seats, you can use recliners, couches, bean bags, pillows, and blankets to create the perfect movie night setup. You can also install a sound system of your choice to get the best acoustics to your liking. You have the flexibility to design your home theater however you want, and can choose the best layout for the room and your needs. For instance, if you have a big family, perhaps you’ll want to create a stadium seating setup. However, if you’ll be watching movies mainly on your own, you can design the room around the “King’s Chair,” or the best seat in the house. 

6) It’s Multifunctional

A home theater isn’t just limited to movies – you can also use it to watch your most binge-worthy shows, sporting events, and even play video games. The space can be used for several purposes, and can elevate nearly every online experience. Imagine having a front row seat to a virtual concert, or seeing your favorite sports team make an iconic play on the big screen. Your home theater is what you make of it, so experiment with different ways you can use it.

7) It Adds a Touch of Luxury

There’s nothing like watching a good movie in the comfort of your home, and having a home theater can elevate that experience. Creating this space can give your home a touch of luxury that sets it apart from other houses. A home theater is a valuable feature that not many have, and will be sure to impress any visitors.

8) It’s a Great Space for Entertaining

A home theater doesn’t just have to be for you and your immediate family. You can also use it as a fun, entertaining space to host friends, coworkers, and relatives. As multifunctional as a home theater is, you can use it for almost any purpose and can utilize the special lighting and sound systems to set the mood. It’s a great indoor alternative if your outdoor plans are ruined by the weather, and you can avoid crowded bars and restaurants and put on a sporting game or T.V. special in this space. You can even decorate your home theater and make or cater snacks and drinks to make your event even more special. 

9) It Can Increase the Value of Your Home

Creating a home theater is a big commitment, but it also comes with a good return on investment. A home theater can increase the resale value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Although it can be an expensive project, the benefits will pay off in both value and use over the years. Luckily as a homeowner, you have the option of using your home’s equity to cover the costs, and can even deduct the interest when used for home improvements. Creating a high-end space like this in your home is an investment in both time and money, but will be beneficial long term.

10) It Can Help Your Home Sell More Quickly

With more people spending time at home due to the pandemic and other reasons, home buyers are searching for unique home features to make their stay more enjoyable. Having a home theater can be a valued element that can attract home buyers and make your home stand out. As stated before, this amenity provides you with the convenience, fun, and touch of luxury that other people will seek in their future home. This might be the deciding factor for people to buy your home, which can take it off the market faster.

11) It Can Connect Your Family

Movies have a special way of connecting people and having a home theater is a great way to bond with your family over your favorite films. Instead of scrolling on your cell phones or tablets, you can come together in your home theater to watch movies, shows, or just lounge and enjoy the atmosphere. You can make watching movies a weekly tradition and can use this space to make new memories together.