Are you looking to upgrade your video format projector screen to a wide format projection screen? If so, then you may not even need to buy a new screen.

It is as simple as rolling the screen out less than usual. By reducing the height of the screen, while retaining the width you are altering the format.

Some projector screens will allow you to set the rollout limit within the casing, allowing you to always pull it out the perfect amount to adjust the format and still look good.

If that cannot be done, another simple method is to make a marking on the screen at the desired roll out length, so as you pull it down in the future, it will be easy to locate the sweet spot.

Once disadvantage to doing this format altering trick is that you lose any masking border at the top of the image.

If you are happy with the current width of your projector screen but are looking to make a more widescreen format, this trick may work for you!

It also works on 1:1 square format projector screens; you can make them video format the same way.