If you are looking for cheap projector screens, than you have come to the right place. Why spend thousands on a projection screen when you have hundreds of great screens at your disposal for a couple hundred dollars and less.

A cheap projector screen can be cheap due to it's price, but that's because of it's construction. You need to be careful when looking for a cheap projector screen, that you don't sacrifice quality for saving a couple of dollars.

Cheap projection screens are great alternatives to renting a screen; you can also build a DIY projector screen with fabric, framing or even projector screen paint!

Cheap projector screens are not ideal for heavy-use, or where failure of the screen is not an option. For the causal user however, cheap projection screens are a great alternative to spending more money than you need to, to serve the purpose.

When Should You Buy A Cheap Projector Screen?

Some of the best cheap projector screens are tripod screens and manual wall screens. Since there are no complicated inner parts or electronics, these screens can be made cheaply and work reliably. Be cautious when shopping for an electric projector screen that is priced comparably to similar sized manual screens.

Why You Shouldn't Buy A Cheap Projection Screen

If you're an avid movie watcher you're going to be spending hours staring at your cinema screen. For that reason alone you want to have the best screen possible.

On top of that when you get a bargain projector screen you'll see every flaw and wrinkle which will completely take you out of the moment.

Here is what you get when you buy invest in your movie screen:

  • Higher Resolution Image - On a low-cost screen you will likely be able to detect a lack of sharpness, clarity and dynamics when compared with a premium screen that can truly render a 4K resolution image.
  • Better Color Accuracy A quality made projection screen is properly calibrated to not influence the colors of the projected image.
  • Smoother Image - Premium projector screens are texture free which not only prevents wrinkles and folds from appearing but also give you a sharper image overall. 
  • Brighter Image- Better made projector screens can be more reflective than cheaper screens giving you a brighter image.
  • Lasts Longer - A low end movie screen is going to be made of cheaper parts, so a premium screen is going to serve you longer. This is especially true of motorized projector screens with moving parts.
  • You'll Know What You're Buying - One of the problems with a low priced surfaces, especially getting a cheap projector on Amazon, is that you don't know for sure that the seller is accurately representing the quality and effectiveness of the screen. Many claim to be "4K Ready" but that doesn't mean it can actually resolve a crisp image like a 4K projector screen can.

If you want to know what projector screen you should get you can read our complete guide. You can also give us a call

What Are The Best Cheap Cinema Screens?

I don't want to call products from Elite Screens and Recordex USA "cheap" as they are very well constructed, durable and reliable, but the fact that they are so inexpensive may have many people question the quality of the product.

Products from those manufacturers may end up comparably priced to similarly sized electric projector screens, but I assure you to not be afraid of the quality of the Elite Screens projector screen or the Recordex USA projector screens either.

Buying a cheap projector screen is often a more economical option over renting a screen, often realizing savings upon the 2nd use of the screen.

If you don't need extremely heavy-duty equipment, then an inexpensive projection screen may be just what you need.

Even it if starts to fail after many uses, and needs replacement, would it still be a more economical option than renting or purchasing a more expensive projector screen?