Ultra short throw projectors are a type of projector designed for well lit rooms as a big screen television replacement. These laser TVs sit right underneath the cinema screen instead of the other side of the room like a regular throw projector. But which UST should you buy? Which one is right for you? We'll answer these question as part of our ultra short throw projector shootout series where we compare two laser TVs against each other. Let's find out which is better, the Optoma D2 and the XGIMI Aura.

When Optoma released their original P1, they were one of the first to manufacture an affordable, high performance laser TV. The Optoma D2 4K ultra short throw projector is the latest from Optoma to hit the market. Affordability was definitely their focus on building this UST. With 3000 lumens the CinemaX D2 is bright enough for even the most well-lit living room. Optoma also released the Optoma D2+ which is the same unit but comes with the Hako Mini 4K media player to make it a smart projector.

Much like the highly praised Formovie Theater, XGIMI is a new brand to the USA, but not new to the global projection market. The XGIMI Aura is their first ultra short throw projector. This 2400 lumen laser TV is a very strong single laser UST. It offers a sleek, high quality image perfect for anyone who loves watching TV and movies. You can learn more in our XGMI Aura review.

So which is better the XGIMI Aura or the Optoma D2?

Check out our expert comparison of these two fantastic single laser ultra short throw projectors to find out.

Product Photo


Product Photo

Optoma D2

Our Thoughts:




With 600 more lumens, Optoma D2 offers more brightness capability.

Throw Ratio



The XGIMI 4K UST sits a bit closer to the screen than the Optoma unit.


.47" DLP

.47" DLP

Both projectors use the smaller .47 DLP chip.

Light Source

ALPD® 3.0 single laser

Single laser

Both UST projectors use a single blue laser projectors. The XGIMI Aura gets an edge however thanks to its ALPD® 3.0 technology.


80% DCI-P3

97% DCI-P3

While the D2 has a wider color gamut, while watching content out of the box the Aura appeared more accurate.

Sequential Contrast Ratio



The superior contrast of the XGIMI Aura shows up significantly when watching content.

Input Lag

43.1 ms

16 ms

The low 4K lag time of the Optoma D2 makes it a true gaming projector


4X 15W Harman/Kardon speakers

20W speakers

The XGIMI Aura delivered some of the best audio we’ve heard from an ultra short throw projector




Both UST projectors have the same cost making them two of the lowest priced laser TVs.

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Pros And Cons Of Each UST Projector

Product Photo


The Pros

  • Deep dark black levels
  • Produces a sharp image with good contrast and HDR handling
  • 2nd best built in speakers on a UST
  • Fan noise is nearly silent
  • Supports 3D
  • Can make an image size up to 150 inches
  • Has 3 HDMI ports

The Cons

  • Colors are a bit oversaturated
  • Limited amount of calibration controls
  • No accurate preset Movie mode
  • No eARC
  • No input button on remote, so you have to go into menus to do this
  • Netflix app is not included
Product Photo

Optoma D2

The Pros

  • Ultra fast gaming projector with 16ms in 4K at 60Hz and 4ms in 1080P at 240Hz
  • Very bright laser light source
  • Supports 3D
  • Available in both black and white chassis
  • Features 3 HDMI ports
  • Upgraded D2+ includes a smart media player that has Netflix

The Cons

  • Contrast leaves a lot to be desired
  • Poor HDR handling
  • Basic model doesn't include any smart TV apps
  • Colors out of the box lack the vibrancy of other projectors
  • No options to change motion interpolation settings
  • Poor control of the DLP rainbow effect

So Which Is Better, The XGIMI Aura Or The Optoma D2 Laser TV?

Both of these are low priced affordable single laser UST projectors. Whether you buy the XGIMI or the Optoma D2 laser TV, you'll get fantastic image quality and you'll be content with your purchase. But a winner must be chosen. So between the Optoma Cinemax D2 and XGIMI Aura the winner of this ultra short throw projector shootout is the………


In the battle of low priced ultra short throw projectors the XGIMI Aura has a significant advantage. Some of the main reasons we picked the Aura as the winner was When watched content side by side the contrast and black levels were far superior. The extra high quality speakers and slightly closer throw ratio also help give this XGIMI 4K UST an edge.

This laser TV has accurate colors and fantastic contrast. It also provides great motion handling and a sharp image. While they're new to the USA projection market, XGIMI has made a very strong impression with such a high performing low cost UST.

The biggest knock against the XGIMI Aura is that it lacks the wide color gamut coverage of the other UST projectors. This does take away some of the color vibrancy and accuracy, however XGIMI programed this unit to take full advantage of what it has built in to still give you an excellent picture.

The Optoma D2 does offer an all around good image. However, if you're a gamer the D2 is definitely the way to go thanks to its super low lag time. With 3000 lumens of brightness and curved screen warping adjustments, the Optoma D2 is going to be the better choice for exhibitions and training simulators like flight, driving and helicopter simulation setups.

We'll be breaking down the comparison between the Optoma D2 and XGIMI Aura even further in our Ultra Short Throw shootout series on YouTube. So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get notified when our shootout goes live plus other great content in our pipeline. You can also see our other projector comparisons here.

If you have any questions on these UST projectors or anything else projection related don’t hesitate to hit us up at ProjectorScreen.com. Thanks for reading and keep on projecting!

Which projector do you think is better? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Optoma D2 Vs XGIMI Aura

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