Samsung LSP9T UST Unboxing

What's up everybody. It's Brian with next projection and projector, here to give you a glimpse at the brand new Samsung, premier LSP, 90 ultra short throw laser 4k projector. We're gonna be cracking open this fresh box for you all. To take a look at the contents inside. Ready to do it. I know I am. Let's slice!

So first thing we can see is that this is very well packaged, as you would expect, on the top of the box, it looks like we have our user's manual for both the LSP7T and the LSP9T.

A pack of AA batteries for the remote control. Power cable for the projector. And the remote control itself.

Let's see, what's behind door number one. Okay. What we've got here is a quick setup guide that is very well taped. Some placement instructions and what we've all been waiting for. The projector itself.

Let's go and get this guy out. Start by popping off this styrofoam end cap over here, remove cap number two, and we're going to move this box out of the way.

Let's see what we've got under this wrapper.

Here we go in all of its glory, the LSP9T starting to come out of its shell wrapped in yet another layer of plastic, which is always a good thing. I will take all the precautions that can be afforded to us to keep this thing safe in transit. Let's peel that away. Nice, satisfying sound of the plastic coming off.

And it looks like we have yet another layer here on the bottom.

So what we've got on the front of this guy is the integrated audio system behind the attractive cloth screen on the back. And you have all of the various inputs in the other ports, power optical output, a USB service port, which will also provide five volts to power your streaming devices. We have HDMI input one, which is eArc setting while this is specifically important for this particular projector because it is the only UST right now that offers an eArc while the other ones only offer a regular arc. And we have two additional HTMI inputs. A LAN for control, an x-link port, which I'm not exactly sure what it does. And the very commonly found coaxial cable input, which allows you to use this as a tuner for your cable TV.

It’s time for the moment y'all have been waiting for let's fire this bad boy app and check it out.

First look at the Samsung Premiere LSP9T

All right, we got this bad boy fired up, up against our 100 inch diagonal Grandview dynamic ultra short throw ambient light rejecting screen in this well-lit showroom environment.

Today, we're going to be playing some Samsung demo content that was made specifically to make their displays really pop.

First glimpse looks awesome, but let's go see how that video plays. Y'all ready to check it out. Let's do it.

So the first thing that you can see very clearly is that it is bright. Those colors are super vibrant. The whites are super bright, white, tremendous level of detail. I mean, just looking at those water droplets, that's astonishing.

This Samsung projector utilizes a three laser design as a red laser, a blue laser and a green laser. Those triple lasers are what are enabling this thing to have such a stellar color reproduction. This projector exceeds the BT 2020 color space and has the widest color gamut of any of the current generation USD projectors right now.

One thing you may have noticed is they like using food. This stuff looks good enough to eat right off of this screen. Look at the detail in the steak right there. You can see all of those little nooks and crannies that grill flames look really great. Orange salmon looks phenomenal, that butter dripping. I mean, like take a look at this real quick look at all of that detail that you're seeing here within that cut of the meat.

This bread looks specifically phenomenal. I'm not sure if you're able to pick it up in the video we're shooting, but we are seeing such a tremendous level of detail in all of those little crannies of that bread.

This is beyond what my expectation was watching this particular piece of content. That's for sure.

It looks like we're going back in time and revisiting all of that yummy food. I apologize to all you vegetarians out there. Maybe this turned you back to the dark side, who knows, but one thing I could tell you for certain, this projector rules, I'm now hungry. You should definitely check it out.

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