This Samsung Portable Projector Gives You The Big Screen Experience Wherever And Whenever You Want It

Samsung's latest foray into the projector space is with this really interesting lifestyle centric unit, "The FreeStyle" and will be available at on January 24th, 2022 retailing at $899. Check out the Samsung Freestyle.

This go-anywhere personal projector with built in sound is the versatile device perfect for watching movies and media anytime, anywhere.

Samsung home projectors like the LSP7T and LSP9T ultra short throw projectors have been some of our hottest sellers.

Let’s find out why the Samsung Freestyle is going to be one of the most popular mobile projectors this year.

Beautiful Image Up To 100 Inches

Experience movies, TV shows, sports videos and more in beautiful 1080p with the Samsung Freestyle. This 1080p portable projector can beam an image from 30” up to a ginormous 100 Inches!

With a bright 552 lumen light source, the Samsung Freestyle provides fabulous details and is capable of projecting 1 billion colors! This compact projector offers a 300:1 native contrast ratio giving you a great image quality. It’s even HDR 10 compatible.

Easy To Set Up

Setting up the Samsung Freestyle portable projector couldn’t be easier. This compact projector features:

  • Auto Focus - You don’t need to set focus yourself, the Freestyle automatically focuses your picture
  • Auto Keystone - Your projected image is automatically set to a rectangular 16:9
  • Auto Leveling - Even when The Samsung Freestyle is placed on a tilted surface, the image is still rectangular
  • Smart Calibration - The Freestyle optimizes the projected image based on projection surface color
  • 180° Projector Stand - You can easily adjust the angle by using the included projector stand. From the wall to the ceiling, make the screen whatever surface you want.

The Ultimate Portable Projector

The Samsung Freestyle is the best portable projector. It’s compact and lightweight at just 1.5 lbs, making it easy to pack up and transport.

This Samsung portable projector offers 2 hours of video watching and is compatible with external chargers for hours upon hours of media enjoyment without a plug. With smart TV features and built-in sound you don’t need to schlep external speakers or media players making it perfect for outdoor movie watching and as a camping projector with a portable movie screen. The portability of this small projector also allows you to take it to messy and wet places where laptops and televisions dare not go like the kitchen for recipes or to watch TV while taking a nice relaxing bath.

Built-In Sound

The Freestyle projector comes with a 5w speakers with 360° sound for an immersive movie watching experience anywhere.

Strong bass sounds and high sound quality that don’t require additional speakers allow you to experience unbelievable immersiveness when watching movies or playing video games.

Smart TV Projector

This versatile device isn’t just a projector it’s also a smart TV.

The Freestyle portable projector supports all major streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Prime Video, and Hulu so you can enjoy countless hours of great content. It even comes with Samsung TV Plus so you can enjoy the free, ad-supported video service with no subscription, all you need is an internet connection.

Furthermore, you can easily connect The Freestyle to the smartphone through Tap View and Airplay2. With Wi-Fi direct connection, you can mirror your main TV to The Freestyle.

The Samsung Freestyle not only supports wireless connection but also Micro HDMI connection, so you can enjoy your favorite legacy devices with this portable projection device.

You can even control the device with your voice thanks to integration with Amazon’s Alexa and Bixby. This device also features Bluetooth connection so you can pair your device with your phone and other speakers with ease.

Cool Features

Samsung’s new portable projector is loaded with cool features and abilities you won’t find in other compact projectors like:

  • Ambient Mode - Instantly create an exciting and colorful atmosphere in any room or turn your home into a mini dance club
  • Socket Adapter - With this adapter you can screw the Freestyle into any light socket allowing you to project onto any tabletop. This makes it perfect for cake decoration, tracing pictures and even as a D&D projector.
  • Ceiling Projection - The 180° projector stand lets you project onto the ceiling so you can watch movies and TV laying down in bed.

Buy the Samsung Freestyle portable projector today!

If you have any questions about the Samsung Freestyle feel free to talk to one of our projection experts. And keep an eye out for our in-depth review of this brand new portable projector from Samsung.