Introducing the new Optoma ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200 WUXGA laser projectors. These three projectors are the brand’s highest lumen output projectors to date, making them some of the brightest business and large venue projectors available on the market.

These ultra bright laser projectors fill the need for high-end installations, including the entertainment, exhibition, and digital signage markets.

Laser Light Source

These 17,000+ lumen projectors feature a powerful laser light source. These units are part of the Optoma DuaCore laser line up. By implementing advanced laser diode techniques and an innovative dust reducing design, these high brightness projectors from Optoma provide up to 30,000 hours of lifetime operation.

With advanced Multicolor Laser (MCL) technology, the ZU2200 even features a second red laser in addition to the blue laser to give you even better color performance.


These new Optoma projectors are their brightest ever. They breakdown like this:

  • Optoma ZU1700 - 17,000 Lumens
  • Optoma ZU1900 - 19,000 Lumens
  • Optoma ZU2200 - 22,000 Lumens

That’s right, the ZU2200 is a whopping 22,000 lumen laser projector! These awesome newly released Optoma projectors are perfect for large venues, mega churches, expos, convention centers and even outdoor events during the day.


At a hefty 110-119 pounds respectively, these powerful units are built to last. These devices are made with reliability at the core with 24/7 operation capabilities, up to 30,000 hours of laser powered lamp life, dust reducing design and an IP5X rating for optimal and dependable performance. These new laser projectors perform even under the more grueling A/V set up conditions and are rated up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit / 50 degrees Celsius.

The sturdy metal chassis and modular design allow for easier maintenance, a multitude of connectivity options, and failsafe redundancy mode for instant source switching.


Contrast Ratio

With Extreme Black enabled, which turns the laser off when a full black image is detected, the projectors have a rated contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1.


These new Optoma projectors deliver outstanding and accurate colors with display modes to meet your needs. These projectors cover about 99% of the Rec.709 and offer over 1.07 billion displayable colors.


The ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200 are capable of receiving and displaying HDR meta data. These high lumen HDR projectors allow you to see far more detail and texture in your image.

3D Projection

It even has passive 3D capabilities thanks to the DLP chip technology.


These high lumen WUXGA projectors utilize a relatively massive 0.96" DMD chip technology. This advanced DLP chip offers digital projection with higher contrast, faster response time, good pixel structure and virtually no color degradation.

Interchangeable Lenses

These WUXGA projectors provide extreme flexibility with eight interchangeable lenses to meet the needs of even the most complex installations.


The connection panels on these three new Optoma laser projectors include inputs for two HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT, RJ45, USB for service, and a 12V trigger. There are outputs for HDMI and 3G-SDI, in addition to in/outs for a wired remote, 3D sync, and RS232.

Built-in Features

  • Full Lens Shift
    • The new Optoma ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200 projectors feature full lens shift for maximum placement possibilities.
  • Redundant input with fast switching
    • The advanced signal input detection function provides instant source switching in the event of the failure of the signal source device. This feature ensures an image never fails to display in critical installations such as control rooms, live events or other similar venues.
  • Integrated warping and edge blending processor
    • The built-in Integrated warping and edge blending processor enables multiple projectors to be warped and blended without additional dedicated hardware, reducing the cost & complexity of installation.
  • Picture-in-picture
    • Signals can be delivered simultaneously via the HDMI and DVI ports, for a PbP or PiP display from two digital sources – perfect for video-conferencing and other collaborative applications.

Summing It Up

At we’re very excited for the possibilities these new high lumen Optoma projectors offer for business, concert halls, churches, auditoriums and convention centers. We expect these units to be some of the best large venue projectors available.

When you order from you get not just the best price on the ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200, but also the expert advice to help you find the best projector for your project. Give us a call today!