With their new line of projectors, JVC ups the ante on their already-widely-acclaimed presence in the home theater arena. While the JVC DLA-X990R and DLA-X790R was compared favorably by many to similarly priced Sony models, the one aspect where Sony was considered superior was that they offered true (native) 4K resolution as opposed to JVC’s simulated (e-shift) version of 4K. While JVC’s shift technology is state-of-the-art, there’s still no substitute for the real thing.

That brings us to JVC’s new projector lineup: the NX5, the NX7, and the NX9. All three of these new models offer native 4K resolution. JVC’s superior black levels and dynamic contrast is of course the hallmark of their reputation in a discerning A/V community. But if JVC once had any detractors at all it would have been simply that simulated 4K was not true 4K no matter how great the picture looked to the eye. Well detractors, detract no more. Now one can have the esteemed JVC color reproduction joined together with the clarity of real, true 4K.

What are the variations between the three new models?

DLA-NX5 / DLA-RS1000 (The entry-level 4K experience)

Let’s start here by saying, five years ago a projector of this level of performance was a rarity and more than ten times the price being offered here. In other words, this is only an entry-level 4K projector by 2018 standards, but it is still super impressive.

With a 40,000:1 native contrast and an approximated 400,000:1 dynamic contrast rating, the NX5 offers an intoxicating color spectrum and realistic picture. With an 1,800 lumen output, and virtually identical contrast ratio, the NX5 is essentially last year’s lauded DLA-X590R, but with its resolution capability quadrupled. It’s amazing what one year can do in the world of technology.

DLA-NX7 / DLA-RS2000 (The mid-priced option)

The NX7 boasts a contrast ratio that is twice is as good as the NX5. As a result, the picture quality is substantially more dynamic and richer. The black levels are deeper than that of the NX5 and the overall resolve of the image feels more dynamic and exciting. With an ANSI lumens output of 1900, the NX7 is marginally brighter than the less expensive NX5, but because of the improved contrast feature, it feels distinctly brighter.

The NX7 fetches a price-tag of 7999.95, the same as last year’s top model, the DLA-X990R. With superior resolution to the X990R, the NX7 is a home run.

DLA-NX9 / DLA-RS3000 (The flagship)

The NX9 takes everything great about JVC’s industry-lauded performance and then adds their patented E-shift technology to bring together a no-holds-barred experience. The NX9 is JVC’s very first 8K projector. Yes, you read that correctly: 8K. While the 8K offered here is not native, the results are simply jaw-dropping; but jaw-dropping performance comes with a jaw-dropping price tag. The NX9 has a street price of $17,999.95 making it more than twice the cost of the notable NX7. Essentially, if you want the best of the best, JVC is not handing it away; but gosh darn it, if you can afford it, it is likely you have never seen a better picture in your home. With a lumen output of 2200 and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, this is one of the most awe-inspiring projectors we’ve ever seen on the market.