Vava made quite the splash when they released their 4K ultra short throw projector as a high quality affordable option. Now they’re doing it again by introducing the 4K triple laser UST, the Vava Chroma.

This newly announced laser TV will offer striking vivid colors at an affordable price.

Triple Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

The most impressive thing about the Vava Chroma laser TV will of course be the triple laser technology.

The Vava Chroma will be joining the Samsung LSP9T, LG HU85LA and the Hisense 100L9G as the only triple channel laser projectors on the market.

Vava plans to power this laser TV with true RGB lasers. By using red, blue, and green laser light sources, instead of filtering a blue laser like with the Vava 4K UST, Vava claims the Chroma will deliver striking visuals covering an impressive 106% Rec.2020 color gamut and virtually no color loss.

They are however planning on using ALPD3.0 laser technology that you’d find in lesser projectors like the Xiaomi Mijia and the Fengmi Wemax. Which will help keep the price down but will likely provide less quality color accuracy.

The Chroma will boast a brightness of 2500 lumens in its brightest picture mode. When paired with an ultra short throw projection screen, this laser TV will be bright enough for even well lit rooms so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows day or night.

That said, the 2500 lumens does place it below most other ultra short throw projectors.

4K Ultra Short Throw Projector That Supports HDR10+

The Vava Chroma will be a 4K ultra short throw projector using Texas Instruments’ XPR technology. This will give your picture incredible detail with 8.3 million pixels.

This Vava triple laser UST will also support HDR10+ giving you the brightest most accurate colors that reveal the image the way the media was intended to look.

Screen Size and Throw Distance

Like the Vava LT002 this new 3 laser TV from Vava boasts a maximum display size of 150 inches. However take that with a grain of salt because while the Vava LT002 can achieve that picture size the edges of the image are out of focus and the image looks dull because the projector isn’t bright enough to support that picture size. We expect the Vava Chroma to produce a similar picture at 150 inches. The actual usable picture size will likely max out around 120 inches.

With regards to throw distance, the Vava Chroma has a 0.23:1 just like its predecessor. This means it needs to be just 7.2” from the wall for a 100 inch picture and 11.3” to produce a 120 inch image. This throw ratio puts it in the middle of the pack compared to other UST laser TVs.

Built-In Audio

The Chroma brings state-of-the-art sound to movie night with 2x30w Harman Kardon speakers and Dolby-powered audio. The Vava UST offers decently good built in speakers though we’d still suggest using an external audio system for truly immersive sound.

Integration and Connectivity

The Vava Chroma projector comes with a built-in smart Android TV system so Netflix, Youtube and other popular streaming apps are just a click away.

This new Vava laser TV also includes a remote with voice control powered by Amazon’s Alexa.

With three HDMI ports and other smart connectivity, the Chroma is ready to interface with any device, laptop or sound system.

Device Design

We're big fans of the Vava’s external design. They wisely chose to go with a black chassis that fits in much better in most living rooms. The bold yet sleek design differs from their previous body, giving the Chroma a profile that stylishly stands out from other ultra short throws.

The device also comes with intelligent eye protection that shuts off the device if it detects something in the way.

When Will The Vava Chroma Be Available?

While Vava announced this triple laser projector in August 2021, they’re only just launching an Indiegogo campaign in September. This means the Vava Chroma won’t be available until later in 2022, so don’t hold your breath waiting for it to come out.

How Much Will The Vava Chroma Cost?

The Vava Chroma will cost $4,999.99 putting it in the higher end of laser TV prices but towards the bottom of the triple laser projectors.

Check back for more updates on this exciting new Vava projector.