For a long time now there’s been a demand for a 120" motorized ultra-short-throw screen.

While ultra short throw projectors are the latest phenomenon of the home theater projector industry, the absence of a motorized screen solution at its larger-size-offering has caused some to be less enthusiastic about the the UST option.

Elite Screens has been the first manufacturer to answer to this call. We’re happy to announce that Elite Screens has unveiled their new Saker Tab-Tension DarkStar UST screen, which includes a 120" option as well as a 100".

Not only is this screen motorized, but it utilizes Elite Screen’s most premium 4K DarkStar UST surface for a truly high-end picture.

Another unique feature of this screen is that it is borderless, adding a sleek modern touch to its appearance. Both the 100" and the 120" offer 6" of black at the top. The screens have black backing, making them opaque.

Both screens ship with an infrared & radio frequency remote controls, a detachable three-way wall switch, and wireless 12 volt trigger. It also comes with Elite’s standard 5-year premium warranty.

So, what does a screen like this cost? For the 100" option, item # SKT100UH-DST-E6 is launching at $2,841. For the 120" option, item # SKT120UH-DST-E6 is launching at $4,209.

Not bad at all when you consider the fact that as of its debut this is the only motorized 120" in existence and it already costs less than some premium fixed frame 120" UST screens.

If you’re someone who has been eyeing the ultra-short-throw projector market for some time, but haven’t pulled the trigger because a motorized solution didn’t yet exist, well today that obstacle is no more.

Great work Elite Screens!