The term “Bollywood,” though often inaccurately conflated with Indian cinema as a whole, refers just to the Hindi-language industry in the city of Mumbai. There are several different regional film industries throughout the country

These regional cinemas share a variety of common tropes and themes. Most notably the use of vibrant colors, lively music, infectious dancing, fabulous costumes, high melodrama, and over the top action. The best way to appreciate these colorful spectacles?

On a projector screen of course!

We put together a list of the most epic and vibrant Indian movies from our friends at Don’t Call It Bollywood that can only be fully appreciated by watching it with a projector on a big screen.

1. Om Shanti Om

Dance, action, comedy, colors and fun! A tribute to the classic era of Indian film, must be enjoyed on the big screen.
2. Dabangg

A cop film with action and romance. Crazy fight scenes like you have never seen.

3. Shivaay

An action film that goes from the mountains of the Himalayas to high speed chases on the roads of Europe.

4. Singham

Flying cars, punches that send men ten feet in the air, the fight scenes that went viral on the internet.

5. Bang Bang

Non-stop action, everything from motorcycle chases to speed boats to parkour

6. War

A mid air fist fight, a one take 5 minute fight scene, and a car chase in the arctic circle. Must be seen to be believed!

7. Robot/Enthiran

A robot army fights the scientist that created them, unbelievable special effects.

8. Eega

A movie where the hero is a fly! Incredible imagination, incredible fly eye view sequences.

9. Bahubali Part One and Two

India's answer to Lord of the Rings, sword fights and costumes and flying through the air. Part Two is even better than the first one, a warrior princess fights for her kingdom and a prince in disguise helps her.

10.Dil Se

Some movies have a great a story some have great characters and some great music. This movie has everything.


This movie can only be describe as epic! And an epic movie requires and epic screen. This fun roller coaster of a ride is packed with action, adventure, romance, betrayl, comedy, dancing, and CGI animals.