Meet The World's first Google TV LCD Projector with Netflix

Formovie has taken the projector world by storm with their ever popular Formovie Theater ultra short throw projector. Now they're making news again by announcing their newest unit: the 1080p Portable Xming Page One by Formovie.

This new projector was announced yesterday on Indiegogo as a way to gain interest as opposed to raising funds, seeing as how they raised the meager $4,999 goal in the first 30 minutes. While it's being released under the Xming brand this small projector is in fact a Formovie projector. They're doing it this way due to licensing agreements.

There's a lot to get excited about with the upcoming Xming Page One. The experts at break down everything we know about this new portable projector from the minds of Formovie.

Cinematic Visual Quality

While the Xming Page One will be limited as a 1080p projector in terms of resolution it will still offer a detailed enough picture for more casual viewings. This is just fine for a portable projector. (Though 4K projectors look way better.)

This portable projector uses a LCD chipset which allows for greater brightness and eliminates the possibility of dealing with the rainbow effect. It's lit by an advanced LED light source giving a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours.

The Xming Page One is advertising a 300 ANSI lumen output which is in line with most portable projectors in this price range. What's super refreshing is Formovie's honesty by using ANSI lumens and not trying to misrepresent their projector's brightness. Many cheap projectors use lux or peak lumens to make their projectors seem brighter than they actually are.

In addition to their honesty about the brightness of the projector, the Xming Page One is also shooting straight when it comes to contrast. Instead of using a made up dynamic contrast to describe their contrast, this projector is advertising a sequential contrast of 2000:1. This is phenomenal for a projector of this small size.

This projector even supports HDR10.

Screen Size & Smart Projection

The Xming Page One can produce an image size from 40" all the way up to 120". This is great for a portable projector. The 1.25:1 throw ratio makes it easy to place.

Setup is easy for the Xming Page One thanks to its smart projection feature. This transportable projector offers auto-focus, auto keystone correction and obstacle avoidance. This means you can place your projector anywhere and it will automatically adjust the picture so you get a squared off image.

Built-In Speakers

With 2x 5W speakers from Boston Acoustics, this portable projector has enough audio power for most use cases. With abundant bass power, clear and soft treble, and rich sound details you're certain to find this projector is more than capable of providing visual and audio enjoyment.

You can even turn your projector into a portable speaker. Seamlessly connect your smartphone or other devices and transform your projector into a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. It even has different music modes for optimal enjoyment.

Google TV & Streaming Apps

This is truly an all-in-one projector when you combine the video, built-in speakers and smart TV apps. All you need is a power outlet.

With the help of the Google TV operating system, you get access to 700,000 movies and TV shows and over 10,000 apps. This includes an official certified native Netflix app. This is something you won't find on most other portable projectors.

As a smart projector, you also get access to Google Assistant, Nest Automation and other smart home technologies.

How Much Does The Xming Page One Cost?

The Xming Page One will have a price tag of $499. This is a great low price for such a loaded portable projector from a notable brand like Formovie. It will likely be available for sale in November 2023.

Formovie Xming Portable Projectors

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