Why the Contour Electrol?

The Contour Electrol is Da-Lite’s best wall-mounted motorized screen. It is the ideal choice for home theater as well as office and professional application. The Contour Electrol is available in both non-tensioned and tensioned options as well as with both standard definition and high definition surfaces. What makes the Contour Electrol special? Besides offering Da-Lite’s renowned surfaces, the Contour Electrol offers certain things that set it apart from the rest of the pack:

  • Easier Installation

Floating mounting brackets come standard with the Contour Electrol. This feature makes the Contour Electrol especially easy to install. The left and right brackets slide across a groove in the back of the housing. Because of this you can install the brackets on the wall with more freedom than you would a stationary bracket, such as screwing them directly into wall studs. The floating mounting bracket will allow you more flexibility with regards to your left and right measurements.

  • Built in Low Voltage and “Silent” Motor

Unlike the less expensive Cosmopolitan Electrol which does not come standard with low voltage control nor Da-Lite’s silent motor, the Contour Electrol comes standard with both features. Low voltage allows the use to implement remote control, while the silent motor offers a much quieter sound while the screen is being raised and lowered.

  • More Attractive Design

The Contour Electrol exhibits a truly contoured sleek housing that is less bulky than the Cosmopolitan’s hexagonal enclosure. The Cosmopolitan has a more industrial appearance by comparison.

Furthermore, the Contour is offered in a wider array of finishes than the Cosmopolitan. While the Cosmopolitan Electrol is offered in only the choice of white or black housing, the Contour offers standard white and black, but also the following veneer finishes: cherry, graphite, heritage walnut, honey maple, light oak, mahogany, medium oak, and natural walnut.

  • Warranty

The Contour Electrol comes with an unprecedented 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

When would I use the Cosmopolitan over the Contour?

There are a few instances where the Cosmopolitan would be preferred over the technically-superior Contour

  • The Cosmopolitan is slightly less money for the same size .
  • The Cosmopolitan has a ceiling recessed trim kit available as an optional accessory whereas the Contour does not offer that.
  • The Cosmopolitan can be made a bit larger than the Contour.

When would I use the Contour over the Cosmopolitan?

  • The Contour’s warranty is 5 years versus the Cosmopolitan’s 1 year. This may be of important consideration.
  • If the aesthetics of housing is more important, the Contour will likely be worth the price difference.
  • The Contour is easier to install due to the floating brackets which come standard.
  • The Contour is readily pairable with remote and other control systems, while the Cosmopolitan is not, unless you add on further accessories.

Final Word

For home theater users looking for a solid screen that will pair well with their homes and mount on a wall or to the ceilings, the Contour is Da-Lite’s premier offering. We highly recommend considering Da-Lite’s acclaimed veneer finishes to best match your décor. Please contact a ProjectorScreen.com representative for more information.