is excited to welcome Vividstorm to our collection of top quality projector screens.

We had a lot of customers asking about Vividstorm so we did our due diligence to make sure their screens lived up to the hype and met our high standard of excellence. Sure enough after rigorous testing, the Vividstorm ultra short throw projector screens exceeded our expectations in performance, quality and value.

With over 15 years of experience in the AV industry, Vividstorm is delighted to be distributing their new and exciting UST ALR Electric Tensioned Screens alongside their portfolio of world class A/V equipment. We are of course excited to be adding them to our lineup of high quality ultra short throw projector screen options.

With outstanding customer support and quality made products, you can buy with confidence knowing that your screen is built to last.

Vividstorm tensioned ALR electric projector screens for laser TVs have the capability of completely re-defining your home entertainment experience. They’re selling a unique offering that’s made with quality in mind at a competitive price point.

These Vividstorm projector screens are easy to set up because the entire screen is kept in the sleek black housing allowing it to fit in with any decor style. This retractable UST cinema screen can sit right on the floor. No need to mount it to the wall or ceiling like other ultra short throw projector screens. All you need is a flat surface to place the screen, trigger it with the remote and you’re ready to start projecting in under 30 seconds.

These floor rising screens support 4K projection and have a 170 degree viewing angle. So no matter where you sit you’ll see the same gorgeous 4K image on your screen. The specially made ambient light rejecting surface allows you to watch movies and TV shows day or night.

The Vividstorm ultra short throw projector screens are available on our site from 92 inches all the way up to 120 inches.

Each of these screens is tensioned to give you a smooth, flat image and prevents curling and wrinkles in the fabric. It accomplishes this with strong supports in the back and tensioned brackets on the side with pull wires to keep the screen surface taut.

The Vividstorm retractable UST screen has a lockable height adjustment so you can enjoy the screen height compatible with your laser TV. Every time you raise the screen it pops up to the proper height.

Just because it’s a floor rising screen doesn’t mean you need to keep your display on the floor. You should be able to sit the Vividstorm screen on a credenza and put the projector at the same level.

The housing can also be mounted to the wall or tv credenza.

For an even cooler look, we recommend building a custom cabinet to hide the screen and projector. Just make sure you measure your space and choose the right screen size.

If you’re in the market for a motorized ultra short throw projector screen check out Vividstorm’s tensioned retractable UST screens.