When you think about projectors, you typically think about home theater projectors. But these incredible devices aren't just limited to movies. Another use for which a projector doesn't typically come to mind is for a nice, classic round of pen & paper roleplaying game like Dungeons and Dragons!

In many tabletop RPGs, maps are used to depict and handle battles. Classically these maps are drawn on dry erase, printed on paper or assembled from cardboard parts. For some time now, there is this invention called the Internet, so word has spread in role-playing circles. And this internet is a source of countless new and old maps for the home RPG session!

Since a few years you can find more and more dynamic maps. Short animated video loops with flowing water, flying birds, trees swaying in the wind and much more.

Many gamers have turned to building a TV into a gaming table or building a stand to place the TV firmly on a table in order to use digital battlemaps - animated and static - to great effect.

But why so complicated?

A TV is bulky, takes up a lot of space, and when used horizontally, you might risk scratching the glass or overheating the device, since it's meant to be placed facing upwards.

With the proper ceiling mount, a projector can also be used very well for this purpose! A simple white tablecloth serves as a "screen" and the animated battlemap does not take up more space on the table than one printed on paper!

However if you want a real surface for tabletop gaming with a projector get a whiteboard projector screen. These are just like your typical whiteboards that you can draw on, but with a special reflective coating made to pair with projectors.

The ceiling mount should be pivotable, perhaps with a ball-and-socket joint. The projector should also not be too large when oriented downwards, so that it doesn't touch the ceiling.

Cable management is another challenge, but it can easily be solved with one or two hooks in the ceiling - if you don't already have a projector and cable duct installed on the ceiling anyway!

For an optimal experience, the projector should be capable of at least 720p, better 1080p and provide basic functions like keystoning. The capability of zooming certainly can't hurt  to be able to adjust the size of the screen.

Using a projector for tabletop gaming can make planning your sessions in advance much easier. What dungeon master doesn't want that?

What is the best Dungeons and Dragons projector?

The new Samsung Freestyle is the best projector for Dungeons and Dragons. This portable projector offers a detailed 1080p picture, has built-in sound and can screw into a light bulb socket over your table making it extra easy to position for tabletop gaming.

Last but not least, there is the question of which software is best to get the digital battlemaps on the table!

Infinite Realms is a fully interactive 2D and 3D tabletop projection app. It is optimized for in-person play and features customizable weather, effects, soundscapes, grids and fog of war. Enhance your existing 2D image and video maps or download massive all new 3D scenarios directly in the software!

Infinite Realms is on Kickstarter until February 14th where you can get a fully functional early access version that will last until the software is officially released in late summer 2022!