California based company, Elite Screens, specializes in some of the best products available your for dollar today. Even though their products are affordable, their quality is still top notch. For this reason, Elite Screens produces some of the most popular projector screens on the market. While many projector brands market to large companies with deep pockets and large budgets, Elite Screens prides themselves on producing a variety of units available to the average user on a much lower budget.

If you’re not searching for fancy, and portable is a plus, the ezCinema was created just for you. Elite Screens created the ezCinema portable pull-up projector to fulfill the need for consumers who were searching for a basic, portable, and easy to set-up projector screen. Immediately this model became an instant hit in schools, business, and within homes as an affordable way to create a new in-home or outdoor moving viewing experience.

The Elite Screens Spectrum model makes a solid and affordable choice for a projector screen whether you are looking to set up a personal home theater, or you need a projector screen for your office conference room. These models are easy to install to either the wall or ceiling, provide a great viewing experience, and live a long life. The Spectrum works well with both DLP and LCD projectors. In addition, Spectrum screens come with a four-sided black border to absorb light, and a black backing to eliminate all light penetration.

The Elite Screens Vmax 2 is arguably the most cost effective electric front projector screen. This screen is easy to install, boasts a sleek design, and electric operation that will make your usage even easier. Make operation even easier by using infrared control with a 30-foot beam range and radio frequency remote control with a range of 150 feet. Mount it to the wall or ceiling. The sky is the limit.

You will not even be able to tell this is a projector screen. Hang this in your house and your visitors will just assume you bought a new, sleek flat screen TV. For the cost of a low end 50” TV you can have this 100” ezframe, fixed frame projector screen and a projector. The fixed frame design allows you to mount flat on the wall similar to how you might hang a picture. With this selection you have nothing to lose. It’s easy to install, affordable, esthetically pleasing, and a 2010 BESTCOVERY Best Projection Screen award winner.

If you have never purchased a projector screen before, and you’re not sure where to start, this screen is a great beginner. The SableFrame provides a high quality screen that is easy to install and at a stellar price. These screens work with projectors that are 720, 1080P, and 4K. 

Elite Screens provides a quality product that is difficult to rival in the projector screen world. In addition, all of their projector screens are backed by a 2-year warranty. Elite Screens ups that to a 3-year warranty for all educational, governmental, military, or religious institutions that purchase their product. If you purchase from Elite Screens, you will be wowed by the quality you receive without busting the bank.