Da-lite has recently introduced their first ambient light rejecting surface specifically designed for the ProAV market. Named Parallax, this new surface makes use of an advanced optical lens system in order to reject light. 

This lens system consists of multiple layers, each with various light reflecting properties. The combination of each of these layers is what allows Parallax to do it's thing.

This surface offers a sleek, dark look mimicking that of an LED television when not in use, but without the glare from windows or lighting fixtures.

This surface is also glare and sparkle-free so you don't have to worry about those distractions.With a 85 degree half viewing angle, your audience can enjoy the images full brightness from almost anywhere in the room.

This surface has a 17 degree vertical half angle which makes it an angular reflective surface. 

Angular reflective surfaces generally do not work well with short throw projector due to the specified vertical viewing angle limitations.

Are you looking to upgrade your space with a sleek, modern screen which works well in high ambient lighting conditions? If so, then  Da-lite's Parallax may just be for you!

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