Meet the Brand
Paint on Screen

What separates your Brand from the competition (more competitively priced, made in US, bigger selection, chemistry, etc)? ie, why are you better?
We are the number one projection screen coating made is the USA.

We offer more coverage per dollar than any of our competitors and we do it with a much better product. We start with a single premixed coating instead of required two different coatings like our competitors. Using only Zero and Low VOC components along with being mild soap and water cleanup makes using Paint on Screen products ideal. We make the entire process of creating your projection surface easier every step of the way.

What are your top 3-5 best selling products and why do you think they are so successful?
Our Core Products Level 1 - 7 have always been in high demand

The reason for that is because we do such a great job of matching our coatings with the core of projector sales and their average performance specs. But times change and with them new projectors with new specs and capabilities. We have monitored the industry and have always provided the right solution for any gaps, deficiencies, or hardware boosts projectors might demand.

One of our top selling products would be the workhorse for any project, the 3D4K. Its ability to give you that added boost of image brightness, adding vivid contrast and being able to do it all in 3D recorded in Full 4096x2160 4K resolution really makes this screen a powerhouse in the industry. Add the fact that it can be applied to so many different surfaces both flat and curved really puts this in its own league.

Another highly requested product and certainly the only one in the world is our Paint on Screen Silver Diamond. Made with real Diamonds and .999 fine silver this coating is the top performer and most requested by video and image aficionados. Its simply a visual treat to look at anything projected onto this luxurious precious palette.

What is your longest selling, flagship product line?

When Paint On Screen first started projector had limited capabilities and the projector screen industry had not changed in over 60 years to help improve their functionality.

What product line/sku is your company is most proud of and why?
We are really proud to be the first to offer water based projection coatings in the United States.

Using Silver and Diamond material in our coatings is something weve worked really hard on to perfect and couldn't be more proud to be the first to offer it in a coating format. We hope it shows our commitment to getting the customer the absolute most value for their money.

Which of your products is the most unique compared to what your competition is offering?

Again We know our Silver Diamond is the most unique coating available to anyone out there at the most affordable price. The high gain and clarity of the Silver Diamond really sets it apart from all other plastic screens.

What new products/concepts are in the works for your company going forward that our readers will be interested in learning about?
We are always bringing some cool products to prototype.

Our next focus will be on bringing our high performance coatings to commercial advertising and scaling them up to super sized commercial applications where total ft Lamberts really gets slammed. We are working on the next Ultra Bright Exterior ARENA Coatings. There are for large permanent arenas that want to utilize the latest in 3D Mappings and capitalize on available ad space within and around large structures.

What particular messaging would you like us to be communicating to our visitors/customers about your brand?

Paint On Screen is a nimble company and we are here to help our customers and clients get their finished and perfect as quickly and easily and if that means staying open late, answering emails 24-7 or formulating a completely unique coating for a particular application then we are ready to make it happen.

What Product Line do you see as being the “Next Big Thing” from your company?

We are continuing to follow the advancement of 4k content and projector development. With our new self leveling primers and Paint On Screen gel properties we are ready to provide the best projector screens for the next generation of 4K projectors.

What are some of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when purchasing projector screens?

Make sure you screen has enough gain without hotspots. You can always turn the brightness down and save energy and money.

What tips can your offer to consumers looking to purchase projector screens?

Home Theater Owners: A smoother screen will serve better than higher resolution.

Educational Facilities: Make sure it's durable.

Places of Worship: Go bigger. Make it easy for people to see in the back and feel welcome

Corporate Clients: Get the best. Your reputation is literally on display.

Bars/Restaurants: Make sure it's really bright. When people stare they stay longer.

All of us at Paint On Screen want to take a moment and specifically thank the entire staff at Projector It's because of their great dedication to customer service and impecable attention to product detail makes us very proud and confident to have them as part of our sales family. They are considered one of our top dealers of a few select group. Buy with confidence.