Grandview Screens USA

The team here at BuyAV LLC couldn't be more excited to introduce the inclusion of Grandview USA into our catalog.

A Canadian based company originally, Grandview has no opened up a office here in the USA and is aggressively taking the projector screen market by storm.

Their products are of a premium quality at an incredible price point. We have had the pleasure of testing out several models and surfaces in our demo room and all were impressed by the design, reflective performance and the price.

It is our pleasure to introduce the latest major addition to the BuyAV / family, Grandview USA in this latest "Meet the Brand" post.

grandview screens hq Would you please briefly introduce Grandview USA to our readers?

Grandview USA: Grandview Crystal Screen Co. Ltd. is one of the most innovative and influential projection screen manufacturers, offering a complete line of internationally recognized projection screens. In 1999, Grandview originated and was established in Canada. Our Canadian office carries on today and is available for Canadian customers.

Today, Grandview's research and development and manufacturing factory is located in the Panyu District of Guangzhou City in China. In October of 2015, Grandview moved into what we believe is the LARGEST projection screen factory in China.

Grandview Projection screens are used in applications in over 80 countries worldwide. Internationally recognized, Grandview can be found in markets such as China, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Sweden and many more. With a dedication to quality, consistency and social responsibility,

Grandview is a benchmark for competitive, top value projection screens that keeps it a top ranked company domestically and internationally.

Grandview is the official supplier of the China Government and the standard for numerous projection screens. Throughout the years, Grandview has gained numerous titles and certificates which showcase the consistent and ever growing nature of the company.

With product research and innovation, Grandview is always a leader in the industry by developing numerous new projection screen models and innovating on traditional projection screens to satisfy customized needs for different users.

Innovative products by Grandview such as the Skyshow screen, Portable Y-Press screen, Multi-Format Fixed-Frame, and U-Work screen have all been developed to satisfied to the needs based on customer feedback and voids in the industry.

New products continue to be the norm for Grandview. In 2015, the Edge fixed frame series was introduced. It offers a super slim bezel and is also able to be shipped UPS, due to its modular construction. In today's marketplace, shipping is an important factor as it can product unexpected costs. What separates Grandview from your competitors? Why are you better?

Grandview USA: Grandview Screen began their business building projection screen frames and cases. These used mostly Da-lite Screen Co. projection screen fabrics for the early years. The current President of Grandview was Da-lite's representative to Grandview in those early years, and helped Grandview to be able to mold their manufacturing expertise with Da-lite's world class screen fabrics.

As a result of the early close relationship with Da-lite, Grandview has always focused on being 'Da-lite' like in our product quality. We believe that overall, Da-lite is the best brand in the world. We aspire to be equal to or better.

The results for our customers is that they get the highest quality products in the world, with the best prices in the world for that quality.

We have a broad offering of products for most all market needs, and we are continually bringing new and important products to market.

In 2015 we introduced the 'Reference Screen Series' (RSS). These screens are all Imaging Science Foundation approved screen fabrics, with top of the line manufacturing for the case and frames that these ISF screen fabrics go onto. What are your top 3-5 best selling products and why do you think they are so successful?

Grandview USA:

  • Cyber Tab Tension Series of Motorized Screens.
    • Same motor as the big guys (Somfy)
    • Screen fabric ISF certified.
    • Pricing much better than the competition.
    • In stock with large sizes
  • The Edge Fixed Frame Series
    • Available with and without ISF screen fabrics
    • Super slim bezel 29 cm. (1.14 inches)
    • Frame breaks down for easy UPS/FEDEX shipping
    • Quality at the top, price in the low middle.
  • Y Press Pull up Portable Screen
    • The flattest surface in the world For pull up portable screen.
    • Best pricing for quality ratio. What is your longest selling, flagship product line? Please give us a little history and description.

Grandview USA: The founders of Grandview Screen began their history with a solid background of selling Da-lite Screen products. From the very beginning they were intent to bring the Da-lite Quality of manufacturing to China.

As a result; their first products were modeled after the Da-lite Cosmopolitan (electric) and Model C (manual screen).

The Cyber line is that result. It is sold worldwide and continues to dominate our international markets.

What sets this line apart is the quality of the projection screen case, it's diameter (a bigger case allows for bigger screens), and its professional appearance.

The Cyber Manual pull down screen with slow retraction is the top of the line worldwide for a big, pull down, slow retraction need.

The Cyber Tab Tension screen is the flattest in the world. Please put it next to our competitors for your own evaluation of this fact. Is there a particular product line that Grandview is most proud of? If so, please tell us why.

Grandview USA: We are quite excited about the SkyShow product line. In the last few weeks, we've had not only customers calling about it, but also competitors who have asked us to build it for them. (we won't).

It is a break through product for the large venue; high ceiling niche. It was the first in the world to fully recognize a screen that could be mounted to a super high ceiling (think about Houses of Worship), that does not have a drop down ceiling.

In this situation; you can approach the solution in several ways.

  • You can buy a screen with 'extra' black drop – the extra black drop would bring the screen fabric down lower, with a huge black piece at the top. This is the main current solution.
  • With our Skyshow screen, you have a much cleaner vision when the screen is fully lowered.
    • First the screen case is lowered using its own lowering mechanisms
    • Then the projection screen fabric rolls out and down from the case; which has been lowered such that the projection screen fabric is displayed at the proper height for the audience. Are there any new products/concepts that are in the works with Grandview USA that our readers will be interested in learning about?

Grandview USA: We are bringing the Reference Screen Series (RSS) to the USA market in 2016. It was announced to great accord at the CEDIA Show last October, but will hit the USA in January 2016 for the first time.

It's package of ISF certified fabrics; with top of the line motors (when needed), and leading edge product design; all at super competitive pricing with fantastic margins. What do you see as being the "Next Big Thing" from Grandview USA?

Grandview USA: The Edge series fixed frames with the ISF fabrics on them should be 'the next big thing' for 2016 along with the arrival in the USA of our RSS screen line for the home theater afficianado. What are some of the biggest mistakes that consumers make when purchasing projector screens?

Grandview USA:

  • Quality costs money. You can spend less, but you can't buy 'cheap' products and expect them to work for the long term.
  • Biggest mistake of all;
    • If you buy the right screen, it 'might' last you forever.
    • If you buy a size to suit your current need, try to imagine the future, and what you'd want 'down the road'.
    • Try to buy long term. Your quality projection screen should last longer than all the other components of your system, so don't buy cheap. What tips can your offer to consumers looking to purchase projector screens?

Grandview USA:

In the 'Enterprise' accounts (aka: Corporate accounts); the need for standardization is one of the main considerations in acquiring equipment of all types.

The Grandview Screen USA, Inc. line consists of projection screens that match up beautifully to most important commercial projection screen lines in the marketplace. We use the same motors and sizes.

Your projection screen might easily last 20 years. Evaluate the long term, don't buy cheap.

Same comment as for Education. If your place of worship has the high ceilings that many do have; you have to plan for hanging your screen high. There are many projection screen products that were created to handle this problem directly.

The SkyShow Screen from Grandview Screen USA, Inc. is designed specifically for this market. It has two means of lowering. First; it lowers the screen 'case' from a high position. Then when the case is at the right height; the projection screen surface will roll down for use.

Home Theater owners will 'live' with their purchase.

Don't think short term. Don't buy cheap. Think heavily about 'how' and 'where' you will install this screen. A screen is best suited to be located in the center of your sweetest viewing spot. Also; having the screen mounted to high will kill your neck every time you watch a movie or game.

Consider location of electricity if you go with a motorized screen.

Your screen will be between 30" and 36" from the bottom of the screen to the ground.

If you have an 8' ceiling, you only have about 5 feet of height for the screen. (think about it)

Grandview USA: Bars & Restaurants - Remember why you are purchasing your screen in this application. IE: Normally your reason for purchase (bottom line) is that you want to increase business.

If that is your bottom line; then you may want to consider the idea of being the best place to go see the 'game', 'movie', or whatever.

Bigger is generally better in this frame of mind. Don't try to be cheap in this arena. If you need to save money, go small.

How many times have you walked into a nightclub; bar, restaurant; and you can hardly see the picture, or the picture is so 'dim' you have to sit directly in front of the screen to see the picture?

Not only does your screen factor in, but you must remember; that the larger the screen, the more 'powerful' the projector must be. IE: the bigger the picture; the more capability is needed in the projector. It must be: bright enough, have enough contrast, and have high enough resolution, so that you can see the 2 piece projected image as clearly as if watching a brand new Flat Panel TV.

Grandview USA: General Suggestions - Your projection screen WILL make a HUGE difference. Do NOT go cheap on the projection screen.

If you are going to use a motorized screen, you should almost always order a screen that has a means of keeping the projection screen surface flat.

In the 1990's the major projection screen manufacturers all brought out motorized projection screens that have 'tensioning' rods that continually stretch the screen surface and keep it flat.

These cost about 2 to 3 times the cost of a 'non tensioned' screen. Take my advice; the reason this expensive type of screen has been around so long is because it is only way to insure a flat screen surface.

You won't be happy in time; if your screen has lots of wrinkles in it, due to not being tensioned.

If you want to save money and still have a tensioned screen; then you should buy a permanently installed 'fixed- frame' projection screen. This 'frame' screen stretches the projection fabric as a result of being firmly attached to the frame.
You'll have the same flat screen as with the tension screen; but you WILL have to deal with looking at the screen all the time, vs. a tensioned screen, which can roll back into its case when not in use. Thank you for taking the time to help us introduce Grandview USA to our visitors. Are there any final thoughts you would like to end off on?

Grandview USA: Grandview Screen USA, Inc. is very excited about our relationship with
As a veteran of the projection screen business; after my many years with Da-lite (the largest manufacturer in America), I have to say that Brian Gluck and his team are simply some of the most knowledgeable in the business.

If you want to get the right screen at the right price; Projector should be at the top of your list.

-Robert J. Grawet, President/CEO, Grandview Screen USA Thanks a lot for sharing all of that great info with us Robert. We look forward to seeing what Grandview has in store in 2016 and beyond!