Just when you thought JVC couldn't make a better high end home theater projector, they shock the world and do it again with the new 2024 JVC NZ900 and JVC NZ800

The JVC DLA-NZ900 and the JVC DLA-NZ800 as they're also known, utilize the latest upgrade to JVC's 4K D-ILA technology. This tech is now its third generation. This development has led to an improvement in performance, sharpness and contrast ratio. So, what was already the top of its class for a home theater projector has gotten even better!

JVC also announced pro-installer versions the DLA-RS4200 and DLA-RS3200 they are the same as the JVC NZ900 and JVC NZ800, respectively.

The JVC NZ900 will be replacing the JVC NZ9, while the JVC NZ800 will be an upgraded version of the JVC NZ8.

Here's what you'll be be getting with the new and improved JVC home theater projectors:

Improved Contrast

JVC has advanced its proprietary 0.69-inch native 4K D-ILA chipset to its third generation. This latest version boasts a native contrast ratio 1.5 times higher than its predecessor, thanks to enhanced liquid crystal alignment control and improved pixel flatness technology.

This upgraded LCoS chipset increases the native contrast from 100,000:1 to an other-worldly, 150,000:1 on the JVC DLA-NZ900. The JVC DLA-NZ800 achieves an impressive native contrast ratio of 100,000:1, up from 80,000:1 on the NZ8. This is going to help make blacks appear inky while still being able to see fine details in low ADL scenes.

It will further help with lights on projection when contrast suffers, degrading the picture quality.

Sharper Image

Just like the previous crop of premium JVC home theater projectors these new models will be 8K projectors. They achieve this by incredibly quickly shifting the pixels on the 4K chipset giving you double the pixels to create an 8K resolution image. The new 2024 JVC NZ800 and JVC NZ900 will feature second-generation 8K/e-shiftX technology. This will allow the pixels to shift 4 ways instead of just 2 like on previous models. What this means is that your picture will be even sharper and more detailed than before.

Like on the previous models, these new ones will also pixel shift on non-8K content, so the 4K content you watch will be upshifted so it looks sharper than before.

Both the JVC NZ900 and JVC NZ800 will feature all glass lenses. The NZ900 will include 18-element, 16-group all-glass lens housed in a full aluminum barrel, to project high-resolution 8K images evenly across the entire projection screen. The DLA-NZ800 uses a similar but smaller 65-mm lens, equipped with a 17-element, 15-group all-glass lens system. These glass lenses will give you a sharper image with minimal chromatic aberrations and color fringing.

Refinements in the LCoS chipset manufacturing process have also resulted in superior screen uniformity.

Brighter Laser Light Source

On top of getting even better image quality, you'll also be getting more light output from the JVC NZ900 and NZ800. They've refined their BLU-Escent laser technology even further to give you a brighter image. On the JVC DLA-NZ900 they've increased the brightness output to 3,300 lumens, which is up from 3,000 on its predecessor, the DLA-NZ9. They have increased the lumens from 2,500 on the NZ8 to 2,700 lumens on the new JVC DLA-NZ800. While this isn't an earth shattering brightness increase, when it comes to projecting with the lights on, every lumen your projector can spit out on the screen gives you that much better of a viewing experience.

This extra brightness, especially on the NZ900, really allows you to take your device beyond being just a dark room home cinema projector.

JVC's laser diode incorporates a more refined control algorithm for greater precision. The number of light-source control steps has been expanded from 3 to 101, facilitating fine adjustments to meet or surpass stringent SDR and HDR requirements.

Other Improvements On The New Models

  • Clear Motion Drive has enhanced its algorithm to provide more precise compensation for object intersections at the edges.
  • A new picture quality mode, Vivid, has been introduced to accurately reproduce SDR content with vibrant colors. This is great for when you need extra brightness from your new 2024 JVC projector.
  • Screen Adjustment Mode enables users to input screen details such as aspect ratio, size, and gain. This allows the projector to automatically adjust the image, ensuring natural color balance that matches the screen being used.

When Will The JVC NZ900 And JVC NZ800 Be Available And How Much Will They Cost?

Like the other high end JVC home theater projectors, these new models are still premium and will therefore have a sizeable price tag to match. The JVC NZ900 will cost $25,999 and give you the absolute best picture possible. For the JVC NZ800 you'll be looking at spending $15,999 on your new home cinema projector.

According to JVC these 2024 projectors will be available for sale in June. You'll be able to pre-order your JVC NZ900 or JVC NZ800 projector from ProjectorScreen.com today! So get your order in to be the first with one of these new high end projectors. You can also sign up for our newsletter to get notifications for when these projectors go on sale.