Grandview Edge Fixed Frame Screen

In order for a projector screen surface to truley be able to handle 4K & UHD content it NEEDS to be textureless.

This textureless screen technology has been around for several years but is now starting to see a aurge in growth due to the increased adoption of 4K projectors and content.

Traditionally these textureless surfaces would carry a significant premium in price over their matte/textured counterparts.

Grandview USA in conjunction with have decided to shake things up in the marketplace with the introduction of the Grandview Reference Edge UHD130 Fixed Frame Screen.

Not only do you get a high gain surface with an incredibly wide viewing cone, you also get a stylish and sleek 1/4" frame for a more modern look... and it's ISF certified for 100% accurate color reproduction.

Believe it or not, thin frame screens are often more expensive to product than traditional frame (2",3", etc) options and are often the most expensive frame option from projector screen companies.

With the Grandview Reference Edge screen you not only get a true 4K, ISF certified surface, you also get a stylish thin frame screen all for the cost of a "Standard Definition" screen.

This is the LAST SCREEN YOU WILL EVER NEED TO BUY! Textureless surfaces are FUTURE-PROOFED for any resolution to come as there is no texture on the surface to distort the pixels geometry.

Any screen company who tells you that their textured surface is a 4K / UHD surface is lying to you!

This award winning screen has been named by as a Pick of the Year - 2016!


Ultra-Narrow Frame

The new Edge Series has a frame just a 1/4 inch wide, looks like a giant LED TV. With this limited width the image is controlled within screen range in case tiny deflection happens during image adjustment.

"Attached" To The Wall"

The distance between screen and wall is just a 1/4 inch, almost like attached to the wall, which is 67% less than average wall distance of LED TV.

Premium Velvet Touch

The surface frame is made of high quality aluminum wrapped with velvet, turn the screen into an Elegant decoration on your wall.

Stable Structure

With the enhanced 44x28mm aluminum frame structure, the screen can be up to 120"(16:9) and durable for a "life-time" projection.

Flat As A Mirror

Taking advantage of the mature fabric tension system from Prestige series, the screen is durably flat as mirror after installation..

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