Formovie took the projection world by storm with their insanely popular ultra short throw projector, the Formovie Theater. Now they're releasing the super bright Formovie 4K Max to the US market.

The Formovie Theater has won the Projector Central/ Laser TV Showdown for the past two years, so it's only natural to get excited that Formovie will be putting out a new 4K projector.

This projector was originally released in China in 2021 under the name Fengmi MAX 4K Laser Projector. The US version will just be known as the Formovie 4K Max.

To be clear, this is not an upgraded version of the Formovie Theater as some were hoping for, but rather a new option in their laser TV lineup for the US market to fit a specific user type. The Formovie C3 is the budget option for those that want an affordable ultra short throw. The Formovie Theater is for the movie lover who want the best picture possible from their UST projector. And as for the Formovie 4K Max, this new laser TV is made for those who want the maximum brightness for watching TV and sports in a living room with the lights on.

Here's what we know about the Formovie 4K Max:

Modern Aesthetic For A Modern Projector

The Formovie 4K Max features a low-profile sleek and modern design that lets the projected image be the star of the show. The all-metal body is polished many times over to showcase the moonstone gray finish. With a boxy build that's commonly found on UST projectors, the new model looks very similar to the Formovie Theater though with a few differences. The 4K Max doesn't have the side speakers so the ridged vents cover the entire sides. The speaker cover fabric is also raised on the newer model hiding a blue indicator light that lets you know your projector is on.

True Bright Room Ultra Short Throw Projector

Above all else the Formovie 4K Max is BRIGHT!

Last year if you wanted at least 4,000 lumens from your UST projector your only option was was the Epson LS800. But in 2024 you've got choices with the Ultimea Thor T60 and now the Formovie 4K Max. And at 4,500 ANSI lumens, this new laser TV from Formovie is the brightest 4K ultra short throw designed for home usage.

The image from the Formovie 4K Max is lit by an advanced single laser and color wheel using ALPD 3.0 technology.

This is going to be bright enough for even the brightest of indoor spaces, especially when you pair it with an ambient light rejecting UST screen.

The throw ratio is listed at 0.25:1, which is average for a UST. But the big difference (and we mean BIG) that separates this unit from other laser TVs in its class is that the Formovie 4K Max can project an image size from 80 inches all the way up to 200 inches!

This is the largest image size available on a UST. However the largest UST screen size currently is the 150 inch Spectra Projection Vantage Screen.

Beautiful And Detailed 4K Resolution Image

The Formovie 4K Max features a stunning 4K resolution to give you a sharp and breath taking picture on your screen. Like Formovie's other 4K projectors, the image you see is created using a .47 DLP chip from Texas Instruments.

Like the Formovie C3, the new single laser 4K Max will cover over 100% of the rec.709 color space. This is very good for a projector but will be well short of the triple laser Formovie Theater which can achieve an astounding 107% of the even more challenging BT.2020 color gamut.

When it comes to contrast the Formovie 4K Max is listed as offering a native 3000:1 contrast ratio. This is largely thanks to the ALPD laser technology that helps the projector achieve deep black levels. Given the brightness of this projector we expect that this ratio may be even higher when actually measured.

This projector also smoothly captures movement in action scenes without blurring or smearing thanks to the MEMC Motion Compensation.

HDR lovers will be happy to know that the Formovie 4K Max will support HDR10+ and HLG. No word on whether or not it will support Dolby Vision like on the Theater.

Hear More With High Quality Speakers

Formovie is known for producing projectors with high quality audio included. The Formovie 4K Max is no exception as this projector has  two 20W speakers and utilizes Fengmi's self-developed FAA sound engine. It includes a full set of audio tuning solutions such as Dolby, frequency response curve and sound cavity design. On the new UST from Formovie you'll also find:

  • Full Frequency High Fidelity Speakers
  • Audio and Video Synchronization
  • Symmetrical Sound Design
  • Multi Scene Mode
  • Dialogue Enhancement
  • TI Power Amplifier Chip

All this comes together to produce an attractive audio experience.

Smart Projection And Connectivity To Maximize Your Entertainment

The Formovie 4K Max is a smart ultra short throw projector that utilizes the FengOS. This is fine for some but for the US version each 4K Max will come with a external Amazon Firestick so you can access all of your favorite apps with an English based operating system made for owners in the United States. This means you'll have access to your favorite streaming apps, including Netflix on the projector.

With the FAV (Feng Advanced Video) technology you'll be able to easily calibrate and optimize the image based on your liking. There are a plethora of settings you can play with to make your picture how you like it including:

  • Intelligent Switching of Image Mode
  • CM Color Management System
  • Sharpness Enhancement System
  • HDMI Low Latency Mode
  • ISF Certified Engineer Adjustments
  • Noise Reduction Processing System

You get a number of connectivity options on the Formovie 4K Max including 3 HDMI ports, RS232, 2 USB ports, audio line out and an ethernet port. You can also connect to your projector using Bluetooth 4.1 and dual band WiFi.

The projector also contains voice control so you can verbally tell your device what to do.

When Will The Formovie 4K Max Be Available And How Much Will It Cost?

Such a bright and powerful projector like the Formovie 4K Max will cost $3,699 at This is pretty inline with other bright USTs given the fantastic specs.

This new for North America Formovie 4K Max projector is available for pre-order and we except it to be available some point during the Spring of 2024.

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