Innovation doesn't happen often in the world of projector screens. But when it does it should be celebrated! That's why we're excited to add the Da-Lite SightLine to our lineup of projector screens. This feature gives you the ability to have a true floating projector screen.

Impress Any Audience With A Screen Appearing To Float In Thin Air

For as long as there have been motorized projector screens, the black material known as black-drop has been a part of it to allow the screen to hang at the desired height. While not terribly unsightly, you still have a swath of black hanging from the screen, covering everything behind it.

Now there’s a way to avoid this black sheet hiding the beautiful walls and artworks behind it with the Da-Lite SightLine.

Traditional Black Drop

Da-Lite SightLine

The Da-Lite SightLine is an option on retractable screens that instead of opaque black material uses a cable-drop system that removes the black-drop entirely. This optional feature makes the projection screen appear like it’s floating in your room when in use and completely disappears when not in use.

This makes SightLine perfect for multipurpose rooms like conference rooms, school auditoriums and especially large venues like churches and banquet halls, where you don’t want to hide the décor of the room behind the black drop.

Don’t Hide The Architecture Of Your Room Behind A Black-Drop

With Black-Drop

With SightLine

The DescenderPro with SightLine replaces the standard black border above the projection surface with 3 or 4 thin cables that can be extended up to 70 inches. Now the view above the projection area is no longer blocked. It furthermore impresses guests who perceive the projector screen to be floating mid-air. With the SightLine feature, you’re able to lower the screen to the height you need while preserving the aesthetics of the room when unrolled, the way your social hall is intended to look.

Because the DescenderPro is a ceiling recessed projection screen, when rolled in the entire projection screen becomes invisible. This unique cable-drop system makes SightLine a perfect solution for any room with great architecture or high ceilings.

Simplify and Future-Proof Your Room Planning

The wire-system of SightLine allows any installer to position the screen in the perfect position using any length of the 180 cm cable-drop. This of course makes planning out your installation a much easier process.

With most setups, you would use a black-drop to position the projector screen in the ideal viewing height when the screen is ceiling mounted. This would often require a custom top border which makes the screen building process that much more complicated.

The new SightLine system gets rid of the need to calculate the black-drop before installation, or adjusting the position on-site. You can simply use the limit-settings to position the projection screen in the ideal viewing height, so the audience can comfortably watch whatever content is projected onto the surface.

If in the future you need to switch up your projection setup where you’ve got to change the height of the cinema screen, you can easily adjust the position thanks to the convenience of the SightLines. No need to buy a new screen.

Da-Lite DescenderPro with SightLine

SightLine is available with the Da-Lite Tensioned DescenderPro and the Da-Lite DescenderPro. The DescenderPro is a electric ceiling recessed-projection screen that combines innovative installation features with high-resolution HD Progressive materials.

  • The projection surface will unroll from the front of the case when SightLine is implemented, with the motor on the right side of the casing
  • Depending on the width of the projection screen the surface drops down on 3 or 4 cables
  • SightLine cable-drop system can be lowered up to 180 cm
  • 5 year warranty on the projection screen and motor
  • No screws visible for a clean (aesthetic) installation
  • Available with 16K ready HD Progressive for high resolution projection
  • Available in a tab-tensioned (HD Progressive) and a non-tensioned version
  • Roller with motor and screen surface can be easily ‘clicked’ in-place and will remain accessible for servicing after installation
  • Available up to a width of 400 cm