Following up their very popular LG HU715Q single laser UST, LG has just expanded their lineup of CineBeam 4K laser projectors with the LG HU915QE. This 4K triple laser projector takes their previous triple laser, the LG HU85LA, and ups the game big time!

This LG ultra short throw laser TV features 3,700 lumens of brightness, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, powerful built-in speakers and true RGB triple laser technology.

We expect the LG HU915QE to go on sale in mid-June. is also the first retailer in the country to offer pre-orders so you can be the first in line to get this hot new projector. We'll have a full review up soon on the blog and on our YouTube channel so subscribe and check back with us next week.

So without further ado, the brand new LG HU915QE 4K RGB triple laser ultra short throw projector.

This UST Projector Is Bright!

Boasting 3,700 lumens of brightness, the LG HU915QE is the brightest triple laser ultra short throw available on the market. It beats out the Hisense L9H by 600 lumens. Thanks to the HU915QE’s combination of advanced projection technology, movie lovers no longer need a large, dedicated home theater room to enjoy a truly immersive big screen experience in their home. This tremendous brightness allows you to use it in any room in your house, even a well lit living room.

True RGB Triple Laser Technology

The LG CineBeam HU915QE’s tremendous brightness is powered by a RGB triple laser light source. This is a big upgrade from their other triple laser, the LG HU85LA which used a RBB light source with a green filter. By adopting LG’s three channel laser technology for each primary color the HU915QE is able to not only offer a superior brightness, but also provide more accurate vivid colors and fantastic contrast compared to single laser USTs. This RGB laser TV will provide visuals that can only be described as gorgeous.

Easy To Set Up

Like their older triple laser model, this new LG CineBeam ultra short throw offers more convenient placement thanks to its smaller throw ratio. The LG HU915QE has a super small 0.19:1 throw ratio. This means the projector can sit closer to the screen than just about any other projector.

It can produce a razor sharp 90-inch image when placed just 2.2-inches from the projector screen, or a massive 120 inch picture on your screen at a distance of only 7.2-inches that looks equally as crisp.

Just like the LG HU85LA, the new HU915QE uses a manual focus wheel to make it easier to fine tune your focus.

In addition to the top, bottom, left, and right corners, the new LG CineBeam laser TV has a 15-point total screen alignment giving you more precision by finely adjusting the aspect ratio even on uneven walls .

Outstanding Visuals

Speaking of the visuals, LG’s newest ultra short throw projector delivers an impressive 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. It really excels when playing movies and streaming content in 4K HDR, using HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping to analyze and adjust image brightness every single frame. This is a feature not found on many other laser TVs, giving the new HU915QE a big advantage when it comes to playing HDR content.

LG’s Brightness Optimizer II further elevates the new CineBeam projector’s performance by automatically adjusting brightness levels according to ambient light conditions. This allows owners to enjoy clear, vivid image quality whether the room is well lit or in the dark. This feature was very popular on the LG HU715Q and is sure to thrill those who buy the HU915QE as well.

The LG HU915QE also features Adaptive Contrast that adjusts the UST’s laser light sources to provide superb contrast for each individual scene.

When it comes to colors, the new LG HU915QE covers 98% of the DCI-P3 color space which is definitely incredible, but lags behind the 107% BT.2020 color space coverage you’d find on the Hisense L9G. That being said the content still looks incredibly vivid and colorful which is a testament to LG’s technological prowess.

The image looks incredibly crisp thanks to the .66 DLP chipset compared to most other projectors using the smaller .47 DLP chip.

Powerful Built-In Soundbar

The LG HU915QE CineBeam features a built-in 2.2 Channel, 40W speaker system that enhances the viewing experience with strong, rich audio. This sound system is more powerful than most other built-in soundbars you’d find on ultra short throw projectors.

For more powerful, theater-like surround sound, users can effortlessly connect up to two LG Bluetooth speakers at once.


With LG’s intuitive webOS smart TV platform, the 4K HU915QE lets users watch all their favorite shows from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, YouTube and Apple TV without an additional device. They can also wirelessly stream content via Screen Mirroring, Apple AirPlay2 and Bluetooth.

We’re a big fan of the fact that LG added a third HDMI port. Making it easier to connect multiple devices to your laser TV. One of the three is a HDMI 2.1 port with eARC that offers 24 Gbps input.

Compared to the LG HU85LA They did remove the coaxial cable for antenna connection and TV Tuner, as well as the mini USB port.


Aesthetically speaking, LG used essentially the same simple box shaped design on the HU915QE as was used on the HU85LA. While it is a simple design, the body on the new model is still rather robust 26.8 inches wide, compared to most other USTs that are more compact.

Instead of going with a plain white casing, LG designed the new triple laser CineBeam UST with an almost rose gold color. This more muted and natural color blends in well with more luxurious home interiors. Personally, we prefer black or dark gray bodies for our UST. That said LG is supposedly also releasing a black version the LG HU915QB

The speakers are covered by a stylish and eco-friendly, ‘Re-wool’ designed by renowned Danish textile company, Kvadrat, that’s made from 45 percent recycled wool.

How Much Does The LG HU915QE Cost?

The LG HU915QE CineBeam is being released at $5,996. Not surprising considering the incredible features this ultra short throw projector comes with. The price is rather reasonable when you consider that it features the .66 DLP chip, super bright triple laser light source, powerful speakers and LG’s reputation for producing top of the line electronics.

Summing Up The LG HU915QE

This projector is truly a top of the line laser TV. It offers tremendous brightness, a razor sharp image, powerful built-in speakers, a full array of streaming apps and a luxurious modern aesthetic. All of these features combined makes this unit not just a true living room projector but a game changing one as well.