Lifestyle projectors are a novel breed of consumer electronics quickly growing in popularity. What separates these new 4K projectors from more traditional options is that they come with everything you need for an on the go entertainment setup that still produce an image worthy of any movie room. Lifestyle projectors are smart projectors that come built-in with robust speakers, streaming apps and automatic picture adjustment.

Compact, versatile, and technologically advanced, these all-in-one projectors cater to the dynamic needs of today's lifestyle more than the purely stational home theater projector. Welcome to the future of projection technology; with a lifestyle projector you can take your home theater experience with you.

Naturally with the boom in popularity of these smart projectors we had to figure out which lifestyle projector was best. That's why we hosted the 2023 lifestyle projector showdown. It was the Formovie X5 and BenQ X3100i that came out on top. But this contest only focused on the picture quality. With lifestyle projectors, there's so much more to them than how the picture looks.
So we had our own projection experts at put these portable cube projectors head to head to determine which is best for you.

In today's contest, we're putting the Hisense C1 and JMGO N1 Ultra up against each other to determine a winner. We'll be breaking down the specs along with the pros and cons to help you pick the better lifestyle projector to meet your needs.

Combatants are you ready? LET'S DO IT!

Hisense C1

The Hisense C1 Cube is the first regular throw projector from Hisense, a brand known for producing outstanding laser TVs. For their first attempt, they've manage to product an all around fabulous home entertainment projector that performs beautifully inside or outside your house. This compact triple laser smart projector produces a sharp and detailed image that is vibrantly colorful.

Read our full in-depth Hisense C1 Review.

JMGO N1 Ultra

The JMGO N1 Ultra offers great contrast, black levels, shadow detail and a wide color gamut that produces an impressive image. While other lifestyle projectors opted for a cube shape, JMGO decided to take that a step further by attaching a gimble. JMGO paid tremendous attention to the design of this product and its gimbal by far gives it a huge edge over the other projectors from a versatility and placement perspective. It is very easy to place it on any surface, from the floor, to a table, to a shelf and easily pivot the lens to the desired projection surface. It even comes in a handy travel case for easy on the go storage.

JMGO N1 Ultra Or Hisense C1, Which Is Better?

So, between these two contestants, which 4K lifestyle projector will win, the JMGO N1 Ultra or the Hisense C1? And more importantly for a shopper like yourself, which all-in-one portable projector should you buy to improve your home entertainment setup?

Read our expert comparison of these two fantastic new 4K projectors for home to see who comes out on top.

Product Photo

Hisense C1

Product Photo

JMGO N1 Ultra

Our Thoughts:




The C1 is bright enough for many applications, but the JMGO N1 Ultra has a 600 lumen advantage.

Throw Ratio



Both lifestyle projectors have the same fixed throw ratio.

Screen Size


50.02" - 150.07"

The screen size capabilities on the Hisense C1 are almost twice as much as the JMGO N1 Ultra (though you'd need a very dark room to achieve the 300 inch screen size).

Projector Lens Shift



Neither projector offers lens shift.


0.47" DLP

0.47” DLP

Both DLP projectors use the same smaller chip.

Light Source

RGB TriChroma Laser

RGB Triple Laser

Both are true triple laser projectors.


110% BT.2020

110% BT.2020

Both devices offer color gamuts wider than almost any other residential projector.

Contrast Ratio



The JMGO lifestyle projector has a clear advantage with regards to projector contrast.

Input Lag

4K/60: 41.9ms

4K/60: 35.1ms

Neither projector is a true gaming projector with these adequate lag times. JMGO though does get the edge.

Built-In Speakers

20W JBL Speaker

10.0 Watts x2

The built-in speakers found on the Hisense C1 are higher quality and sound much better than the JMGO N1 Ultra.




Both provide a fantastic value for a low price 4K projector but the Hisense C1 Cube typically costs less.

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

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Hisense C1

The Pros

  • Triple laser design allow for a bright and colorful image
  • Incredibly wide color gamut coverage
  • Sharpest picture from a lifestyle projector
  • Great motion handling
  • Smart projector that supports streaming apps including Netflix
  • Autofocus and auto-keystoning allow you to point the projector and it will correct the image
  • Can create an image size all the way up to 300 inches
  • Robust built-in 20W JBL speakers sound clear and loud and allows you to watch content without needing an external sound system
  • Relatively light weight making it a great choice for indoor and outdoor movie nights
  • Supports Dolby Vision

The Cons

  • Light output is lower than other similarly priced lifestyle projectors
  • No lens shift or variable throw ratio
  • No 3D support
  • Only has 2 HDMI ports
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JMGO N1 Ultra

The Pros

  • Unique swiveling and tilting gimbal stand makes it easy to set up your projector
  • Bright triple laser light source
  • Incredibly wide color gamut coverage
  • Excellent contrast and black levels for a DLP projector
  • Supports 3D
  • Solid built in speakers with surprisingly good sound
  • Relatively light weight and comes with a protective travel case
  • Autofocus and auto-keystoning corrects the image and occurs quicker than most other lifestyle projectors

The Cons

  • Higher amount of laser speckle
  • Higher level of rainbow effect
  • Requires calibration for true color accuracy
  • 11-point grayscale controls are global, limiting usefulness
  • No lens shift or variable throw ratio
  • Small, cheap feeling plastic remote with limited button options such as no direct input select button
  • Only has 2 HDMI ports
  • No Netflix app

So Which 4K Projector Will Win This Lifestyle Competition, The Hisense C1 Or The JMGO N1 Ultra?

Either one of these lifestyle projectors will provide hours upon hours of high quality entertainment for you and your family. Whether you go with the JMGO N1 Ultra or the Hisense C1 you're gonna be thrilled with your purchase.

Just like it's tough for you to pick which one you want, it's quite a challenge for us to pick a winner in this lifestyle shootout. Each projector has its own advantages and disadvantages compared to the other one.

That being said, our projection experts have figured out an answer to the question, "Which projector should I buy, the Hisense C1 or the JMGO N1 Ultra?" The winner of this lifestyle head to head comparison is the………

Hisense C1!

Why Buy Hisense C1?

For this all-in-one projector showdown there were a few reasons why our experts chose the Hisense C1 Cube as the winner.

Both projectors offer a fantastic and vibrant image, but where the Hisense C1 really separates itself from the JMGO is the sharpness of the image. In every piece of content we watched with these two projectors next to each other the detail in the C1 was significantly better than on the N1 Ultra (and every other lifestyle projector we looked at.) When it comes to color accuracy the Hisense cube projector looked much more realistic and natural. The support of Dolby Vision content is also a big plus.

The purpose of a lifestyle projector is to contain everything you need for an epic movie night. Part of why the Hisense won this head to head comparison is the superior sound quality of the built in speakers. The built-in Netflix app is also a big advantage because you don't need an external media player to get all of your favorite streaming services.

The larger variable screen size gives you more versatility to create a truly epic big screen experience. And if you're the type who likes to calibrate their projector, the Hisense gives you more control.

From a design perspective the Hisense C1 Cube’s metal exterior gives it a much more premium aesthetic. Which is important if you have set up in your living room.

The lower price tag further helps give the Hisense the edge in this battle.

Why Buy The JMGO N1 Ultra?

Even though the JMGO N1 Ultra lost this head to head against the Hisense C1, that doesn't mean it isn't a great option for many people.

One of its greatest features that really sets it apart from any other all-in-one projector is its integrated gimbal stand.

JMGO paid tremendous attention to the design of this product and its gimbal by far gives it a huge edge over the other projectors from a versatility and placement perspective. It is very easy to place it on any surface, from the floor to a table to a shelf and easily pivot the lens to the desired projection surface. If you're the type of person who will be moving your projector from room to room, outside or on trips, the ease of setup makes it a top choice.

JMGO also have other great accessories including a ceiling mount and a floor stand which further make this such a versatile option. The protective carrying case makes it an even better option as an on-the-go projector.

With 600 more lumens of light output produced by the JMGO compared to the Hisense, if you need a brighter projector because you're more into lights on viewing, the JMGO is going to be the way to go.

Gamers are also going to want to pick the JMGO as their go-to choice thanks to it's lower lag time.

And if you're a 3D enthusiast the JMGO is going to be your go to choice, though you may want to also consider the XGIMI Horizon Ultra.

Which Projector Do You Think Is Better?

Which model do you think is the better option to meet your needs, the JMGO N1 Ultra or Hisense C1 Cube? Do you own one of these lifestyle projectors? If so, how do you use it? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

We'll be breaking down the comparison between the Hisense C1 and JMGO N1 Ultra even further in our projector shootout series on YouTube. So make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can get notified when our shootout goes live plus other great content in our pipeline. And be sure to checkout our other head to head projector comparisons as well as the results from the 2023 lifestyle projector showdown where we name the best all-in-one projector.

If you have any questions about these projectors or anything else projection related don’t hesitate to hit us up at And as always thanks for reading and keep on projecting!

Hisense C1 Vs JMGO N1 Ultra Lifestyle Projectors

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