Buy Your Projector Or Screen Today And Get Black Friday Prices Guaranteed

If you’re looking for the best Black Friday projector deals you don’t have to wait for Friday November 25th or Cyber Monday on November 28th to save big on your projector or projector screen. That’s thanks to’s Black Friday Pricing Guarantee!

Everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving is the best day to get deals in store and the Monday after Thanksgiving is the best day to buy online. This is especially true of electronics. That’s why so many people wait until Black Friday or Cyber Week to order their new projectors.

Our Black Friday Pricing Guarantee gives you the confidence to know that you’ll be getting the best deals and lowest prices on all of our projectors, cinema screens, home theater speakers, AV receivers, UST cabinets and more!

Why Buy Early?

  • No missing out on the best deals - Because of our Black Friday Guarantee, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the lowest prices on all projectors, screens, AV receivers, home theater speakers and more.
  • We’re more likely to have the items in stock - Supply chain disruptions have hit the projection industry particularly hard. There’s no guarantee we’ll have projectors in stock come Black Friday. Buying earlier increases the odds we have the inventory on our shelves.
  • If we sell out or are backordered on a product, you’re at the top of the list - With the limited inventory available in stock many popular residential and home theater projectors have a backlog of orders. Buying a projector before Black Friday will increase your chances of being the first in line on the waitlist
  • Get your projector and screen sooner - You’ve waited long enough to treat yourself to a new projector and screen combo. The sooner you order the projector the sooner you can start enjoying epic movies and TV like you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Much more likely to get it before the holidays - Between longer lead times and higher shipping volume, there’s no absolute guarantee you’ll get your order in time for Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Furthermore if there are any issues or delays from the delivery company, there’s time to solve the problems and still get your package delivered on time.

Don't wait until the busiest shopping period of the year and risk your desired item(s) not being in stock.

We've got you covered and will protect your pricing on all items purchased between now and Thanksgiving.

Here's How The Black Friday Pricing Guarantee Works:

  • On Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if you see a lower cost for any item that you purchased from us on 11/1 through 11/24, contact us at
  • Add the exact contents of your order to a new shopping cart and click the "Save Cart", name your cart your original order # and include link in your email to us.
  • Make the subject of your email "Black Friday Price Guarantee Order # xxxxx". Please make sure to replace xxxxx with your actual order #
  • We will look at the total order amount and if the exact same order would be less expensive on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we will adjust your order to that lower amount and refund you the difference.

That's it, pretty simple. Don't wait to start enjoying your new projection setup or other gear and get it while the getting is good and before the shelves are bare during the Black Friday shopping bonanza.

* you must email us no later than 11:59pm EST on 11/28/22 in order to be eligible for our Black Friday Price Guarantee

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