People generally go for as large of a projector screen as possible based on their projectors throw distance and/or space restraints. While I don’t blame people for that rationale, bigger projector screens aren’t always better; here are 3 conditions in which you would not want to “Go Big or Go Home”

  1. Your projector’s resolution is not high enough. When you have a lower resolution projector, there are larger, more defined pixels. When you project a low resolution image on a very large surface, these pixels become extremely apparent and detract from the enjoyment of the movie.
  2. Your projector has a low lumen output. The larger the image you try to throw, the more light is needed from the projector. If you take your low lumen projector, and move it closer to the screen you will see the image get smaller but you will also see it get much brighter.
  3. Your seating is close to the projector screen. Sitting up close to a very large screen is not necessarily the most enjoyable for most viewers; that’s why the front rows are always the last to fill up at a movie theater. While showing off your big screen is cool,you do not want the audience to have to sit close too it,where they cant see the entire picture comfortably.