BenQ has announced their newest home theater projector, the BenQ W5800. This enthralling device will feature a 2600 lumen laser light source and offer a vibrant 4K UHD image with stunning clarity and precision.

We were expecting them to rebrand it the BenQ HT5800 for the US market like they have with their other projectors like the BenQ HT4550i but to quote Shakespeare, "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." So we'll be getting the BenQ W5800.

This new model will be the laser based upgrade for their very popular BenQ HT5550.

We've got the inside scoop and want to provide you with everything we know about the new BenQ W5800. Make sure to check back here as we'll keep this post updated with the latest information.

A Bright Laser Projector Built For Home Theater Installation

The BenQ W5800 will offer up to 2,600 lumens of brightness from a single blue laser light source. What's even more impressive, is that when it's calibrated the W5800 still produces 1,700, where other competitors in its class drop down to around 700 lumens after calibration. The fact that it holds onto its light output means you don't need total darkness to properly enjoy TV and movies in your home cinema room. You can expect this light engine to last for at least 20,000 hours.

With regards to installation, the BenQ W5800 is capable of producing an image size all the way up to 200 inches for a fully immersive cinematic big screen experience.

This new 16:9 BenQ Projector offers a 1.6x optical motorized zoom lens allowing more flexible installation and placement options. It has a variable throw ratio of 1.52-2.45:1. The W5800 also features ±50% vertical and ±21% horizontal lens shift to provide a perfectly straight-edged image without loss of resolution.

Stunning 4K Resolution With Vibrant Colors

If you want a stunningly sharp 4K projector for your home theater room, the BenQ W5800 should be at the top of your wish list. With a 4K UHD resolution, this new model will produce a fantastically sharp picture thanks to its DLP chipset. The 4K clarity is further enhanced by the all-glass lens system featuring 14-element 7-group coated with low dispersion materials. This allows for superior transparency that reduces color difference and fully displays 4K image clarity.

One thing BenQ projectors are known for is producing brilliant colors. The BenQ W5800 home theater projector is no exception. It is capable of reproducing tv and movies the way they were meant to be seen thanks to it's super-wide 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 and Rec.709 color spaces. It even looks great out of the box, thanks to the individual factory calibration that ensures Delta E <1 color accuracy.

The BenQ W5800 is also a 3D projector, perfect for those 3D content enthusiasts to get excited over.

Comprehensive Image Optimization And HDR Support

The BenQ W5800 features exclusive HDR-PRO technology that heightens the 4K HDR viewing experience with two-step enhanced tone mapping, reproducing more balance between details in bright and dark scenes. This HDR projector also supports HDR10+.

This advanced HDR projector applies an industry-leading Local Contrast Enhancer (LCE) algorithm to divide the image into 1,000+ zones, that analyzes and adjusts gamma independently for greater dark and bright detail definition giving you a more enriched image depth to your picture.

Included in the W5800, is BenQ's Dynamic Black technology that dynamically adjusts the light output by detecting imagery, ensuring optimal contrast and life-like images. Laser projectors, equipped with fast dimming, promptly respond to brightness changes, delivering 20% higher contrast than other SSI models.

If you want to calibrate you new projector, BenQ gives you an abundance of settings to choose from, including advanced color temperature tuning with 11 levels of white balance controls.

This home theater projector also features Filmmaker Mode that strips away the digital processing so you can watch movies the way the director intended.

Robust Connectivity

The W5800 connects you to all kinds of entertainment electronics including speakers, video game consoles streaming devices and more with universal ports that include dual HDMI 2.0b (HDCP 2.2)*, two USB-Type A, SPDIF. One of those HDMI ports supports eARC allowing for 7.1 channel and Dolby Atmos audio pass through, transmitting the original-full resolution audio signal to your sound system via one HDMI cable. We always prefer projectors to have at least 3 HDMI ports but so far this is the biggest knock against the BenQ W5800.

Form and Functionality

If you have a preference for home theater projector's aesthetic then you'll be a fan of the sleek black body of this premium device.

With an anti-dust vertical louver design that serves both looks modern and allows for optimized air intake, the BenQ W5800 combines form and functionality. The elegantly patterned lens ring prevents stray light with a rearward tilt to eliminate light leakage.

The W5800 is also a quiet projector, equipped with a low-noise multi-channel cooling system, that effectively reduces environmental noise to a quiet range of 27dB to 30dB.

How much will the BenQ W5800 Cost?

When announced for India, the price tag was set to Rs 6,50,000 (~$ $7,850) but our sources tell us that the BenQ W5800 will have a list price of $5999. But will be available for at an even lower cost when you purchase from

When will the BenQ W5800 Be Available?

The BenQ W5800 is expected to be released in the spring. Our sources have indicated that the plan for the US launch to be at some point in May 2024. Sign up on to our mailing list so you can be the first to be notified for when this 4K BenQ home theater projectors is available for sale and to get exclusive pricing on this new 2024 model.

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