Are you a gamer? Play with your friends? Tired of squinting to see the 1/4 of your television in a multiplayer game? Then you need a big projector screen.

The size and quality of your display is an important aspect of video game enjoyment. You used to have to sacrifice a good quality image for a large image but with the decreasing price of HD projectors and high resolution video game consoles, you can now get a very large image with very high quality.

If you use a projector and screen, you will get a display that diminishes that of most flat-panel television displays, at a lower cost. If you think that a 50" plasma is large, consider the size of an inexpensive and average sized projector screen. A small projection screen (77" diagonal) has twice the display area of a 50" flat panel television. When comparing 106" projector screens to a 50" display, the difference is even larger; there is 4 times more display area than the 50" television.

  • Everyone gets involved. With the larger image size than a television, everyone can see what’s happening on the projector screen.
  • The Devil is in the details. While gaming, even the smallest detail can be the difference between life or death. Playing on a larger display will ensure you don’t miss any detail, giving you an advantage over the competition.
  • Large and in charge. By projecting a huge image on your projector screen, you are turning your home theater into an immerse environment. You can experience your gaming on a different level when you are fighting life size enemies on your big screen.
  • Multi Player Mayhem. Sharing your screen with 3 of your buddies is no longer a strain. If you double the diagonal size of your display, you just about quadruple the viewing space, in 4-player mode, you’ll have a 50" display area for each player!

Whoever says that size doesn’t matter hasn’t taken a look at the chart below: