If you want a tremendously huge image in your home regardless of the amount of light in the room, then an 4K ultra short throw projector is the best choice for you. A UST (also known as a laser TV) is a type of projector that is designed to project large images from a very short distance from the cinema screen. Whether you're turning your living room into a cinema or transforming any other space in your home into a movie theater, these modern devices are more than capable of delivering. When you pair one of these USTs with an ambient light rejecting screen you get a radical television upgrade that features a powerful built in soundbar and streaming apps.

So with many different UST projectors available on the market you're probably wondering, which one is best for you? Well, it just so happens that our projection experts have been putting ultra short throw projectors up against each other to help answer that very question. They've assembled this series of blog posts contrasting and comparing the various laser TVs. Fort today, we'll be comparing two single laser ultra short throw projectors up against each other. So Let's find out which is better between the XGIMI Aura vs the Hisense PL1.

Hisense PL1

Hisense was the first electronics brand to release a reasonably priced ultra short throw projector. It was their marketing team that came up with the alternative name: Laser TV. Hisense has continued to improve on their novel idea with the release of four new ultra short throw projectors. Amongst these is the new single laser Hisense PL1. This 4K UST offers a sharp colorful image with great contrast at an affordable price.

Be sure to read our in-depth Hisense PL1 review.


The XGIMI Aura is their first ultra short throw projector. This 2400 lumen laser TV is a very strong single laser UST especially given the low price. It offers a vibrant, high quality image perfect for anyone who loves watching TV and movies. Like the highly praised Formovie Theater, XGIMI is a projection manufacturer new to the USA, but not new to the global projector market. You can learn more about this projector in our XGIMI Aura review.

So the big question is, which is the better ultra short throw projector the Hisense PL1 or the XGIMI Aura?

Read our head to head comparison of these two fantastic single laser ultra short throw projectors to find out.

Product Photo


Product Photo

Hisense PL1

Our Thoughts:




The XGIMI Aura offers more brightness output for lights on watching.

Throw Ratio



The XGIMI Aura sits a few inches closer to the projector screen.


.47" DLP

.47" DLP

Both projectors use the same .47" DLP chipset.

Light Source

ALPD® 3.0 single laser

X-Fusion™ Single Laser Engine

Both UST projectors use a single blue laser and color wheel. The ALPD technology improves black levels, while X-Fusion gives a sharper more vibrant image.


80% DCI-P3

90% DCI-P3

The Hisense PL1 has a significantly wider color gamut for a more vibrant and accurate picture.

Contrast Ratio



When it comes to contrast, the Hisense UST offers a much better contrast ratio.

Image Size

80 to 150 inches

80 to 120 inches

The variable focus on the XGIMI Aura gives it more installation flexibility than almost any other UST.

Input Lag

43.1 ms

46.6 ms

Functionally these lag times are about the same but the XGIMI laser TV has a very slight edge.


Harman Kardon 4 x 15W

30W (Stereo)

The XGIMI Aura has a significantly better built-in soundbar.




The Hisense PL1 is sold at a very reasonable price given the visual output. However, the XGIMI Aura has one of the lowest costs for a quality 4K ultra short throw projector.


Add to Cart

Add to Cart


Product Photo

Hisense PL1

The Pros

  • Great value given the low price tag
  • Vibrant picture with accurate colors
  • Very sharp image
  • Has a significantly wider color gamut than most other single laser USTs
  • Vastly improved contrast ratio gives it one of the best on a single laser projector
  • Google TV OS allows it to offer many streaming apps including Netflix built-in
  • Supports Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HLG

The Cons

  • Limited to the 80-120 inch screen sizes
  • Lacks 3D support
  • Not great for gaming
  • Only has two HDMI ports
Product Photo


The Pros

  • Deep dark black levels
  • Produces a sharp image with good contrast and HDR handling
  • 2nd best built in speakers on a UST
  • Fan noise is nearly silent
  • Supports 3D
  • Can make an image size up to 150 inches
  • Has 3 HDMI ports

The Cons

  • Colors are a bit oversaturated
  • Limited amount of calibration controls
  • No accurate preset Movie mode
  • No eARC
  • No input button on remote, so you have to go into menus to do this
  • Netflix app is not included

So Which Is The Better Ultra Short Throw, The Hisense PL1 Or XGIMI Aura?

Both of these low budget ultra short throw projectors thrive based on the value they offer. With either projector you get a great picture for a low price. It's honestly tough deciding whether the Hisense PL1 is the better laser TV or the XGIMI Aura. That being said, you came here for us to declare a winner and that's just what we're going to do. So in the showdown pitting the Hisense PL1 vs The XGIMI Aura the title goes to the………

Hisense PL1

Why You Should Buy The Hisense PL1

The most important factor when comparing projectors is the picture quality. With such a sharp and vibrant image, plus the superior contrast, the video produced by the Hisense PL1 is clearly better than the XGIMI Aura. When you put these projectors side-by-side the winner is easy to pick. Even out of the box the PL1 has a very accurate, real-to-life picture and that puts it ahead of the Aura.

The support for Dolby Vision sets the PL1 apart from most other ultra short throws. With a Google TV operating system, this is a true smart projector. Also unlike most other laser TVs out there that only support Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video, the Hisense PL1 gives you a built-in Netflix app.

Hisense is undoubtedly one of the best projector brands for making high quality USTs and the PL1 is yet another example. XGIMI just doesn't have the same level of experience with ultra short throw projectors.

Why You Should Buy The XGIMI Aura

Even though the XGIMI didn't win this shootout against the Hisense PL1, for some people the Aura is going to be the better option.

If you're not absolutely sure what screen size you want, the XGIMI Aura gives you the flexibility to upgrade all the way up to a massive 150 inch UST projector screen. The extra brightness on the Aura also allow you to place your projector in a more well lit room with less image degradation.

Another reason to pick the XGIMI Aura is if you don't have an external sound system and plan to use the built-in speakers.

Arguably the most important reason for choosing the XGIMI Aura is the price. The value you get for such a low cost from the XGIMI laser TV will make anyone think hard about which ultra short throw projector to purchase.

Which Do You Think Is Better, The XGIMI Aura Or Hisense PL1?

Do you agree with the winner we chose? Which one would you rather buy? Which projectors do you want to see next in our head to head in shootout? Let us know in the comments below!

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