Screen Innovations is proud to introduce the latest and greatest in its lineup of fantastic projection screens for homes and businesses.

Ladies and gentleman I give you, the Screen Innovations Solo 3.

Screen Innovations is known for producing stylish high quality, high performance cinema screens. The Solo 3 motorized projection screen is no exception. 

Versatile Installation Options

This new line of electric screens are designed to be used in indoor or outdoor spaces giving you a variety of uses for these versatile screens.

As a retractable projector screen, the Solo 3 can hide away the display surfaces when not in use so you're not left staring at a monolithic gray or white area on your walls. 

The Solo 3 also gives you the choice to install the screen above or below the ceiling. This means that the display surface can be ceiling recessed or the casing can be mounted to ceiling/wall for an more simple installation.  This screen is stylish enough for either option.

Solo 3 befits a wide variety of applications, as the casing can accommodate many of Screen Innovations high quality projection screen materials including ultra short throw screen material for small spaces, ambient light rejecting materials for well lit rooms, acoustically transparent screens for concealing speakers, and twin-view to double screen use by utilizing both sides of the material. This makes it the perfect choice for just about any room or projection setup.

Sleek Elegant Style

Screen Innovations took a design-centric approach with the Solo 3. The clean, sharp lines of the self-contained cassette reflect modern architectural trends, with contemporary and minimalist interiors in mind.

The SI Solo 3 casing is manufactured as one seamless unit. This is unlike most other motorized projection screen that have raised endcaps that disrupt the orderly lines.

You have the option of a black or white powder-coated cassette. It can even be painted to match the surrounding area.

Advanced Technology

Built into Solo 3 motorized projector screens is a new, intelligent brain called Moab. This advanced 485-based control board enables faster programming of setpoints, rotation, and motor reset, automatic discovery and programming of keypads and remotes, and seamless, customizable integration with control systems.

Designed and engineered by SI, Moab features numerous inputs/outputs to support a wide range of 485-based automation and control configurations to quickly synchronize the screen settings with other smart devices. Best of all, programming can be accomplished directly via Moab without a computer or software. 

These features make the Solo 3 a smart projector screen.

With the Solo 3, rechargeable lithium battery-powered cassettes are available for outdoor applications, where running wires is more challenging. These wireless options can be charged manually or draw power from the sun. This is the first solar powered projector screen in the industry.

The new Solo 3 replaces SI’s legacy 3 and 5 Series motorized projection screen products.

Order your Screen Innovation Solo 3 retractable cinema screen today!