At last year's CES Samsung made probably the biggest announcement with their 8K ultra short throw projector, the Samsung Premiere 8K. We had high hopes that it would be released within the year. But sadly it never came out.

But now that CES 2024 is upon us, Samsung is once again making a big splash with their new lineup of ultra short throw projectors. This year Samsung will be releasing the Premiere 5, the Premiere 7, the Premiere 9 and re-introducing the Samsung Premiere 8K. Whomever is in charge of naming their new projectors totally deserves a raise!

Here's everything we know so far about the 2024 Samsung Premiere ultra short throw projectors:

Samsung Premiere 8K

The Samsung Premiere 8K was announced at last year's CES. We all thought it would be released within six months, but we got nothing from Samsung besides a pretty minor update on the Samsung Freestyle.

Looks like we're going to have to keep waiting at least a bit longer for this 8K UST. However progress is being made because at the CES 2024 Samsung Event, Jonathan Gabrio, the Head of Connected Experience Center at Samsung Electronics America, said that this year they're introducing the new Premiere 8K ultra short throw projector.

This ground breaking 8K UHD laser TV will be the first of its kind. (Unless Hisense can launch their 120LX 8K Laser TV first.)

It will also be the first projector to feature wireless 8K transmission. Normally you'd need to run cables from your media player to your projector. But with the Samsung Premiere 8K you can pair it with the Samsung Wireless One Connect Box that acts as a media hub allowing you to wirelessly transmit an 8K signal from up to 33 feet away. This means added installation flexibility and even makes it easier to stream UHD media for backyard movie nights.

The Samsung Premiere 8K will also offer incredible 100-watt output and 8.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos. It will also feature innovative Sound-on-Screen technology that makes it seem like the audio is coming from the projected image on the screen instead of coming from the projector. This is a really cool feature for those who aren't planning to use a true surround sound set up.

The AI system found on this UST can upscale 4K content giving it a higher perceived sharpness and more vibrant image.

We cover the expected specs on the Samsung 8K Premiere projector in more depth here.

Like the other projectors in the line up, we have no new information about when the 8K Samsung UST projector is expected to be released or how much it will cost. However judging by the other 8K home theater projectors like the ones from JVC. We wouldn't be surprised to see a $15,000 price tag. Some of our sources even indicate that the new Samsung Premiere 8K will cost $25,000.

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Be on the lookout for updates as we learn more about this new 2024 projector and for our review of the Premiere 8K projector.

Samsung Premiere 5

The Samsung Premiere 5 is the low priced budget option of the new projectors and most unique.

They're claiming the 5 to be the world's most compact triple-laser ultra short throw projector. Coming in at 5" x 5" x 8", with a weight of just 3.7 pounds, they might just be right. You could probably also call this thing the first portable ultra short throw.

This low profile 2024 Samsung laser TV can produce a 100 inch image from just 17 inches away from the projection surface. This means it would have a throw ratio of about 0.19:1 like their original models, the Samsung LSP7T and the Samsung LSP9T

It even comes with built-in 10W speakers. Not the most robust of sound systems but this is is pretty good considering the compact size of this model.

In addition to being a (cargo shorts) pocket sized big screen projector, the Samsung Premiere 5 has the added flexibility to serve as a table top touchscreen. The included tabletop stand makes it easy to position your device how you need it.

This innovative little beamer can be used to projector movies and TV shows in your living room or serve as a touchscreen display for interactive tutorial videos or educational apps.

Samsung Premiere 7

The Samsung Premiere 7 is an upgraded version of the Samsung LSP7T. It will feature a brighter laser light source and a Quantum 4K processor. The new Samsung 7 UST will also get Dolby Atmos sound for a "theater-like experience" according to their reps. Judging by how the Premiere 5 will be a triple laser projector, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Samsung 7 Premiere UST get upgraded to a RGB light engine as well.

Samsung Premiere 9

Like the Premiere 7, the Samsung Premiere 9 is the upgrade to the very popular Samsung LSP9T. It will also have a higher lumen output, a Quantum 4K processor and Dolby Atmos. There is no word on when these refreshed versions will be available or for how much. We'd expect the 2024 Samsung Premiere 9 to be priced around the same as the LG HU915QB and LG HU915QE, so around $6,000.

Additional Features For The Samsung Premiere Projector Lineup

There are three new features that Samsung is incorporating their 2024 Premiere ultra short throw projector lineup. These features include Samsung Gaming Hub, Light Warp and Smart Speaker. Here are the details on each:

  • Gaming Hub: Samsung's Gaming Hub has been a big hit on their flatscreen TVs and so it will also be included in their 2024 Premiere UST projectors. This system gives you access to 1000's of video game titles with no console needed.
  • Light Warp: This pretty cool features can transform any object in the room into an interactive display surface. With Light Warp, you can use projection mapping technology to project content onto any surface and even make it a customizable dashboard with widgets, like a clock, or the weather. This is the first time we've found integrated projection mapping technology for home entertainment devices. You now get newly unlocked capabilities for creative room designs, party ambiance, and useful informational displays.
  • Smart Speaker: Your Premiere UST projector is no longer just a projector. All of the new 2024 Samsung projectors are also smart speakers that allow you to play music, set reminders and control your other smart home technology with just your voice commands. Even when the projector is turned off.

Ballie Robot Is Also A Projector

Samsung’s Ballie smart home robot is back — and now, it’s a projector, too. Not gonna lie, this thing is adorable and further proof that everything is better with a projector.