Ultra short throws are projectors that are placed directly underneath the projection screen. These 4K laser TVs, as they're also called, are designed to be used in well-lit rooms and function as a big screen television upgrade. And a major upgrade at that since UST projectors can create an image size from 90 inches all the way up to 150 inches on certain models. They're built to give you an incredibly vivid 4K image regardless of the lighting conditions of the room. This is especially true when you pair your unit with an ambient light rejecting screen made specifically for ultra short throw projectors.

But which UST should you buy? Which one is right for you? Which laser TV is best? Our projection experts answer these question as part of our ultra short throw projector shootout series. Today we'll be comparing two single laser USTs against each other. So Let's find out which is better between the Samsung LSP7T vs the Hisense L5G.

When Samsung entered the ultra short throw market with the Premiere lineup of projectors, they burst onto the scene with great fanfare thanks to the triple laser, LSP9T and it's little brother, the single laser, Samsung LSP7T. The Premiere LSP7T from Samsung is a lower price point laser TV that offers solid specs from a very well known home entertainment electronics brand. It is a much more affordable offering than the more expense LSP9T.

Hisense was the first brand to release a reasonably priced ultra short throw projector. In fact, they coined the term Laser TV. They followed their first model with the impressive single laser L5F. In 2022 they unveiled the upgraded version, the Hisense L5G. This 4K laser tv from Hisense comes bundled with an ambient light rejecting screen for added value. Just like the Samsung LSP7T, the L5G is the single laser version of its popular triple laser, the, Hisense L9G.

So the big question is, which is better the Hisense L5G or the Samsung LSP7T?

Read our head to head comparison of these two fantastic single laser ultra short throw projectors to find out.

Product Photo

Samsung LSP7T

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Hisense L5G

Our Thoughts:




The Hisense L5G is significantly brighter than the Samsung Premiere.

Throw Ratio



These laser TVs sit the same distance from the screen.


.47" DLP

.47" DLP

Both projectors use the same .47" DLP chipset.

Light Source

Single Blue Laser

Single Blue Laser

Both UST projectors use a single blue laser and color wheel to create the image you see on the screen. 


83% DCI-P3

95% DCI-P3

The L5G has a much wider color gamut for a more vibrant and accurate picture.

Contrast Ratio



These laser TVs have similar contrast, with the Samsung LSP7T having a slight edge.

Image Size

90 to 120 inches

90, 100 or 120 inches

With a fixed focus the L5G is limited to one of three sizes. While the variable focus on the LSP7T gives it more flexibility.

ALR Projector Screen

Screen Sold Separately

Available Bundled With 90" 100" or 120" Screen

The bundled UST screen greatly improves the value of the Hisense laser TV.

Input Lag

47.2 ms

41.8 ms

Neither has a particularly strong lag time for gaming but the Hisense L5G gets a slight edge.


15 Watts x 2

15 Watts x 2 dbx-tv

While they both have the same power, the Samsung has a much better built in speaker system.




The LSP7T has a lower price tag, but the bundled projector screen gives the Hisense L5G significantly better value.


Add to Cart

Add to Cart


Product Photo

Samsung LSP7T

The Pros

  • Low priced 4K Ultra Short Throw
  • Colors are vivid
  • Built-in streaming apps includes Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV and more
  • Has 3 HDMI ports
  • Easy to navigate interface

The Cons

  • Not the best choice for bright spaces
  • Picture was not as sharp as other laser TVs
  • Not great for gaming
  • Only comes with a 1 year warranty
  • Only comes in white
Product Photo

Hisense L5G

The Pros

  • Great value with the bundled ALR screen
  • Bright vibrant picture with accurate colors
  • Very sharp image
  • Has the 2nd widest color gamut of any single laser UST
  • 2nd highest lumen output for single laser USTs
  • Supports Dolby Vision
  • Has 3 HDMI ports

The Cons

  • Limited to the 90, 100 and 120 inch screen size
  • Contrast is not great
  • Lacks 3D support
  • Not great for gaming
  • Netflix app is not included

So Which UST Is Better, The Samsung LSP7T Or The Hisense L5G?

As always this isn't the easiest shootout for us to declare a winner as both have their own advantages. It truly doesn't matter which one you buy, you'll be absolutely ecstatic with either of these fantastic laser TVs. But ultimately our projection experts had to make a choice. So in the head to head showdown between the Hisense L5G and Samsung LSP7T the winner is the………

Hisense L5G

Why You Should Buy The Hisense L5G

With such a sharp and vibrant image it's not hard to understand why we chose the Hisense L5G. Even out of the box it has a very accurate, life-like picture. The image produced by the Hisense L5G is clearly superior to the Samsung LSP7T, so it's only natural that we declare it the winner in this comparison shootout.

The bundled screen puts the L5G even further ahead because of the value it adds since you don't need to buy the screen separately.

Hisense is undoubtedly one of the best projector brands for making high quality USTs and the L5G is no exception.

The main knock against the L5G is that it lacks the variable focus so you can't change your screen size if you decide you want to go bigger.

Why You Should Buy The Samsung LSP7T

Even though the Samsung Premiere LSP7T didn't win this shootout, that doesn't mean that it's not a great projector. The L5G just happens to be better. If you're not absolutely sure what screen size you want or if you already have a screen then the LSP7T would be the obvious choice.
If you don't have an external sound system, the LSP7T would absolutely be a better option sound-wise. On top of that, as a Samsung projector, you know you're getting a product from one of the best electronics manufacturers in the world.

Do you agree with our winner? Which one would you buy? Which projectors do you want to see next in our head to head in laser TV shootout? Let us know in the comments below!

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If you have any questions on these projectors or anything else projection related don’t hesitate to hit us up at ProjectorScreen.com. Thanks for reading and keep on projecting!

Hisense L5G Vs Samsung LSP7T

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