Panamorph has just announced their latest offering for the world of home movie theater enjoyment. Introducing the Panamorph Alpha universal anamorphic projector lens.

This new lens will change the way you watch movies and television in your movie room by seamlessly morphing 16:9 images into a cinemascope format. 

Incredibly the Panamorph Alpha is a universal lens meaning it will fit on just about any high end home theater projector.

What is an anamorphic lens?

An anamorphic projector lens is a specialized lens that attaches to a projector designed to horizontally stretch a projected image. It is commonly used in home cinemas to convert a projector with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio image into a wider aspect ratio, such as 2.35:1 or 2.39:1, without sacrificing image resolution. This allows for a more immersive and cinematic viewing experience and gets rid of the wasteful black bars.

Why Get The Panamorph Alpha?

See movies the way they were meant to be seen
  • Performance enhancing. The new Panamorph Alpha anamorphic lens offers 33% more pixels making for Cinemascope movie watching with dramatically higher brightness and detail. This is of course the main reason for investing in an anamorphic lens for your home theater. This means no more black bars wasting valuable pixels. Your projector is able to achieve the highest performance for larger than life movies.
  • Distortion free. This is an anamorphic lens with less than 1% distortion even at low throw ratios. No other lens before the Panamorph Alpha has been able to achieve this virtually distortion free experience. When you use the Panamorph Alpha you get a fully crisp rectangular 2.4:1 image using the full resolution of the projector.
  • Universal and future compatible. The Panamorph Alpha works with all higher volume 16:9 projectors (and 17:9 projectors with 16:9 modes) that have anamorphic modes. This includes JVC projectors, Sony projectors, Epson projectors and more! This means if you upgrade your projector you don’t need to get a whole new lens system. You can purchase the Panamorph Alpha from and it will almost certainly fit on any future projectors.
    (Although Panamorph is including a disclaimer in their release that this is not guaranteed and that you could need a new mounting system.) They also note that the Alpha will not likely be big enough for the JVC RS4100 or Sony GTZ380 in low throw ratio theaters. But other than that it should be compatible with just about any other home theater projector out there.
  • Special full-screen mode for 16:9. No more missing scores or black “slivers” anywhere on your screen. Perfect for watching football or other sporting events. You’ll be able to completely fill even the biggest projector screens with any content you want.
  • Subtitle solutions. With the Panamorph Alpha universal anamorphic lens you can squeeze subtitles in so they become more visible and easier to read.
  • Wider Image Support! The new Panamorph Alpha supports a 2.4:1 screen size which is more than 10% wider than the projector can produce with just using its 16:9 panels.
  • No lens memory adjustments required. You don’t need to make any adjustments with your lens. This is all solid state. So no more fiddling with the lens shift, focus or zoom. Just set it and forget it! (Panamorph does note however, that you may still need to fiddle a bit with subtitles.)

Pre-order discount: The Alpha will begin shipping at the end of March. And Panamorph is offering a huge discount for pre-orders. There will be a very limited quantity, so don’t wait, order your Panamorph Alpha Anamorphic Lens today!