Buying a projector is great! Unfortunately projector bulbs and lamps only have so many hours of life in them to give. Projector lamps can be quite expensive to replace, so without following “best practices” in terms of bulb life conservation, you could be throwing money out the door by buying replacement projector lamps more frequently than you should be.

This handy list shares some helpful tips on extending the life of your projector bulb and save you money in the long run.

Check out our new updated list of how to extend the life of your projector.

Tips to Extend Projector Lamp Life

Change Or Clean Your Filter Regularly

    Filters prevent dust from getting inside the sensitive circuitry while still allowing the airflow to keep your projector cool. If the filter gets clogged with dust then it can cause the projector lamp to burn hotter than it should which will diminish the lamp life. So it’s essential to vacuum the projector and blow out dust with compressed air on a regular basis.

    Don’t Turn Your Projector On And Off Quickly

      Projector lamps take a minute before they are running at a stable current. If the projector is turned on and off quickly it can destabilize the current running through the lamp which could cause the projector bulb to fail prematurely.

      Allow The Projector To Cool Before Unplugging Or Moving It

        Most projectors will continue to run the fans for a few seconds after it’s switched off to cool the lamp further. Unplugging the projector or moving it before this could cause the lamp to overheat.

        Run Your Projector In Economy Or Power Saver Mode

          Not only is power saver mode better for the environment and lowers the cost of running the projector, it also saves lamp life. Economy mode usually makes the projector lamp emit a slightly lower brightness level compared to normal mode which will make the lamp last longer.

          Air Intake Or Exhaust Vents Should Not Have Any Obstructions

            Don’t obstruct the intake or exhaust vents because it could cause the projector to overheat similarly to how a clogged filter will. Give at least two inches of clearance around any vent.

            Handle The Lamp With Care

              Wear gloves while installing the lamp. Oil and dirt on your hands and fingers can cause hot spots on the bulb which can cause lamp failures and dark spots on the projected image.

              Test The Lamp Shortly After Purchase

                Run the projector for 20 hours after purchasing it. If the lamp is going to fail it will usually occur within the first 10 hours of operation. Most lamp warranties typically last just 90-180 days from the date of purchase.

                Place The Lamp Housing Properly

                  During installation, make sure the lamp housing is seated in the projector properly. Apply gentle pressure at the base of the housing to secure the placement of the lamp.

                  Use The Old Lamp As A Spare

                    When you purchase a replacement lamp for your projector, keep the old lamp if it still has some life left in it, even if it has a diminished picture. If your new replacement lamp fails completely you at least have a backup to keep enjoying your favorite movies until the new replacement arrives.

                    Inverted Vs. Non-Inverted

                      Inverted projectors often have shorter lamp life than those that are not inverted. Newer projectors however are better at handling inversion.

                      Place Exhaust Vents Properly

                        Keep the exhaust vent at least 2 feet from a wall or other object. For fixed projector installations pay particular attention to this requirement.

                        Get A Laser Projector

                          One of the biggest advantages of laser projectors over bulb based projectors is that laser units have a much longer lamp life. They typically last about 25,000-30,000 hours before needing to be replaced. And unlike bulb projectors, laser ones maintain their brightness for the entirety of their life.