Over the past year Formovie has established itself as a leader in the ultra short throw projection space with the Formovie Theater. They've achieved this by investing in the most advanced technology available like the ALDP 4.0 laser light engine, utilizing premium components like their Bowers & Wilkens speakers and offering it all at an amazingly low price. The other way they've positioned themselves for success is by listening to their customer feedback to improve what is already one of the best ultra short throw projectors available on the market.

It's in that vein that Formovie is releasing this firmware update.

There were two complaints that were popping up with their customers. The first was potential intermittent WIFI connectivity and the other was a remote pairing issue.

Luckily Formovie listens to their customers and have fixed both annoyances with this update. Best of all you can run this firmware improvement easily. We'll show you what to do.

How To Install The New Formovie Theater Firmware Update

  1. Connect your projector to the internet either using WIFI or connecting it directly with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Go to the "Settings" menu
  3. Click "Device Preferences"
  4. Select "About"
  5. Click on "System Update"
  6. It will then take you to a verification screen. After verification, press the "Download" button. And let it download. Download will take about 20 minutes to install the new firmware. Don't turn the projector off while it is installing.
  7. Once it finishes downloading press the "Restart now" button
  8. Your unit will reboot and will either bring you back to the home screen or bring up the remote pairing screen. If it brings up the remote pairing screen, the projector and remote should still be paired so just press the center button on your remote. If it doesn't work press the home and back button on the remote next to the right side of the machine to re-pair the remote and projector.
  9. To ensure your projector updated correctly, repeat steps 2-5. You should get a message saying "Your system is up to date"

Your Formovie Theater projector is now fully upgraded with the latest firmware update.