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Produits Urbann Inc TA1 High Table - Side Table

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    Produits Urbann Inc TA1 High Table - Side Table

    Item #: Produits-Urbann-Inc-TA1

    Produits Urbann Inc Manufacturer Part #: TA1


    Produits Urbann Inc


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    The TA1 all aluminum side table fits well in any contemporary decor. With a height of 915 mm (36?), the TA1 high table is a versatile unit that could be used to display a vase, support a lamp or to present a fine sculpture. Or, in conjunction with our lecterns, the TA1 side table can be used to support up to 4 glasses or even a laptop comfortably beside the lectern.


    Light aluminum grey color
    Tough powder coated 6 mm (1/4?) aluminum plate construction
    W 305 mm (12?) x D 305mm (12?) x H 915 mm (36?)

    Price: $529.95

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